Caring GOD vs uncaring GOD: GOD will present himself according to your perception of him

Think about a caring and rich GOD who is so great that no one can describe his net worth! Although some followers of GOD have divided opinions about his kindness, love, and generosity, it’s generally believed that he would give enough material possessions, love, and treasures to those who serve him.

Believers in GOD, irrespective of religion, know that the following statements are true:

  • “All beasts in every forest and cattle upon a thousand hills belongs to GOD “—Psalm 50:10
  • “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the LORD of hosts”—Haggai 2:8.

Everything belongs to GOD—the world, its inhabitants, and the whole universe—and everybody who believes in GOD is aware that GOD will always have innumerable assets, even if he decides to hand over ownership of the Earth to mankind without expecting it back. However, a lot of his followers believe—and some actually declare—that due to their challenges and unproductive lifestyles, GOD is uncaring because he watches how they struggle with challenges and live unproductively in poverty, instead of in abundance.

The feeling that GOD doesn’t care

Most people who harbor this thought have actually been overwhelmed by their battles against the challenges of life which they couldn’t/haven’t overcome. It’s been so overwhelming for some people that they’ve accepted living with problems and in states of continuous need. Worst still, is the fact that some of GOD’s children or followers have labeled him as “uncaring”, and as a GOD who “selects” those whom he wants to help: they praise the goodness of their father in public, but deep down in their hearts, they think he is uncaring. All of these incidences take place while our great GOD and rich father still has untold wealth which is very much intact and always available for distribution.

What perception do you have about GOD?

People’s perception about something is not always based on reality. Just because people have a particular impression about something doesn’t mean that it’s real. On a general note, it’s impossible for mankind—who lives in a three-dimensional world, or at most a four-dimensional world—to have a complete perception of GOD who is in a far greater multi-dimensional world or realm (the heavens) than we are.

One reality that backs up this statement is the fact that we can’t see GOD and the heavens, but he can see us and every reality existing in the invisible physical and spiritual parts of creation.

Let’s use this illustration to demonstrate how misleading people’s perceptions could be: if three people are blindfolded and asked to describe a building based on the parts they’re able to touch, the first person might describe the building as a window—probably because he/she was able to touch a lot of windows—while the second might describe the building as a door. The third person might say something different: the building is made of wood or ceramic tiles, probably because of the impression felt by touching either material too many times.

All these perceptions wouldn’t give a true reflection of the overall picture of the building which would comprise of the different descriptions given by each of the three blindfolded people, and other descriptions too many to mention, but which everyone would agree are parts of modern-day buildings.

In the same vein, if your perception of GOD comes from a blind, limited, or three-dimensional view, then you are bound to distort the reality about GOD and perceive or project GOD as an uncaring GOD. Unfortunately, anyone who reasons like this would have to live with the consequences that normally come from thinking this way.

On the other hand, and fortunately, if you perceive GOD to be caring and a great provider, you will live with the abundant provisions that normally come from thinking this way too. Each person’s perception of GOD will determine the level of their relationship with him: you can get more insight about this if you read the ways of God are superior to the acts of God.

Another illustration of how GOD can be wrongly perceived

In order to acquire a better understanding of how GOD can be wrongly perceived, let’s take a brief look at the parable about the stewards who were given talents, as described by the Lord Jesus in the Christian Bible’s book of Matthew 25: 14―18; this scripture, along with the another one in the book of Genesis 1:28, briefly describe how our good GOD gave mankind authority over the affairs of planet Earth.

In fact, the book of Matthew describes the master in the parable as a good and generous lord who gave out various amounts of talents to three servants, respectively; however, the servant who had the least (one) talent was the laziest and never invested his talent like the other two servants who were given greater talents—two and five talents respectively.

It was rather unfortunate that for whatever reason, the steward with one talent had a perception that his master (GOD) was harsh, greedy, and unjust (Matthew 25:24): this is what many people have been doing and still do up to this generation.

GOD is a caring GOD and generous provider

Contrary to the insinuation that GOD is harsh, the parable we looked at informs us that the master (GOD) delivered unto his servants his (GOD’s) own property: he gave the first servant five talents, the second servant two talents, and the third servant one talent—“he gave each servant according to their respective abilities”.

The master in this parable is obviously GOD the generous provider who always provides for everyone—believers and non-believers alike—without desiring any returns that are less productive.

The question that needs an answer is this: “what are you doing with the least amount of talent you’ve been given, and which if you use wisely, would make you the greatest steward”?

Use the talent you have instead of procrastinating, being lazy, and complaining

Instead of using the amount of talent you’ve been given—which is based on GOD’s level of trust in your abilities—are you complaining about GOD and envying those whom he has given more talents/blessings, instead of casting laziness aside and using your single (one) talent to become great?

Irrespective of the amount of talent each real and unbiased follower of GOD has—in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and in good health, in good times and in bad times, or whatever mixture of conditions—they willingly use their talent, time, and energy to enhance the world around them, and our caring GOD continues to entrust more of his wealth and property into their hands.

If you’ve been thinking that GOD is uncaring, I hope are beginning to get a clearer and unbiased perception of our great GOD: he wants to trust each one of us. In this regard no person is greater than another; we are all given various talents on a clean slate at birth and are expected to use our talents in ways that could bless everybody we’re able to come in contact with.

At this point, it might be a good idea to consider the talents you have failed to unleash and make productive use of, probably because you were/have been too lazy or too afraid of losing everything; if this has been your mindset, then be informed that you have nothing to lose because every talent you have and everything GOD has placed under your control actually belongs to him—and it’s only in sowing and giving that you’ll be able to acquire the abundance that GOD promises in many verses of his holy books.

If you live your life withholding your God-given talents instead of unleashing them for the benefit of the world that GOD entrusted to you, then be assured that one day you will stand before him, probably ashamed of the way you handled the gifts and talents he gave you.

It’s important for the impatient people of this age to take note: it’s likely that if anyone doesn’t invest time, talent and energy, then the person could become poorer, less productive, or even completely unproductive. Because of the universal law of “sowing and reaping”, it’s easier and more possible to lose everything by holding everything too tightly without ever releasing it—Proverbs 11:24 describes this better. In case you haven’t yet started making optimum use of your talents, then it’s not too late to start today: always look for ways to make the most out of them.

How have you been presenting GOD in actions and words?

Have you been presenting GOD as a caring GOD even though you are poor or lack most of the good things of life? Have you been presenting to the world the fact that our caring GOD is also the GOD of the poor and the GOD of those whom he has entrusted with smaller amounts of talents? Do you believe that GOD takes steadfast stewards out of poverty and makes them rich—probably even richer than the rich? If you’ve been thinking so, then you’ve been thinking right, irrespective of any condition you might be facing in life.


I understand why some people think GOD doesn’t care, or why they think he seems to care more about some people than he seems to care about others; also, I understand that people think this way, probably because unfortunate circumstances have overwhelmed them to a point they weren’t mentally strong enough to think or believe otherwise.

Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that “GOD knew us before he conceived us in our mothers’ wombs; before we were born, he blessed us to become blessings unto nations”. The fact is that GOD sent us into this world, and this involves adventures of trials, tribulations, and temptations that attempt to bring us down, but which we have the power to overcome if we don’t put our resistance down. GOD wants us to grow to spiritual perfection by overcoming our temptations and trials.

While we are going through turmoils of challenges, temptations, trials, etc., GOD doesn’t want us to remain on the ground permanently, whenever we fall: if we fall, he wouldn’t want us to remain down for too long.

The truth is that nobody is immune from challenges and defeats, and no one will ever be exempted from this fate in the future: even GOD’s greatest and closest prophets/messengers weren’t/aren’t exempted from this. Overcoming challenges is adventurous and exciting, and would only bring great benefits by making us grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Nobody, and no position in life—such as president, king, etc.—is immune from the threats and challenges of poverty, hardship, sicknesses, etc. The good news is that, even if you have only one talent, you can overcome any challenge and be elevated to the top.


We must all exercise patience like our GOD who is also the GOD of patience (Romans 15:5). Even if we have all the talent and GOD’s favor supporting us, we need to exercise patience in many areas of our lives:

Hebrews 10:36—“For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise”.

James 1:4—“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing”.

James 5:11—“Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy”.

Luke 21:19—“ In your patience possess ye your souls”.

Romans 5:3—“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations, also knowing that tribulation strengthens patience”.

Romans 15:4—“For whatsoever things were written in the past, were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope”.

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63 thoughts on “Caring GOD vs uncaring GOD: GOD will present himself according to your perception of him

  1. Why anyone would ever think God is uncaring is beyond me but as you stated, those are usually people whom have a distorted view of him based on their childhood/life circumstances/failure on their end and most times bitterness maybe because God didn’t “show-up” in a crisis as they felt like he should’ve. I love your illustration about the building and how different people would perceive it based on the part they touched. This is a great post – definitely something to think about.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Rightly said, some of these thoughts of an uncaring God are due to God not showing up when people expect. such thoughts are just based on a materialistic human level of understanding about God who’s thoughts and ways are wide apart from what some people think it should be.

    Thanks alot for visiting, reading, and commenting.

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  3. Excellent post. Talents is one area that I have always been concerned that I am not doing enough. God blessed me with the ability to do many things well. This is a curse and a blessing. Because I do so many things easily I don’t always consider it a “talent” and therefore keep searching for the talent God wants me to use.

    Maybe I am over thinking it.

    I’d love your perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for visiting, reading, and making an inspiring compliment—deeply appreciated.

    If you are convinced you already have talent and can do things easily, then I can only exhort you to increase your rate of output or productivity. One example I always like to use is a comparison between 2 great late rappers: Tupac Shakur (2Pac), and Christopher Wallace (Biggie).

    Every hiphop fans knows that these two late dudes are legends, were extremely talented and died at the ages of 25 and 24 years, respectively. But 2Pac was more productive: he released 4 albums before he died at age 25, and 7 albums came out after he died (posthumous) in 1996. All in all he has released 11 albums, and acted in 6 movies—all these works were done before the young age of 25. (Only a handful of men on Earth might be able to achieve something similar in any field or profession.) Note that while alive, 2Pac was shot with 5 bullets, spent some time in jail, and had a lot of serious court cases within (about) the last 5 years prior to his death, when he did all these works.

    On the other hand Biggie released 2 albums before death, and 2 albums after death, totalling 4 albums. In addition, he didn’t act in any movie, and didn’t have serious court cases and unnecessary drama around him. I’m not making this comment in order to take anything away from Biggie. Biggie is great, in life and in death.

    However, the point I’m trying to make is the fact that one individual (2Pac) with a lot of challenges was more productive than the other (biggie) even though the high quality and talent of both individuals are/were undeniable, and almost the same, if not the same.

    If we go further and compare talented Nas (aged 45 and still living) with 2Pac, we’ll see that 2pac accomplished more in 25 years than Nas has accomplished 45 years because Nas has 11 albums (last one released in 2018) and acted in 4 movies (excluding documentaries).

    The work ethic of 2Pac inspires me till date because he was partying, enjoying life to the fullest and had more threatening challenges, but was still very productive at all times of the day. It has been widely reported that he wrote songs anywhere, and during any time of a day. He once wrote and recorded a classic album within a week. Other reports stated that he usually produced 2 to 3 hot songs almost every day.

    My Christian Bible says somewhere (I’ve forgotten the verse) that we should watch the ant, study its ways and learn from it; in regard to this, one thing I learnt recently is that studies have proven that ants have the ability to carry weights that are between 10 and 50 times their own weights. Maybe that’s what we all need to learn how to start doing: always practice how to use our talent to produce many more times than the amount we’ve been used to producing. Also, we might have to challenge ourselves to do better than what we’ve been doing in the past.


    1. Beautiful and so true. Thank you for reminding me of ants. When i sat in jail on a rare visit outside to the concrete patio for some fresh air, I sat watching the ants scurrying in the grout between the tall paving slabs. Like a maze, they walked the divides. The slab/the surface seemed so high and unreachable. Stuck in the ultimate rut until one passage might set them free. As I sat watching them, could identify. I felt the same. The walls so high, would I ever be able to climb them again. Find a way out and walk on the slabs again. Free and open where all paths lead everywhere. Feel the sunshine and be free to open a door. To heel. I wonder if 2Pac ever felt the same. I imagine so.

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      1. wow… very touching comment as regards to the ants you observed when you were outside the concrete patio…unlike your visit, 2Pac actually did some time in jail and produced his greatest music after he left jail and signed up with deathrow records.

        It’s very possible that philosophically-minded 2pac might have studied the ants, felt the same way, and acquired inspiration by observing them…he wrote a poem titled: “the rose that grew on concrete”—this title means a lot and has so much in common with the issue we’ve been discussing here.


        1. I will look that up! Thank you and fyi, I too did time- my visit to county was from the side of the road straight to 5months solitary confinement. I cannot tell you how the mind bends with no judicial process but am sure others like 2Pac are super eloquent about it. I will read with great interest and hope to follow 2Pac’s lead by producing my best work yet. May I say how hard it can be at times to shake the effevts, the shutdown of solitary confinement. Nice chatting with you and look forward to our next conversation

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  5. Jonathan, thanks alot visiting, reading, and the reblog. I’m happy to know your GOD is also caring, and that millions of other people around the world share the same feeling.


  6. A right perception of God will grow not out of circumstances but out of a thorough study of His word, His creation, and most God the Son-Jesus Christ. These along with a growing relationship based on faith, truth, and grace reveal the truth of God throughout our journey of life until we come face to face with Him and know Him in his fullness. Thank you for stopping by my blog. May it too encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

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    1. Thanks for your well explained comment, and also for visiting and reading the post. Your blog is inspiring and will continue to be a source of encouragement to those who believe in GOD.

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    1. Jerry Nwosu—Nigerian?—thank you for visiting, reading, appreciating, and making an encouraging comment on my post.

      Please subscribe to my blog , continue to visit, and probably join me on if you have the desire and can create time out of your busy schedule as I’ve been doing 😛.


  7. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon ami

    Je regarde le ciel et je pense tout en m’évadant
    Et je m’envole dans le plus grand silence
    Voir un monde meilleur sans guerre ou tout le monde se donne la main
    Voir toutes les personnes du monde ce sourire, sans aucun ne soit être déçu
    Des jours à ma fenêtre
    Je regarde les enfants courir,sauter,s’amuser
    sans que la maladie viennent les toucher
    Je regarde aussi les couples
    Ou l’amour de deux personnes sans qu’elles soient jugées
    ne peuvent se mentir
    Aimer toujours aimer quoi de plus beau
    Sans le dire on peux le démontrer par la parole ,par un cadeau autres
    Sur ces mots
    Je passe te souhaiter une bonne journée ou fin de soirée
    Gros bisous

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  8. Thanks alot for reading, and especially reposting; each time you repost, you increase my site’s exposure and its number of views…👍👍👍…


  9. I really liked your house illustration. You know, the opposite is also true, Some people, who follow the prosperity gospel teachings, say that if you are not well off in material things, , God is not blessing you or somehow you are a second class Christian. Great article.

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    1. Thanks alot for reading and the encouraging comment… and what you said is true and common: some people believe—although within their hearts, without voicing it out—that once anybody is not well off materially, then God is not blessing them, or they are low-grade Christians, and this is wrong…


  10. I do not understand, or even pretend to understand God. I have enough of a challenge understanding the teachings of Jesus. But, thank you for your point of view. And, after reading the comments of others here, I am sure they also appreciate yout POV on GOD. It does help. Thank you. (p.s. and BTW, Thank you for reading my blog on New Zealand victims & the Austraian fool.)

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      1. Your words have challenged me to investigate my own perceptions in many areas of my life. I look forward to reading more of your blogs. This came at just the right time for me. God is good.

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        1. Really, God is so good. I’m delighted to read such motivating comments regarding the post. It seems your blog has related content too. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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  11. I’m so glad that I reread your blog. I really needed the inspiration as I am going through a very difficult rough spot with my cancer. (It’s horrible not being able to talk at all.) I feel a little less lost, a little more uplifted, a little more patient with my husband. (Sometimes I forget how this affects him.) And thank you for your reply to my blog letter, “Sermon on the Bed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks alot for taking time to visit read the blog/post….I feel so touched by your condition, and can only pray that it improves and becomes better… I would like you to feel much more uplifted; so I want like to beg you to read, reread, and continue to read and practice some of the important ideas in a particular blog post everyday, through this link:

      Please note that I’m recommending this post for you becos if you read it and actually practice some of the lessons conscientiously, it will certainly uplift you, and you will see results in a few weeks or months….I remember that about 14 years ago I was so downtrodden during a dark period in my life, and some of the lessons and ideologies helped me greatly…


  12. Just want to say your article is as astounding. The clarity in your post is just excellent and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work.

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  13. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say excellent blog!

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