Will mankind’s creation overpower mankind?— The future of AI (artificial intelligence)

It’s normal for everyone to believe that any creator would always have power or influence over their creation.

Believers in GOD know that GOD created man from dust, and then “breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and man became a living soul.”

On the other hand, believers in mythology believe that the ancient gods (who were probably GOD’s creatures, just like mankind is) had divine power to create and control their creations.

In fact, Greek mythology states that the goddess Aphrodite could make statues spring to life. Aphrodite, who had pity on an artist named “Pygmalion”, after he fell uncontrollably in love with a statue, granted him his best wish and turned the statue into a beautiful woman called “Galatea”.

The god Hephaestus, who was the blacksmith of the gods, had the ability to create a militant army made of metal; he animated each member of an army to move in a way that looked human.

Today, mankind is like Hephaestus, forging metals, animating machines, and “breathing life”not only into clay, but into steel, zinc, silicon, aluminum, and other metals—thereby creating artificial forms of intelligence.

But, will artificial intelligence keep elevating us higher, and to a point of total freedom, or complete destruction?

Will artificial intelligence overpower mankind if mankind is not careful?

Available information points to the fact that, if mankind is not careful, it could be overpowered by its own creation, especially when its creation is given autonomy or a very high degree of it.

What is autonomy?

Autonomy is the ability to make decisions without external influence. In the field of robotics, autonomy is a term used to refer to the ability a robot has to make decisions without human interference or influence.

We may agree that the autonomy GOD gave mankind, has been used by mankind to do many meaningful things—not to mention the meaningless ones.

Autonomous robots (subjects of AI), just like human beings, also have the ability to make their own decisions and carry out actions.

A well-designed autonomous robot is one that is programmed to perceive what is going on in its surroundings, and make decisions based on what it perceives, or “has been programmed to recognize”.

If an autonomous robot hasn’t been programmed to recognize a factor that hasn’t been detected/known but is highly influential, then how good would the robot be at doing the job it has been designed for?

I don’t think it would be that good.

The possibility that autonomous AI can cause problems for mankind

If autonomous robots have been “programmed”, isn’t it possible that they might not have been “programmed sufficiently enough”? Insufficient programming could lead to confusion and a lot of problems.

Although it’s not good to be pessimistic, we may agree that if science & technology is mixed with a selfish, war-mongering, and materially-minded attitude, then autonomous AI could ruin mankind, and probably bring mankind to a bitter end.

Mankind’s creation (AI) has autonomous abilities/tendencies

In the age of science, we’ve witnessed the industrial revolution, the electronic revolution, and many others. In the robotic revolution (which contains both human-decision-based AI, and autonomous AI) there are “Predator drones”: pilotless robot planes that are actually pilotless.

They have been used with spot-on accuracy to target terrorists in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. On the other hand, they have been less accurate on a number of occasions.

Currently, there are cars that can drive themselves. Also, there is a highly advanced robot (named ASIMO—Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) that can do a lot of things some human beings can’t do. It can move around, walk slowly, run, climb stairs, serve coffee, and even dance.

AI based on human decisions, and AI based on autonomous decisions

AI can be controlled, either by human decisions, or by autonomous decisions: it’s either human beings make decisions for robots, or robots make decisions and take actions by themselves—autonomously, and based on programs (programming).

The Predator drone, which operates from the sky, and is used to fire deadly missiles at terrorists, is controlled by a human being who probably sits in front of a computer screen (away from the drone) and selects targets; in this instance, a human being calls the shots and decides what/where should be targeted.

(No one knows for sure whether human beings or the drones themselves are at fault whenever wrong targets are being hit.)

Another example involving a human decision is when a car drives itself under the influence of a GPS map stored in its memory and is controlled by human beings who are somewhere else away from the car.

These two examples won’t easily erase the nightmare of having fully conscious and autonomous robots that might be insufficiently programmed.

Autonomous robots, like “the Roomba”, are capable of making decisions based on what they perceive in their surroundings.

Autonomous robots, which make decisions based on a set of sensors that allow them to perceive their environments, do their jobs without the aid of human beings.

But, if programming is insufficient, will autonomous robots do their jobs properly?

So generally speaking, there are two different types of robots

The first type of robot, which requires human decisions, is remote-controlled by human beings; while the second one, which is autonomous, is programmed to follow precise instructions without interference from human beings.

These types of robots are already in existence and have generated a lot of air/internet waves.

The robots could be slowly entering into human activities, as much as they have been entering into battlefields and places where humans wouldn’t want to waste their time.

If human beings decide not to make decisions—as is the case with autonomous robots—they (humans) could be playing with helpful toys that are two-edged swords, and have the potential to bring a combination of both help and destruction.

Without precise and properly monitored decision-making from human beings, smart autonomous robots (especially those designed for warfare) could bring something unsavory upon mankind.


Although it’s true that awesome breakthroughs have been made, things have to be put into a healthier perspective, especially after scientists once voiced their opinions at a conference where they stated that in about 20 to 1,000 years time, they believe that mankind will create robots that could be as smart as mankind itself.

In addition, The New York Times once ran a headline titled: “Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man.”

And if we examine autonomous robots closely, there is less conviction about how properly mankind will be able to continue controlling them.


  • even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Then the end will come for mankind. You see it today around you people running to and fro from one fable to the next never getting to where they are going.

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    • Yes Ron, I just wrote the same thing before I read your comment. So true it is.

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      • Yea, both of your statements express a lot of thought on the issue of mankind being too inquisitive and chasing knowledge, to and fro. thanks


        • People do not know how to slow down it seems, I quit going to and fro, and stop to enjoy every minute I can. I don’t worry about what is happening because it is already planned to happen.

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          • I admire your lifestyle a lot. it will bring you a lot of peace. It’s the way I live and think too. Jesus adviced that we shouldn’t worry about what will happen tomorrow. on the other hand, quite a large number of people can’t help but worry continuously about the future, especially tomorrow and the coming days.

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            • Do you think because God and the Word has been removed from so many places, that they don’t know Him because they were not taught by the former generation. Or that they just refuse to want to know because they are afraid of giving up their lifestyles? I am reading the Book of Judges and John. Judges talks about each generation going back and forth. Seems like we are still doing that today.

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      • I teach from the Old Testament the oldest one in the world predating the King James by hundreds of years. In Gen. 1, 1 -15 where I am at now it is talking about the family unit, male and female and their children which transcends the gods that man created to destroy the family. You see that in America today and around the world. I don’t teach man’s religions but the Philosophy of the family unit that has been there since the dawn of ages.

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        • It’s good to see things from your own view and type of scripture. I think both your old testament scripture and king James Version, and others, will all benefit me spiritually. The word of God is powerful, irrespective of the language and version.


        • I went to a church years ago that would not teach the Old Testament. They thinking it was not relevant. But it is a huge part of the Bible and for me brings all of the Books together by reading the old and the new.

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          • As for me, both old and new, along with others not included (for whatever reason), are relevant to me. I get spiritual insights after reading, and reflecting on any of them.


          • You have to read the Old Testament to know who you are as a woman. The Old Testament that I use is dated at about 1038 BC. I left the altars 14 yrs ago because they never could answer my questions.


            • Ron, personally I don’t it’s necessary to read the old testament to know one’s role as a woman. the new testament even involves women in the work of GOD, much more than the old testament does.

              I believe the old testament doesn’t give women much spiritual consideration in the things of GOD, the way the new testament does…there are many things, even the most spiritual clergymen won’t be able to answer. only GOD can answer everything, but he might not answer us till we meet him at the other side of the river.


              • Laws of Nature; In the kingdom of the Lions, 90 percent of the time the Lioness hunts for food for the pride while the Lion protects the cubs . The man was born of the dust the woman was already alive. She is Creation and the tree of Life. I find my answers in the Old Testament in the Garden of Eden the family unit through Philosophical images of the cycle of life. There is no such thing as a spiritual clergyman, christianity by its own merit is organized religion they never teach about the family if they did they would lose control. As it is mainline christianity adopts same sex marriage and tells you that god ordained it. Don’t see it in Genesis. Here is a prayer from one of the spiritual clergy;
                Yahshua, forgive me for being a dumb disciple, for the times when my heart goes hard, and the eyes of my heart are closed, and the ears of my heart are stopped. God, keep working with me, leading me in Your will, healing my heart and opening my eyes and ears to Your grace. In Jesus’ Name! Amen.
                God did not make me dumb but gave me common sense and an intuitive nature to ask questions. But accordingly to this pastor if I do not believe his way I am dumb.

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                • Ron, thank you for your time and comments, but I am already exhausted chatting about things not related to the blog posts in any way. I will appreciate if we try to limit your comments to the content of a blog post so that we won’t waste energy typing and arguing about beliefs that could leave one exhausted, most especially as they are accepted worldwide. Please, let me take my leave for now.

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            • So true Ron, plus we need the old testament to understand God better. I have 3 Bibles that I use to refer back to. Along with a web site called E-Sword, it goes into detail about the Bible, giving the meaning to any word you want to know more about. Words meant more back then. Names had a meaning and a story. I do not go to churches anymore, I could never get the answers I needed either. There are a lot of churches that have lost there way also.

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    • 👍👍👍…truthful comments, Ron…it seems mankind’s pursuit for knowledge would likely come b4 the end of mankind. I don’t want to be so pessimistic, although it’s clear the Bible seems to have spelt things out, clearly. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.


  • Great article, I believe it will be mans destruction. The robot era, they are replacing man at jobs now. . Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

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    • 👍👍👍… Sandra, thanks a lot for your positive remark regarding the post; I feel so honored. Actually, robots seem to be doing most of the things that mankind used to do whole-heartedly in the past. what worries me most is man’s desire to make robots autonomous. Your last sentence carries a lot of weight, owing to the fact that it’s a biblical prediction.

      Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting.

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  • Hi there. I’m enjoying the comments as much as your post! Thank you. So much to consider here 🙂

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    • 👍👍👍… Hello dear. Thanks alot for stopping by, reading and making such a joyful and positive remark—highly appreciated.

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      • You are most welcome! I am new to blogging, but I’m finding the community here to be so supportive and kind. And many awesome blogs!
        So much to consider here with AI. Mankind careful? Well, that remains to be seen—but still I am hopeful. I hear the story has a happy ending 😉
        Happy Easter weekend to you!

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        • Oh, you are new to blogging? It wouldn’t matter, as long as you are posting and interacting (as you are doing now), you will make your site much bigger, on the long term, probably beyond belief.

          and yea, we will have to wait and see how the story of AI and other man-made creations will end.

          Thanks a ton for visiting, reading and interacting. Will check out your blog too. I wish you happy Easter as well.

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          • Thank you for the encouragement—it is much appreciated! And thank you for visiting my blog as well! I have so many thoughts about man and God-and well…let’s just say I feel so blessed to be here-watching it all unfold-all of it!
            It is very nice to meet you—I enjoy your posts very much—and the comments! Every day I am learning 🙂

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            • It’s a great honor reading such positive and encouraging comments from a fellow blogger. you seem to carry so much joy and happiness within you. your statements referring to your mum, as stated on your blog’s home page, really touched me. I couldn’t comment because it seems the comment section of that post was deactivated. if those statements refer to a real life story, then they will have a deeper emotional effect—which is the quality of powerful posts.

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              • I’m glad that touched you! Thank you for saying so-yes real life story. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. But it’s ok.
                Please do leave comments in any of the chapters—I so appreciate reader’s input and insights—the depth it adds—for who hasn’t experienced suffering in their lives? We humans may not agree on many issues—but maybe we can relate to one another’s pain—and that is a good place to start.
                I don’t question why there is suffering “how could a loving God allow this?” life is suffering-and in that I have found joy. I know—sounds crazy! The real question is how to live life joyfully with the suffering. And so, this is why I write and why I open my story with “I create the light and the darkness…” that is infinitely awesome! Or to put it another way “where is God not?”
                Thank you again for taking the time to reach out and to read my story—I hope it inspires as much as I’m inspired by the positive feedback it is receiving. Without the painful past-I wouldn’t have this story to tell 😊 and now it’s a whole new story to write…

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                • very emotional since the story is real life… your blog has a clear focus and would be worth interacting on. it will grow stronger if you keep posting the stories. thanks for your comments.

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  • SciFi author Neal Asher offers an interesting perspective on AI with his Transformation trilogy. In this case, his story deals with an AI that experiences psychosis and takes on a godlike persona and status once it goes rogue.

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    • the perspective of the author you’ve stated, is unique, and can happen in real life. I think it’s even easier for AI creation to malfunction, or develop “psychosis” and exhibit its powers to the fullest, but in a selfish and destructive way.

      thank you for visiting, reading and giving such a thoughtful insight.

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      • It’s an interesting discussion. I think AI research is a little similar to a Pandora’s Box situation. Asher’s trilogy explores the contrast of what can happen between the Asimov Law of Robotics and an AI experiencing a traumatic event resulting in PTSD. I think he’s indirectly responding to and demonstrating part of Hawking’s concern of what could happen if AI is allowed to exist without built-in safeguards and the problem of machines that think like we do experiencing the same things we do.

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        • Yea. it is really an interesting topic for discussion, and has the possibilities to be viewed and discussed in many other unique perspectives. I see insight in the link you seem to draw between Asher’s trilogy and Hawkings concern about the negative things that could happen if AI is allowed to exist without internal safeguards. that’s a nice observation

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  • AI is the future for sure🙄

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  • Agree about the possible dangers of AI as outlined in my post, ‘The End of Intellectual Being?’

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  • An interesting post as are the comments…I do find automation a little scary maybe because of man’s thirst for more and more..Be careful what you wish for springs to mind…I live a simple life and wish we could all be kinder to each other and to me the world and what man is doing is more important as if man causes the death of the oceans and bees life as we know it will not exist eventually and robots don’t need to breathe good air or eat come to that so they may well take over…Am I worried no point I just do what I do and try hard to create a good family life…Your post is well written and very thought-provoking and I also have a thirst to learn and understand the world I live in so I will back for some more interesting reads…Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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    • 👍👍👍… You have raised very strong points which I find interesting…similar to the feeling you have, many others too could also be sceptical or scary about AI because of the self-destructive tendency mankind man seems to use certain technologies for…another thing is that the uncertainty behind autonomous AI is just a little part of the biggest problem: the negative impact of man-made activities on environment—oceans, land, atmosphere, living things, non-living things, etc, etc. These are interesting subjects.

      Thank you for visiting, reading and making a thoughtful and encouraging comment.

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  • I always comment where I feel I have something relevant to the post to add. If, not I just add a like as sometimes words are not required or appropriate 🙂

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    • The same with me: I don’t just write comments on posts. I have to be “moved” inwardly to do that, and that move springs from the inner effect posts have on me. Sometimes, I have to admit that whenever I’m a bit tired and feel that my comments could lead to longer discussions, then I don’t usually comment.


  • making So many things we don’t need while we pollute our air, water and soil, interesting post

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    • 👍👍👍.. you are so right. we don’t need any more negative impacts from AI when our air, land, and water bodies are already polluted to a threatening degree. thank you so much for visiting, reading and commenting.

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  • nice blog post GT

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  • Greetings,

    I have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This achievement is “given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positivity and creativity in the blogging community”. I would love for you to participate. Please see the award rules below. Thank you for being an inspiration ✨


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    • Dear fellow blogger,

      I have to apologize before I start because it would seem like I’m feeling pompous, and rejecting the award; however it’s not so.

      I am always honored to be nominated by a fellow human who is just like me in terms of value/worth; but the conditions given for acceptance of this award, like many others, is what always poses a problem for me.

      Like I complained about the sunshine blogger award, when I received the versatile Blogger Award (which you can see here: https://motivation-environment.com/2019/04/11/my-reception-of-the-versatile-blogger-award/), the sunshine blogger award presented a challenge that made me lose the award in the past because I wasn’t convinced that I was familiar with 11 blogs, up to a point of nominating them.

      I am someone who finds it difficult to do something if I am not convinced about it from deep within my heart.

      With all certainty, I am familiar with, and have been deeply impacted by the four blogs I nominated for “the versatile Blogger Award” —one of the award rules requests for the nomination of 4 blogs.

      But honestly, 11 blogs is a bit much; another thing is that, even after one makes comments on some blogs, there is still not enough interaction from the blogs, and also, no visitations, comments or likes from the owners of such blogs.

      One could argue that interactions are not be necessary; however, the lack of them could leave a bad taste, as in my own cases.

      So, my problem is the number of bloggers to be nominated—11.

      Worst still is the fact that, apart from the lack of interaction, I don’t think I can nominate not up to 11 blogs because the number of blogs that have really uplift me, are not up to that number.

      Even though I haven’t yet verified the existence of your blog on wordpress.com, I hope you will understand my point of view if you find this message.

      I just don’t understand why you didn’t use your link (wordpress.com ID) here.

      Thank you.

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  • These machines, robots, and computer screens will probably isolate us as human beings from other human beings.

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    • 👍👍👍… Thank you for that brilliant observation—I’ve just learnt one more thing. After thinking about what you just typed, I think machines, robots, computer screens will actually isolate us from each other much more than it has been doing. I don’t look at this as a probability, but as something that will actually happen much more. You might have seen how technologies, especially phones, have made people less concerned about their fellow humans—look at the car accidents they’ve caused, plus uncountable cases of accidents in houses.

      I appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit, read and comment.

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  • Is it *impossible* that humans will create an AI’s much smarter than we are and that they will want to “take over”? No. But, IMHO, we face much more urgent problems with AI. First, as with other tech, we humans have a problem with hubris. We will design to cover 95% of the cases but *assume* since those are the only cases we thought of that those are all the cases there are and people will die as a result. A second, and much worse potential problem is that AI will be used by the greediest amongst us, in conjunction with big data and plummeting morality to enslave human beings. Give what CEOs of drug companies, banks, cigarette companies & other large institutions do already, I see no reason they will be any more ethical with AI. Two things you might like – series on the “Pros and Cons of AI” – https://petersironwood.com/2016/09/24/the-pros-and-cons-of-ai-part-one/

    You might also enjoy “Turing’s Nightmares” – 23 scenarios about the future of AI. http://tinyurl.com/hz6dg2d

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    • If you actually read the article to the end, you would have noticed that brilliant scientists voiced their opinion in unison that humans could create AI’s that are smarter than man…I am not the one who just stated that here without a source or reason..

      also, you can check Google for the issue as related to the headline in Times magazine (do read the latter part of the post again.)…scientists don’t see AI becoming smarter, as an assumption, but as a possibility.

      Although we face more problems than AI, the post is about AI, just as other posts on this blog concentrate on other issues… every issue is taken seriously, especially when scientists and researchers works support their existence…

      Thanks alot for your other comments on problems related to AI, and the link too…

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  • Thanks for your post, get the best Programming Help for your college assignment by the help of experts

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  • Thought provoking artful essay on the matter. I suppose mankind will have to learn to get a handle on AI just like it must over the use of nukes. The possibility of losing control over either is frightening. I try to take comfort in the promise of Jesus that His kingdom will prevail over all things but it’s the interim that keeps me in discontent. I see you have me in widgets blog roll. Thank you, very honored and appreciative.

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    • You’ve made a very good point: mankind’s inability to control the use of nukes, ammunitions, etc., etc.

      the main issue with nukes (as it is with uncontrollable spillage and burning of fossil fuel—amongst other areas were mankind has failed), is mankind’s inability to manage, curb or limit the use of certain technologies or natural resources that are known to be destructive, when not handled with caution; this inability could also extend to the use of AI…

      I am hopeful that GOD’s intentions will prevail despite mankind’s interest in stepping beyond certain boundaries.

      Thank you for reading, commenting and making a point that can be seen in many human endeavors.

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  • As the only known thinking, sentient being, it is really upto man. Man has already created enough firepower to destroy himself many times over.

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  • I read through this and foundit helpful.

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  • My crowd on Facebook would enjoy this article. Mind if I show it to them?|

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    • honestly, I wouldn’t mind at all…please show it to them… either copy the link from the browser and paste it on your page, or use the share button that appears after the bottom of the article… thanks alot for visiting…

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  • I have interest in this, cheers.

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