7 Important Content Marketing Development Strategies that Would Make Most Visitors Read Your Posts

Many website visitors don’t actually read blog posts. Visitors only read content if it’s compelling enough; they could even go further to share your content on social media and other web platforms, and help increase your website’s views to a great extent. Here are 7 important marketing development content strategies that can be employed in writing blog posts that visitors would love and be compelled to read.

(1) Conduct internet search to find out what is trending—the most pressing issues bothering people who could become your visitors

Conduct a search about popular issues, and reflect them in the titles of content you intend to write for visitors of your website.

One of the best ways to find out popular issues is to visit community-based websites like Reddit, Buzzimo, SEMRush, etc. These websites provide up-to-date information about pressing issues in the world.

(2) Write blog posts around the following popular types of content

  • List-posts/How-to posts: they guide visitors on how use listed ideas/actions to get things done.
  • Posts based on interviews with experts: in many instances, experts assist visitors in handling issues better than blog owners do.
  • Posts on reviews: they help visitors evaluate products used by customers, before making decisions about purchasing such products.
  • Posts on frequently asked questions (FAQ) and quizzes: visitors who are interested in gaining knowledge cannot help but read adventurous, entertaining and educative FAQ’s and quizzes.
  • Posts on personal motivational stories: personal stories on success attract visitors to read insightful pieces that actually help people succeed.
  • Posts on breaking news/products or discoveries: visitors are always interested in learning something new.

(3) Find appropriate keywords that will build affinity with visitors

After deciding the type of posts you would like to write about, find appropriate keywords based on your list of upcoming topics. In order to select popularly searched keywords you anticipate visitors would likely type on search engines, go to Google.com and type the keywords you’ve chosen. After typing, you’ll notice the appearance of a list of related long-tail and short-tail keywords, which is influenced by the keywords most internet users type, and which potential visitors seem to have much affinity for.

(4) Find out which keywords rank the highest

After deciding on appropriate keywords, use online platforms such as keywordtool.io, Google keyword planner or Google trends to find the keywords that rank the highest in terms of search and traffic volumes.

After you’ve found the keywords that rank the highest, place them appropriately at a low density within your blog content—but don’t stuff your blog content with them.

(5) Use attractive images visitors wouldn’t be able to resist viewing

In order to make posts attractive to visitors before engaging them to read, place a visually appealing image on your posts. It’s been observed that articles with images get around 94% more views than articles without images.

The lesson here is this: content that has images/pictures attract far more visitors than content that doesn’t.

(6) Make content more scannable and readable

After creating your content, make it scannable by leaving sufficient white spaces within content in order to enhance visitors’ readability so that words won’t be too stuffy and tiring to read.

Coupled with sufficient white spaces, you could also use bullets to make important points easily seen by some visitors who are either in a hurry, or like scanning content.

(7) Employ tools that can perform quality control check on your writing

After preparing content and placing an attractive image, carry out quality control check by employing the following:

  • Google Docs or MS Word: both help in highlighting spelling and grammar errors which you can remove before they discourage visitors from visiting your site and reading its blog posts in future.
  • Copyscape: helps to check for plagiarism and ensures content is original and not duplicated.

37 thoughts on “7 Important Content Marketing Development Strategies that Would Make Most Visitors Read Your Posts

    1. Thank you very much for reading, and your encouraging comment…interesting to hear you’ve been using some of the strategies… to some extent, I think they make a bit of a difference in terms of attracting traffic

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    1. thanks so much for positive remark 😄… the post is really strong 💪 as per the results that can be achieved if it’s points are put to practice


  1. Hi Ihagh,

    Nice post.

    Many marketers make the mistake of thinking they need to reinvent the wheel.
    However, basics like the ones you mention in this post when perfected can bring you some awesome results.

    Thank you

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