My blogging career: questions, and my answers

Read further and be inspired in any way that you can. I hope the answers (which are true) in this article will inspire a lot of new and old bloggers. At the end of the article, you may decide to give advice on/make a remark about anything related to your own experience(s).

Question 1: what lead you to start blogging?

Answer: It might be funny to say this, but joblessness made me start blogging about 7 years ago. Since I was young, I liked writing, but didn’t have any direction, or know what to do, or where to start from. However, the internet changed my life after I acquired my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but didn’t have any job.

During that time, I always browsed the internet for the fun of it, till one day when a strong thought compelled me to type these words on Google: “how to make money by writing”. Every blogging-related experience I’ve had since that day has made me happy to have Google-searched that popular long-tail keyword, and follow up instructions with consistent action, persistence and patience.

Question 2: Has your motivation changed since starting?

Answer: Generally, it hasn’t. There have been ups and downs on my personal blogging platforms whenever I do freelance writing jobs, but my motivation for both self blogging and freelance blogging has always been quite high, even when I do both at the same time.

Question 3: What has the experience been like?

Answer: Challenging but rewarding ($$$); interesting, self-satisfying and entertaining. I earned my first $10 from a website I joined in January, 2012, after blogging for 2 months. Since then, I’ve written—and even edited—for quite a number of websites and clients. I got a regular job in May, 2012, and in less than 2 years, while I was doing the job, I started earning at least $1000 per month  from online freelance writing; at certain times it was much higher than that.

It’s exciting to earn that amount of money (which you might say is little) while living in a poverty-stricken and corrupt nation. Convert $1000 to Naira, and you won’t get anything less than 320,000 Naira—as at the time this article was written. No Ph.D holder (and probably professor) in my country earns that amount of money as salary from the government or any university/academic institution.

Question 4: Have you learnt anything?

Answer: I’ve learnt a lot: more grammar, more punctuation, and more spelling; I’m still learning. Also, I’ve learnt how to work with time, be more positive, always expectant, organized, patient, and use good criticism to develop myself more.

Question 5: Has your writing style changed?

Answer: My initial writing style has changed a bit because the rules and diversity on the internet have compelled me to change it. I’ve observed that there is a way the internet works, and most people are adapting their raw talents to it in order to move in harmony with it and succeed to the greatest extent possible.

If what you’ve known from the onset isn’t in line with the internet, then you may have to change and adapt to its tune (one example is SEO) in order to succeed on its platform.

Question 6: Are you planning to write a novel or are you already published?

Answer: I’m planning to write books after I get a domain, publish a lot on articles on it, and start earning a good amount of money from it. Earnings from my site would make it easier for me to give up freelance blogging for clients, and concentrate on my own business.

Question 7: What advice would you give to a new blogger?

Answer: It all depends on what the new blogger wants to achieve in blogging. It’s unlikely we’ll have the same goals.

Does the new blogger want to blog consistently or inconsistently?

Does the new blogger want to blog for freelance purposes (clients), or for themself?

Whatever the new blogger wants to do, he/she must have passion, be dedicated and disciplined as he/she “works within their own pace”. Remember: “work within your own pace”; don’t try to mimic other people’s work ethics.

However, I want to advice: if anyone wants to be a great blogger, then they must take the bull by the horn:

  • be hard-working
  • be consistent in writing/posting valuable content
  • criticize your work, always learn from good criticism, and be positive
  • reject bad criticism and negativity
  • always update your knowledge of words/use of grammar (there’s always something to learn)
  • always interact with your fellow bloggers on their blogs, especially if their blogs are related to your areas of  interest
  • be patient
  • etc.

NOTE: This article was inspired by a post published by fellow blogger calmkate. You can view it by clicking the following link:


  • please you really need to link this back to my post so that more can find it!

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  • Godwin T. Ihagh

    I explained the situation of things to you in detail while we chatted on my blog titled: “9 top sustainability practices of nature that you should practice. Also, you can see a link to your post at the bottom of this article.

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  • Godwin T. Ihagh

    hello luisa,

    thanks for reading and leaving behind an inspiring remark

    the answers keep on inspiring me, and will continue to, because I know where we were, the Journey so far, where we are now, and where we could be heading to

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  • Nice post. As a blogger who is just into his second year in blogging, you really yR

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    • Godwin T. Ihagh

      Hi Manu. thanks for commenting. In second year its possible to have grown and achieved more than people who have stayed longer.

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  • You really helped me. ‘ Find your own pace’ is a great advice.

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    • Godwin T. Ihagh

      I’m delighted that you’re inspired. Keep on blogging at your own pace, while maintaining some level of productivity, and you’ll see the results: self-satisfaction, a lot of money from your blog, or a good contract from clients or web owners. Thanks.

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  • Godwin T. Ihagh

    Hi Rupali. thanks for reading this real life tale.

    there will be more progress if one continues to put in a good amount of effort.

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    Think I have about 200 WordPress blogs
    from a Google search (my “filing system” – thanks for rescuing me from “sheer utter chaos”, “BIG G”)

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  • Hello Craig. thanks a lot for visiting, reading and sharing.

    Well, if you think you have about 200 WordPress blogs, then I think you have so many books in the basket; a lot of bloggers would envy. 😉😀

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  • loved your post!

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  • Ravisingh, thanks alot for visiting, reading the post and taking time to make an encouraging remark.


  • Thank You. I’ve been reading a lot of instructional how-to’s on Blogs recently as I am considering investing in My Blog and monetizing it for the first time this year. I’ve never had a SEO and I’ve been told it makes all the difference. The only investment I’ve made so far (other than countless hours Writing) is in My domain. One question I do have, do You see any benefit in a third party web host for domain when it’s already offered on WordPress? My domain is currently hosted with WordPress and up for renewal this month, I would appreciate Your insight. Also thought the ‘Q and A’ technique here was a nice touch. Thanks for the Post!

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  • @Vondehnvisuals, thanks a lot for visiting, reading, and leaving behind encouraging words at the end of your comment.

    I appreciate your questions too.

    SEO, which is a bit broad, is very very important; it cuts across the title of posts, to tags/keywords (longtail or short-tail), to slugs, to meta-descriptions, to placing moderate amount of whitespace in content, etc., etc.

    I advise you search for SEO on Google, read about it thoroughly, and start practicing it because it can make all the difference for your blog/website.

    as per your question regarding third party domain, If I understood you correctly (remember: if I understood you correctly), I have to admit that getting a web host for your domain to host your blog content will qualify you for AdWords (and probably Google adsense, if I’m correct) and other benefits like yoast (enhances SEO for your site) and woo e-commerce for marketing, etc.; also, you can join the AdWords program and generate revenue from it. However, you can’t do all these, including both AdWords and adsense, until you have a domain.

    I upgraded my former sub-domain ( to recently, after subscribing for premium plan at $96, and this automatically qualified me for the AdWords program which I couldn’t participate in before.

    Whatever the situation, I advise that if you can, renew your subscription on or subscribe elsewhere — depending on you — because the benefits are obvious: from having an opportunity to making your site appear better, to acquiring other services which I briefly stated above.

    Also, it’s better you use third party hosting, instead of self hosting (example, so that will take care of your security and other blog-related concerns associated with search engines, while you concentrate on producing high quality and original content and making more and more money from it as your number of followers/viewers increase.

    If my answers are not clear, still ask or rephrase your question(s).

    Thank you.

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  • Vondehnvisuals, thanks for sharing the content. yesterday I clicked the link several times, but your page — for whatever reason — refused to open.

    I enjoyed reading your post filled with important points about your blogging journey so far. You have a lot of experience, and your use of English grammar and punctuation is very very good. I think that’s what I enjoyed the most.


  • I really liked this, good advice! Thanks for the recent like! 🙂

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  • Your welcome @ Seren Wild. Your post was unique, informative and interesting, and deserves to be liked.

    Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.


  • Pr. Fadwa Chaker

    Thank you, Ihagh, for sharing. Very interesting!

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  • Hello Fadwa, thank you for visiting, reading and leaving behind an encouraging remark.

    Nice smile.



  • Thank you so much for sharing your journey! I’m glad you have found something rewarding that you enjoy 😊

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  • Jennifer, thanks a lot for visiting, reading, appreciating my experience and expressing joy 😛 with me.


  • Thanks to all of you. You make the world of rock.


  • wow took you a while to link it but glad you did … keep on writing 😎

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    • Thanks, but am surprised that till today you didn’t notice I actually linked your blog by 6:17 a.m., on January 14, 2019, as you can see from the second comment I directed to you on this thread. The only difference is that, today, while I was searching all my posts for any grammatical and punctuation errors, in order to effect any required changes and make updates, I decided to add your username (calmkate) and the link to your general blog. However, the link to your actual post that inspired this article has been there for over 2 weeks.

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  • Thanks for the like-you have an interesting story and possess some great leadership qualities.

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  • Never mind about the like because your interesting and educative posts deserve it. No wonder you are’s coach for each day. Thanks for visiting, reading and leaving an encouraging comment about my qualities; I deeply appreciate it.

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  • This is really inspiring! It’s lovely to meet you. Thanks for coming to my blog. 🙂
    Good luck and blessings to you and your writing,

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  • Debbie, I deeply appreciate your awesome remark about the post, and also the positive impact such a remark would always have on my motivation.

    It’s a pleasure to meet you too; I actually felt a connection with your posts on a number of points—really.

    Thanks alot for visiting, and I wish you the best on this platform, and on other areas of your life as well.

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  • This was great. Got a chance to learn a little about you and get some tips. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 yrs now and still can’t find a way to get paid for it, well…let me re-phrase that, I have but it takes a lot of time and effort to put it all into place plus I work a regular 9 to 5 or more. Good tips, very proud of you.

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  • Roshanda, thanks for reading, and for your inspiring remark—deeply appreciated. It was easy for me to join and write for a low-paying (revenue sharing) website when I started, but it took me a while before I could move a step higher by getting higher-paying clients after pitching website editors.

    I don’t really know details about the challenges you face in regard to freelance jobs, but I would like to ask:

    1. How often do you apply, and which credible job boards do you apply on?

    You have to apply regularly because, probably, during each of your previous applications, you were probably the 50th or 100th, etc. person to apply, and probably they might have employed people from the first 20 or 30 applications.

    2. Do you write on many niches, or on one, or a few niches?

    From my experience most freelance jobs are given to specialists. I’ve noticed that most of the times I applied for certain jobs and included links related to something different from the employer’s interest, I never got any response after application.

    Also, most successful freelancers advise that it’s better to specialize on one or a few niches because most clients prefer specialists or people experienced in certain niches. We all know that experience is more reliable, and also the best teacher.

    3. Do you pitch editors of online magazines and websites an idea which you are convinced they would run head overs heels to buy the idea from you for probably $200, $400, or even more?

    Pitching editors with great ideas, is the easiest way to become loaded with freelance writing jobs and make lots of money, if you are talented and look for something rare to give them, and which they don’t have on their websites. People and website editors are running head over heals for fresh, informative and interesting content everyday.

    3. Are you proud of your writing and convinced it would uplift people’s emotions? Do you attach links from your blogs in your applications or cover letters for writing gigs?

    I believe your writing is sound and sensible enough to attract you writing gigs because I’ve assessed it.

    4. During the times you applied for freelance jobs, in what format did you prepare your resume? what type of resume did you use?

    It took me time, ups and downs, probably luck, or the grace of God before I understood my resume sucked and wasnt the type that could pass hiring mangers softwares that seem to favor chronological types of resume. NOTE that there are other types of resumes that are still ok, but most information points to chronological as the best and most effective type.

    Search on Google for resume types, then view and use ideas from any popularly recommendable template to prepare yours—if yours isn’t already chronological or otherwise, etc.

    On the other hand, you may give me your email so I can send you a sample of how my resume currently looks. If you are interested, I’ll send you a sample of my resume from my email:

    5. etc.

    I asked these questions, not because I know or have achieved everything, but because they are based on bits of understanding and skills I have picked up during the journey.

    Finally irrespective of all my efforts and growth, I have to thank God because it all still seems like a dream most times when I look back. It’s still a miracle now because as I am chatting with you, I got 2 without applying. Recently 2 editors of 2 different websites came across my blog and sent me emails requesting that I write for their websites if I have time. Keep in mind that they asked me to write on topics they noticed that I’ve predominantly written about.

    The only advice I have to give you is that if you are still interested in freelance writing, then don’t give up. Do all that’s within your power, like addressing any issues—if there are any—that are related to the questions I asked above. After you patiently do all you can, ask God for his favor. Those who are making it are not greater than you in any way.

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  • A really useful post. I wish you continuing success!

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  • Nice post, I enjoyed reading this . Very helpful for me as a new blogger

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  • I blog to express myself. If others agree with me that’s great, but I am not seeking support or hoping to earn money from my blogs. (If I do, either, that’s great as well). Being as you have a “master’s degree in water & environmental engineering;” You might be interested in some of my comments, specifically the one on Howard Schultz’s Brown Old Deal. ( ) I’d be interested in your comments on that. Take care and be well. Thank you! (p.s. Yes, I do go by the handle righteouszealot as well, on another webpage that I blog on.)

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    • Anyone who doesn’t agree with your decision to express yourself by blogging, has a big problem because it’s none of their business… Personally, I blog to express myself, and I also blog to earn money… But, in the absence of money, I would still blog to express myself, regardless…

      I’ve read your post via that link, and your thoughts are interesting. On the other hand, these are my personal thoughts about the whole matter:

      1. from my observations, both the Paris Agreement and new green deal are ineffective measures which world leaders are unserious about, and only using to convince complaining scientists and passionate environmentalists that they want to save the planet. Quite recently I read many reports which stated that most of the countries that are part of the Paris Agreement have not been cutting down carbon emissions to the extent that was agreed upon.

      2. it seems the new green deal is actually not a law; they could be correct in saying that…however, in my own opinion, the new green deal is far more important to mankind than JFK’s moon agenda they were making comparisons about … that’s where Trump and Schultz got it wrong by comparing the 2 on the basis of “goals”… what they should understand is that the seriousness of some goals should make such goals speedily converted into laws.

      3. I think Trump pulled out of the agreement because it would mess up the statuses of the cliques of very rich and influential people in the energy sector. Trump and Schultz don’t really care about the planet’s health.

      4. It’s possible that Trump and Schultz care about the planet; however, their actions don’t show that they care much.

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  • I can agree with all 4 of your points, but I would say that at least “setting goals” is better than nothing. And, I am afraid that “nothing” is what we would have if everything they (the politicians) did had to be made into laws. Thanks!

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    • you are absolutely right to say that settings goals is better than nothing; however, in the context of the seriousness of current climatic issues, there should be a push for these goals to become national laws. Thank you, and much regards.


  • Thank you, very interesting

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  • Your welcome, and thanks a lot for reading and commenting


  • Robert Chamberlain

    Thanks for your like on one of my blogs. Thanks too for being such a generous writer- willing to share your tricks of the trade with those of us who may just be starting out or muddling through. Thanks brother, God bless 🙂

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    • Your welcome, and thanks a lot for the appreciating the post in the way you did; that’s deeply motivating, and will propel me to become more productive and better as each day passes by.


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    • Coach4aday, words cannot express how glad I am about the reblog; I deeply appreciate you for this. Also, I appreciate you for reading and commenting. God bless.


  • Thank you so much for sharing this!

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  • May I simply say what a relief to uncover someone that really understands what they are discussing over the internet. You definitely know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More and more people ought to look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you are not more popular since you certainly possess the gift.


    • 👍👍👍… Sorry for replying so late. I accidentally came across your innocent and encouraging comment in my spam folder. I wonder how it got there. I just wonder.

      Thank you so much for your positive, inspiring and uplifting words and comment… I can’t describe the good feeling it generated in me…maybe I will become more popular on this platform after I get much more followers…


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  • Really informative post, really liked it.

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  • After reading your posts for several months and being impressed with the intellectual depth, the variety of topics covered and the quality of the writing, I tracked down this post as I wanted to find out more about your background and motivation. It was informative and I am glad to read about the success as you have pursued this dream. Congratulations.

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  • Very useful tips for old and new bloggers. You have been seasoned in the art through time, consistency, hard work, passion, and all the positive attributes it takes to be successful. I am truly inspired by your resilience. Keep up the good work m’friend.

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  • Enjoyed reading this post. Cheers and wish you more good luck with your writing 😊

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  • I wanna make money blogging and I wanna write a book- This is what I always tell myself yet I’m totally clueless. I always question myself why I keep saying I’m gonna write a book when I don’t even have a single idea what I wanted to write about. At least now, I can believe that what I think is possible, despite being clueless. I just wanna believe that I’ll get there someday as long as I just keep writing and learning. Thanks for sharing your Q&As. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    • your welcome… I am deeply moved by your very inspiring comment…belief—especially deep belief or faith—will get you there. I started out much lazy and imperfect but now Im so much better and have achieved much more than I had ever thought possible…

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  • Good post and interesting answers. Odd isn’t it that joblessness can lead to the opening of new pathways. I had some joblessness in my twenties and it forced me to open up to some new avenues.

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  • This is very interesting. I wink at the$$$. I’m motivated to work harder. If I start making a thousand dollar a month from my blog, I will wave bye to my job. Our country’s jobs are frustrating. I was a teacher in UAE and earned 4,000
    Dirahms a month. That was more than 350,000 naira a month. On returning to my country to pick a teaching job, I was told that my salary would be 20,000 to start with and I learned the highest amount was 70, 000 if I’m lucky to get federal teaching job. Wow.
    We need to make money from other sources as workers and I have hope after reading your post and how it all started, that I will soon be well off as a blogger. Thank you GT.

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    • hahaha; you wink at the dollars? anybody would just have to…its a great feeling especially if one’s local currency is much smaller in terms of global value…and that is Nigeria for you: your value in Nigeria will always be lesser when it comes to getting dividends or paid…if your blog starts getting even $500 per month, it would be better pay than many teaching jobs in Nigeria… if you keep growing your blog, it’s possible to get several thousands of dollars per month… people are doing it… thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience…


  • Nice article. Its always great to learn other blogger’s experiences and perspectives.

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  • This article is very important and informative for co-bloggers. Thank you for sharing.
    My blogs are filled with food recipes, some thoughts and poems. I am doing my writings in a short way. Should I change anything in my blog?.

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  • Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your site by chance, and I am shocked why this accident did not happened earlier! I bookmarked it.

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