Forward & upward ever, backward never—stagnation leads to decline

If we take a close look at the world around us, it’s obvious that “motion” occurs everywhere: everything seems to move (or at least) vibrate with an unexplainable force of life—motion.

Even when motion isn’t obvious, it is still taking place in the background. In fact, scientists have proven that every stationary object has invisible atoms (smallest indivisible particles) that are in a constant or incessant state of motion.

Motion seems to be the most common thing in all creation; in everything we see, and cannot see. Motion seems to be a basic law in the entire universe, including the Earth.

Without motion, many things, if not all, won’t be formed, or won’t even be in a process of formation. Motion is important to such an extent that people could be tempted to believe that it is a spiritual law or commandment; and that everything in creation is driven by it.

Motion is vital in our quest to achieve inner/spiritual and outer/physical fulfillment

In order to find fulfillment, we must always be in a state of inner motion. We cannot exempt ourselves from being mobile or exerting the force of motion, when Mother Nature (the air, soil, water, plants, and animals) fulfills what it was created to, and keeps everything alive, preserved, and restored by using the incessant force of motion.

The truth is that the whole of creation embraces motion—even scientific outer space exploration proves that this statement correct.

Just like Mother Nature is potent and nourished by virtue of applying motion, so do we have to be potent, motivated, and nourished by continuously using motion to move forward-ever and onward-ever.

But many people would rather prefer not to move forward, or apply the power of motion; in fact, the goal (intellectual, material, or spiritual?) of many people is to rest continuously, be lazy, and expect everything to come to them without any effort of theirs.

Living a life of laziness and hopefulness, without exercising the mind, mentality, body, and spirit, seems to be a crowning achievement for many people.

But this type of life is poisonous because it could bring an end to any available motivation and inner fire needed to acquire any sense of fulfillment.

It wouldn’t be difficult to observe that after anybody gives up on their dream(s), and gives up on making attempts or hustling (both are driven by motion), then they start declining, and any available motivation and sense of adventure wear away—it doesn’t matter whether the person is a scientist, a blogger, a businessperson, an inventor, a leader, etc.

The saying that “stagnation is retrogression”, gives an idea of the decline that usually sets in whenever motion is not used continuously

It is only when we move along with the motion the empowers creation, by exercising our motivation, and keeping pace with our aims (especially higher ones), that we can be hearty, healthy, have a sense of fulfillment, and be happy.

Many studies have shown that people who dream continuously (or strive to achieve their dreams in order to earn a living) are often much healthier, and live much longer than people who give up on their dreams, aims, or goals.

To keep life going, both inwardly and outwardly, look for a goal that is spiritual, alive, and has lasting or eternal values

Having a spiritual goal is important in keeping our motivation, drive, and aspirations. A spiritual goal is any goal that has positive lasting values or targets; it doesn’t have anything that is short-lived—you will always recognize a spiritual goal by this!

A spiritual goal can be achieved via spiritual practice(s). Also, it can be achieved by practicing or participating in mundane or materialistic activities that have positive lasting values or effects—spiritual goals have eternal values.

If you really want to accomplish something great and fulfilling, first of all, ask yourself what values you will be able to create from your actions or use of motion. It won’t be difficult to find out the values you would be able to create if you take time to think about it.

In this regard, we must always scrutinize one activity after another, in order to know the actual lasting value that each activity offers

Advice: don’t rest on your laurels

We must continuously aim for newer and higher heights if we wish to remain motivated and fulfilled; furthermore, we must always strive to push ourselves ever higher.

If we relax or step down our efforts and rest on our laurels, decline and decay would step in immediately. We cannot, and must never think that we have done enough, and we have to continuously exercise our abilities like a bird that always exercises its wings in order to remain adept at flying.

Also, as is the custom of some people, we cannot be lazy and bask in the achievements of our ancestors, and the glories of our fathers or mothers, and remain there forever. If great men behaved in such a manner, then nobody would have brought positive changes to the world. In fact, nobody would have discovered newer ideas, or scientific and technological advancements; etc.


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