Could saucer-shaped space-craft be the perfect fit for future interstellar flights?

When we discussed the possibility of interstellar flight and asked whether space scientists will be able to reach and navigate between the stars in future, we noted that, in 1797, after Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches of heavy-looking flying objects were published, many people reacted negatively by stating that machines that would be constructed in accordance with the dimensions/specifications of the sketches, would never be able to leave the ground and fly through the atmosphere.

We further noted that even though many people thought it would be impossible for heavy machines to fly over long distances—yet—hundreds of years later, airplanes have been carrying large quantities of weights over long distances, across land and sea areas that cover thousands of square miles.

In terms of flying, the aeronautical industry and space scientists have conquered the Earth’s atmosphere, gone a step further beyond the highest height of the Earth’s atmosphere, and even landed on the moon.

The predominant thought now would be on how to reach other planets, worlds, stars, and galaxies that are either near or far away.

Which shape of space-craft is commonly being used today? Does the shape of space-craft matter?

Yes, the shape of space-craft matters a lot, and could determine whether deep space exploration will be smoother/more possible, or not; that aside, the major types of rockets in use today are pencil-shaped (and nose-coned).

Although the current crop of space-craft (rockets) have proven themselves technically, to a great extent, one could still wonder whether the uncountable (but unproven?) number of saucer-shaped UFO sightings present mankind and science with a better idea for smoother space exploration—one that is worth studying and learning from. Could the best shape for interstellar flight be the saucer?

But first, what is an unidentified flying object (UFO)

An unidentified flying object (UFO) is an object that is usually observed flying in the sky, but which is unidentified. Although reports of UFO sightings abound, some were confirmed to be conventional objects or phenomena which initially appeared to be “unidentified”.

The term “UFO” was coined in 1953 by the United States Air Force (USAF), and defined as “any airborne object which by performance, aerodynamic characteristics, or unusual features, does not conform to any presently known aircraft or missile type, or which cannot be positively identified as a familiar object.”

Due to the increasing spate of incidences (some, too convincing to argue against) between the late 1940s, and 1950s, the term “UFO” became more widespread, and UFOs were popularly called “flying saucers” or “flying discs”.

Generally speaking, due to a significant number of UFO sightings over the past 100 years or so, the term “UFO” has been widely used to refer to extra-terrestrial space-craft: space-craft not designed by human beings, or space-craft originating from outside the borders of the Earth.

The saucer has been the most widely reported shape seen during UFO sightings

At the moment, there isn’t concrete evidence other beings or aliens have traveled from other stars and galaxies to Earth; on the other hand, many people and intelligence organizations know that the most popular shape of UFOs from reports, is the saucer—that’s why UFO/UFO space-craft have been popularly called “flying saucers” or “flying discs”.

With open and hidden information regarding UFOs, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that space scientists have already assessed the possibility of designing saucer-shaped spacecraft for future interstellar exploration.

If successfully designed, would saucer-shaped space-craft be able to out-perform pencil-shaped space-craft, and go deeper into outer space?

If UFOs really exist, then their domain for flying and predominant activity should be in outer space, in the incalculable and boundless expanse of the widely unknown cosmos.

For whatever reason, UFOs might have taken trips to Earth and other stars for a reason, or just for the sake of leisure. Investigations involving UFOs have convinced many people and scientists that extra-terrestrial spacecraft, especially saucer-shaped ones have been coming to Earth for several decades, centuries, or even thousands of years.

Considering the views in preceding paragraphs, it wouldn’t be difficult to sense that a saucer-shaped space-craft could likely out-perform pencil- and nose-coned ones in terms of traveling far beyond the sun, moon, and planets of our solar system.

But there could be questions

  • if space scientists wish to travel to other planets and galaxies in outer space, wouldn’t it be wise to give the saucer shape a try?
  • would man-made flying saucers be able to spin at high speeds the way UFO spacecraft have been presumed to spin?
  • would saucer-shaped space-craft (which look like flat circular plates) be able to deflect debris in outer space? Could it be able to prevent/minimize possible damage in space?
  • etc.


While space scientists carry out scientific research in earthly laboratories, they still harbor bolder projects in their minds: the exploration of other parts of the universe using certain shapes of space-craft, and type/weights of materials.

The ease at which spacecraft may travel far into space could lie in designing spacecraft in the form of other shapes, especially the widely sighted saucer shape that has grabbed the imagination of the world’s intelligence agencies, and science fiction, and extra-terrestrial life writers.


The proposition for saucer-shaped space-craft is only intended to prepare the readers’ imagination for something that could likely occur in the near, or distant future.


  • Why are they trying to keep making space crafts that look a 👽

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  • Quite interesting 👌

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  • Interesting concept why saucer shape or is this a fraction of the UFO ship we can see is the other part masked?

    Many years ago when I lived in South America on a New Year’s Eve we were driving through the town. I noticed when I looked out the rear window a huge white orb immediately dismissed it thinking it was the Full Moon. Soon it was clear it was not as the orb did not disappear behind buildings like the moon did it kept following the car. It was as large as the moon and white. In a flash it was no longer there. I have not seen it again. It really did not phase me at all. Now just wondering if it was intergalactic family checking up.

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    • I’m surprised to be reading your experience, which is directly from someone who actually saw something uncommon, and something that wasn’t a joke…the orb, globe 🌐, or sphere is another shape that has been reported, but the saucer seems to be the most reported shape…

      another thing is that, from information I have read, South America seems to have reported a lot about cases of UFO sightings, and even abductions… it seems UFOs are attracted to South America…personally, I haven’t seen any mysterious or unknown flying objects before, but from the quantity of information I’ve read, if I see them, I won’t be fazed because I have awareness about the possibility of their existence….the news about the possible existence of extraterrestrials and UFOs, just tells you how great and wonderful creation could be out there in boundless space…one doesn’t even have a faint idea about the greatness out there

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  • If you assume that the larger ships will be built in the frictionless weightlessness of space, you could make them any shape that you want. Unless they are entering an atmosphere, they won’t need to be aerodynamic. If you were using a solar sail, however, you would have to modify your design…

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    • thanks alot for your thoughtful contribution…It gives me another angle to think about the different shapes space scientists could use…although the saucer shape which has been predominantly reported, still fascinates me, other shapes could work equally well, or even better…

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  • Another great post. I honestly don’t see what difference it makes to the shape of the craft. Here on earth, cone/wing-shaped aircraft are pretty much to do with aerodynamics. Since there is no air or gravity in space, I wonder what difference it would make as far as shape goes.

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    • Kevin, thanks 👍👍 👍 for the perspective you brought: other shapes could work well because of lack of air or gravity; personally I’m not really certain about the composition of space, and forces at play there…but your statement brings back the thought of the black hole “Puzzles of the Soul” stated up this thread… as much as I know, black holes (which are in space) have been widely recognized as regions in space that have very strong gravitational fields; so strong enough that no material, or radiation can escape from them….so if spacecraft could travel that far, they might likely not be able to get away from black holes because of the latter’s strength of gravity

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  • As an ordinary woman i am wondered about all these information and comments!

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  • This is so freekin’ cool! ✨🤯

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  • Using the chemically based propulsion systems and the resistance in the atmosphere the current rocket shape produces the best response. Once outside the atmosphere it doesn’t matter what shape is used. The geometry becomes utilitarian. There is no resistance. That being said, if there are vehicles produced on other worlds the propulsion systems may lend themselves to disc shapes.

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    • thanks for your interesting observation, Bryan; especially the part referring to vehicles produced on other worlds; it looks very likely that that has been the case for ages… maybe saucer and spherical shapes are 2 different ideas from different worlds, while ours on Earth seem to be predominantly pencil-shaped/nose-coned…


  • I truly love your writing! You bring a unique perspective to all you create! Keep writing! Keep inspiring!

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    • thank you dear 🙏…haven’t seen you in a while…visited your blog some weeks or so back, and tried commenting, but noticed your comments were closed…on the other hand, even where comments haven’t been closed, some of my comments have been disappearing… thank you for visiting again

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      • Awe I’m so happy you visited. I saw your like. I am getting into a space where I blog more often. So stay tuned. 🙂 I will turn my comments on. Didn’t know they were off 😊😂. I’m working on a blog now. You will see it tomorrow! Keep writing.

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        • ✌️✌️✌️thank you … that means I will see your post soon

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          • Haha yes indeed!! 😊 It’s about my newest project. In addition to writing I love children’s books and believe the future generations will heal this world. So my next few posts will be about that.

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            • that’s interesting… truth is the future can be more promising than today, if we take the right steps…I look forward to seeing them

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              • Truth!! Now more than ever, making a positive impact on future generations is so vital. We can teach them to love again. We can teach them to understand each other again. We can teach them to dream 🌟✨ again. Humanity’s healing through the Youth is the first stage in this planet’s evolution. I believe all children incarnating onto this planet are Light Workers. It is our job to help them on their mission. 🌍

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  • Fascinating subject and well written post. Thank you for sharing.

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  • I have this Audio Book (the book is in hard cover, too) Called “Keepers of the Garden” by Deloris Cannon. Deloris was a hypnotherapist who specialized in past life regression. This book is about one particular subject who had past lives, mostly, as a (what would we call it that doesn’t sound too woo woo)….Extra-terrestrial[?]. She this guy talks quite a bit about space travel for other galactic space traveling species, and what he said was that those peoples with interstellar travel ability had saucer shapes and used specific kinds of crystals to channel…UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE. It’s a very interesting read.

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    • the book sounds awesome and interesting…I can relate your comments on past lives with information on the internet traced to the highly regarded Edgar Cayce which point to the possibility of past lives, here on Earth and elsewhere…mentioning the saucer really helps to buttress some points in this article…. thanks alot for your unique contribution…would view the book you’ve commented about…

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      • You know, Ihagh? We humans don’t know an awful lot regarding the big wide universe; only what we see and speculate about (until theory becomes real) AND there are certain things we all collectively “Feel” is exactly right because the information fits like a puzzle pierce and fits exactly right and fills in the picture. It seems as we go along and what is felt actually comes into for real being as truth doesn’t look exactly like what we suppose but it it is real and we find we are hardly wrong; the differences are really minor. The essence of what becomes real and verifiable was essentially true; just looks different and not as we imagined.

        Past lives? Oh, yeah! Some imaginings that I’ve had are quite pronounce and stand out with a very real feeling…the same sort of feeling I have about This life as it unfold. Real to me is real enough for me.

        Extraterrestrial? Oh yeah! I’ve seen some things in the night sky that are…not normal…and what we suppose about it really makes complete sense…absolutely. What’s real to me is real enough!

        That book I mentioned? Oh yeah…I felt deeply connected to the story which I’ve listened to three times now. It seems real enough to me, and that’s real enough.

        Of what others think? WELL…their sovereign enough to believe as they please, and if that is real enough to them; then it’s real enough.

        I’m fine with any of it, but what’s real to me is more important because I have to live by that…and I do.

        I loved this article you wrote because it’s real enough to me and makes absolute sense…it seems real enough and worthy enough to consider…absolutely!!

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        • I don’t even know how to start responding to your detailed and meaningful points which express most of my beliefs, based on my own research about life…. there are too many things behind the veil—just too many that I am tempted to believe in despite the fact they are at odds with my religious background… my convictions about them cannot be easily thrown away… thanks alot for your appreciation of the article, which encourages my interest in researching and writing about such topics…

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          • Oh Yeah! The considerations you put out I feel are VERY interesting.
            You you speak of as conflict, Yes…what we gather that doesn’t match religious beliefs or culture we grew up in so we can harmonize with our community without too much consequence…YEAH…I GET THAT!
            One thing I’ve observed (and you probably have too…so has everyone here I bet) is that all this “Conflict” as conflict IS ACTUALLY alive and well existing right next to each other…like all truths animating with each person that are all sitting and standing right next to each other an just ARE…doesn’t that say that what opposes still respectively is still alive? These things don’t actually nullify any truth as we know it. Death lives and life dies. Truth lives and deceit still asserts on truth. My religious believes which I grew up in are still wrapped around and through my considerations because they are a core part of me, yet…I think there is “Above the vail about which I don’t know much about but others do.” Yet…my core is not effected…or if it is, I wrangle with it for a bit, take the truth of it (or as much works for me) and the rest…”Poof” it gets kicked back.
            It’s definitely uncomfortable, and being aware of it doesn’t mean that each time I’m in conflict I’m like….”Oh…sure, I’m not affected at all!” That’s a denial not worth accepting because it prolongs suffering.
            And people do this all the time…until they don’t for choosing what ever relieves their mind, spirit and body (yes, the body feels the stress of the conflict, and that is totally real).
            I get it. You are not alone…and saying so is meant to empower…not invalidate. If its real…then its real!


  • Interesting views, thanks for sharing…

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  • Amazing blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Many thanks

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