Scientific assessment of the possibility for humans to inhabit other planets in future

It seems to have been on the road for a very long time: the plans and efforts of science in the past always seemed to turn into realities in the future. Evidence has been too glaring, and to such an extent that it seems most scientific ideas always turn into realities.

Centuries ago, if one had lived in the midst of people who could hardly believe that one day humans would be able to travel through air (rather than land and sea which were the usual routes) to other countries and parts of the world in future, one would likely be less confident to talk about the possibility for mankind to travel to other planets and inhabit them.

In this age when science continues to understand and conquer the Earth, and concentrates more on other planets in our solar system, one would be more confident to talk about the possibility of exploring other planets and inhabiting them.

While this idea of travelling to other planets and inhabiting them sounds awesome and fantastic, it could be frowned upon by religious fanatics who look upon certain ideas and actions of mankind and science as either “impossible”, “weird”, “abominable”, or even “crazy”—this can be quite annoying, especially when most religious people who believe in GOD are well-informed about the extent to which anything is possible.

This brings to mind, one of the greatest statements to have ever been uttered by a great envoy of GOD: “For verily I say unto you, That ‘whosoever’ shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have ‘whatsoever’ he saith”—Jesus Christ.

Take note of the words “whosoever” and “whatsoever”—these words are boundless and not only applicable to those who belong to certain religious groups, or other types of belief systems.

On the other hand, the statement from the great envoy of GOD could prompt some big questions:

  • did GOD create the universe and expect mankind to remain on the Earth, and be active only on it?
  • can other parts of the solar system be used by mankind, just as the Earth has been used?
  • would GOD approve of people being taken from Earth to other planets, stars, or solar systems?
  • would it be an abomination for mankind to inhabit other planets—especially in the event that inhabiting other planets becomes reasonable and justifiable?
  • would mankind be going beyond the limits destined for it if it inhabits other planets?
  • etc.

A recall of the first achievement in space exploration

Each good combination of science and technology has yielded a wonderful result: on July 20, 1969, at 03:00 hours, 56 minutes and 20 seconds, Central European Time, hundreds of millions of people witnessed 2 astronauts, Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin, become the first men to successfully set foot on the moon.

In my opinion, this is the most significant achievement in space science and travel because it astonished humanity, enlightened people about great possibilities, and inspired/led to other achievements that followed thereafter.

On the other hand, while mankind was excited about the successful flight to the moon, science was busy occupying itself with exploratory flights to planets such as Mars and Venus.

Venus had been undergoing investigation using unmanned sondes (equipment that send information about their environments) in the same vein that the successful landing on the moon began with investigations using unmanned satellites.

On May 18, 1969, Russia (Moscow) reported that after 130 days, the “Venus sonde 5” ended its journey; also, it covered a distance of 156.25 million miles, and carried weights that summed up to 2,260 pounds.

Have there been attempts to assess the suitability of other planets for human habitation?

Russian and American experiments were conducted in the past in order to assess the suitability of other planets for human habitation—how suitable other planets could be for human habitation.

Late Professors Carl Sagan (Harvard, U.S.A.) and Dmitry Martynov (Sternberg Institute, Russia) both did research work in similar/related areas. Their intention was to assess the suitability of Venus for human habitation, and conquer it.

During laboratory research, they acquired reconnaissance reports from the American Mariner and the Russian Venus sondes (equipment that provide information about their environments).

On 6 June, 1969, the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS) estimated that the surface temperature of Venus varies between 400ºC and 530ºC.

This estimate was almost the same with the one reported in 1967 from the “American Mariner V” which radioed/messaged back a temperature of 480ºC and atmospheric pressure between 50 bars and 70 bars—roughly the pressure that exists 900 meters (3000 feet) under water on Earth.

Russia received details from the sondes which made successful soft landings. Generally, information states that the atmosphere on Venus has carbon dioxide content between 93% and 97%, nitrogen between 2% and 5%, and oxygen between 0% and 4%—these data are highly valuable information.

Carl Sagan published his ideas in a scientific periodical that has the enviable and honorable reputation of publishing only research work that has been thoroughly examined.

What conditions would make it possible for humans to inhabit/live on Venus?

Before his death, Sagan believed that in the near future, space-craft could be used to release thousands of tons of blue algae into Venus’ atmosphere, and blow them towards Venus’ surface.

The advantage of using blue algae is that they stay alive at high temperatures and reduce high proportions of carbon dioxide by using their metabolism; because of their ability to continuously and steadily reduce carbon dioxide, surface temperatures would gradually fall below 100ºC.

Furthermore, with the aid of light and water, carbon dioxide could be transformed into oxygen; with temperature lowered below 100ºC, there would be enough water vapor in the atmosphere that could cause rain-fall and subsequent flooding. The availability of enough water (owing to the flood), in combination with light, oxygen and water would be able to support life.


With the Earth behaving more unnatural and fast becoming uncomfortable due to man-made activities which are spinning out of control, scientists would have been assessing the suitability of other planets, and the possibility for humans to inhabit them—especially if the unexpected is likely to occur.


Although habitation of other planets can be speeded up by more research and improvement of modern space technology, only distant future generations might witness humans inhabit other planets.

The past achievements of science and technology in space have proven that great possibilities lie ahead, and ongoing research will likely lead to success which could be greeted with negative reactions from religious communities and critics.


  • Interesting post. Would the life forms in existence on other planets really want the toxic influence from Earth being transported to their planet.

    Have scientists been able to assess the spiritual energy to see if another planet is more or less evil than the inhabitants of Earth.

    There could be another can of worms to encounter.

    I believe the inhabitants of Earth need to resolve their unhealthy issues before embarking on contaminating other worlds

    So easy to jump ship to leave a trail of disaster behind. Who would the selected immigrants be?

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    • interesting questions you have raised there, especially the one on the type of life forms to expect…on getting to other planets, there could be alot problems that need to be tackled before inhabiting them…

      on the other hand, the studies of these scientists and their plans to go to other planets brings to mind what I read about the sumerian gods who (as it has been claimed in respected ancient literature) visited the earth in the distant past from a planet outside of our solar system when their planets orbit 💫 (which is ecliptic) got to the closest distance it could to our solar system…mind you that these beings (who men later called gods) didn’t have sufficient quantities of gold on their planet; this made them to travel round the cosmos in their highly advanced space-craft looking for gold particles to cure their ailing atmosphere, before they used their know-how to locate large quantities of gold on Earth in an age when the ape/cave men existed, and mankind was much far less developed, and less technologically advanced than today…it is believed that these beings passed on to primitive mankind knowledge about cultivation, production of weapons, and the seeds of future technologies…

      what intrigued me about their tale was that after they came to earth, they had to do many water reclamation and irrigation works to divert water before they could inhabit the earth and start interacting with mankind and the environment; existing life forms didn’t pose any threat to them…and as intelligent and powerful as they were to come from an immeasurable distance outside our solar system, they had to work on Earth before they could settle down, inhabit the Earth, mine gold and transport it back to their planet which they called Nibiru…

      If this tale is true, as is speculated in some quarters, then one could be tempted to wonder whether something similar could happen (or not happen) if mankind steps its toes on other less evolved or less civilized planets

      as per the immigrants you asked about, I’m thinking it could likely be rich people or tourists who have money; probably; I’m not really sure; just guessing…


    • Puzzles, I like the part of the question about assessing of spiritual energy. Odd that this question would come up because less than two weeks ago, I’d just finished a youtube tour and sojourn in the NDE department (near death experience). There was this one guy that spoke of his NDE: Died (for some reason) and his “soul was just driving into space and then was spontaneously drawn to a planet that had a name he knew but the name was not the name we use; it was Mars. He said as his soul approached this planet; it warmly greeted him in a welcoming and had a male “voice.” The voice and presence was sentient; en-souled in the planet. The next, I think was a newly forming planet; and he was able to “Witness” its soul enter the sphere as it was “Developing.” The next planet…was far far away…so vastly far away, and as he approach it, he said it sang a joyous song…and the song was (I hope I get this part right) being sung for its sister planet who was mourning. He said this planet was exactly like our Earth…only it had no sentient life evolved upon it; was pristine, unspoiled and full of life. His next stop was Earth; and as he approached her, she mourned. I think (memory is not as good as it once was) he said his own soul was in communion with the Earth; and the impression was the soul of our Earth is committed to abiding with the inhabitants for their own growth…and hers.

      Interesting question. I thought I’d share what I heard about.

      SORRY FOR THE LONG RESPONSE…but the question really intrigued me, too.

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      • Thank you for sharing this wonderful information and that he had this amazing experience. All too many believe that the life on Earth is superior to the other planets. I agree with his comment about Earth and she is mourning at the damage the planet has endured by the so called enlightened beings here. I thoroguhly enjoyed reading your response to my comment.

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  • Very interesting post, Ilagh and I agree totally with your wonderful ideas and yes it will be in the near future and our planet is dying and many such planets have come and gone so now since you are totally right our world is moving in a 5th dimension and everything is moving so fast that the earth will collapse and another will be borne and man will never die. Never mind we will go to that earth who knows when. A beautiful article and it sure will happen.

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    • Bryan thanks alot for your unique contribution, especially as it shows the possibility exists for mankind to inhabit Mars, which is a planet different from the one stated in the article…

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  • Great article. I just wrote a book about this.

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  • 🤷🏾‍♀️🌌🚀 welp… it’s time!

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  • I firmly believe that someday, we will inhabit other planets. I wish I could be there to see it, or better yet, go. But alas, I’m too old.

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    • thanks for your comments… the world and universe are mysterious…I have the feeling that somehow I could be there, or not there… maybe the unknown powers of the universe will determine

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  • This is a bold and adventurous post, with a well articulated expression of the positive possibilities of the future. It is simply brilliant Mr. Ihagh.

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  • Ihagh, what a spectacular article. I like the part about Religious influences. That Bible verse is a REALLY good one, and I’d never ever considered what you’d brought up before, but it is PERFECT I think. It totally reflects the reality of how we have done what it says. We can indeed move mountains! We are starting to experiment and plan to reach Mars with real humans. We have sent probes to most if not all plants if not just to view but to check out what they are made of; what they are like and how they are composed.

    I think you made a very important point about “Religion,” and it seems, to me, once we let go of the dogma of religion, our minds are freer to consider MORE…and be enriched.

    Thank you so much for your Article. Sorry for saying so much, but I just wanted to share.


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    • thanks for your thoughtful comments; highly appreciated…you understood the point behind the Bible verse really well: the mountain depicts anything we desire to achieve; we can really move mountains regardless of what anybody thinks 🤔… if mankind can get rid of religious hindrances that have taken deep roots human minds, achievements could be boundless

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  • This is a well written article and I firmly believe that anything is possible. God created us for us to discover the hidden things in the universe and to continue with the work of creation and he has put in us a powerful brain and reasoning to make it happen. That’s why we have these scientific inventions and discoveries we have today. Yes I believe that humans can inhabit other ‘inhabitable’ planets in the future, it’s completely possible. However, I strongly believe that the best inhabitable planet for man is the earth because God made it for man to inhabit. Every other planet will be ‘artificial inhabitation’ and I think I’ll be scared to live in a planets other than the earth because it could have been made for other unimaginable creatures to inhabit. And these creatures would likely fight to possess their land and no one would know the spiritual energy they could have been made with. I don’t know how ‘aliens’ existence is. I would definitely be terrified.😃😃

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  • Thought-provoking discussion. There are many questions, but Carl Sagan’s findings are interesting. God gave man a curious mind, and we should continue to allow it to think and explore.

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    • Bigsky…thanks for making a comment in the discussion…actually, GOD is the creator of the curiosity in the heart of man, which has led to untold technological wonders, and there’s no limit to what could still be explored

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  • What would you think if I told you, in all seriousness, that the Gas Planets and their core Planets are Computer Data-bases. They monitor each person’s journey as their Relevant Satellite Moons pass on information about us until our Evolutionary bio-DNA-gradable, Bio-Logical Reasoning-power’s Intellectual Progress Peaks, in our Earth berth birthday-suit’s computer brain-boxes.
    Sibyl X

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    • I am open to listening to anything anybody tells me, even if there is no evidence yet for me yet…I appreciate your views, which could be true…

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      • Thank you so much for hearing what I’m saying.
        The schism between Science and Religion is about to be breached.
        Science has advanced enough to do it, but Religions are stuck in their time-warped eras with their Dogma stances causing them to be left behind, bewildered and hurt.
        You know there is more evidence than not.
        On 16.05.17 I watched a BBC2 TV Horizon program called Strange Signals From Outer Space.
        TV blurb: Documentary about Scientists and their search for extra-terrestrial life, such as husband-and-wife team Duncan Lorimar and Maura Mclaughlin, who discovered a signal from space known as a fast radio burst, and researchers at the Green Bank Telescope searching for radio signals from a star so mysterious some believe it could be a vast energy collector built by advanced aliens.
        Well they are right. They are called Gods.
        Religions believed in their Gods long before Science advanced enough to prove it.
        The only people whose computerized brains were able to receive the missing information needed from their SPIRIT Guides (satalite Moons) were the go be-tweens that were Crucified, burnt at the stake, and excommunicated. And that’s when time stood still in the Churches. I could go on and on…
        At the moment I am excited about the program on TV, Google and The Open University called Discover How Our Solar System Was Formed with Prof. Brian Cox.
        So the cogs of the COSMOS Engine is Driven to rid us of the real Aliens called GERMS…
        How do I know all this?
        Because I am a Theist Sibyl…a missing go-between.
        Sibyl X

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        • thanks for your thoughts; mine is line with most of them, especially the one related to the gods and signals from outer space…in my opinion the so-called gods (or sons of GOD, as some Bible verses call them) were super physical (or probably spiritual) beings created by GOD, but are considered as powerful gods to mankind because at that stage of mankind’s development, it couldn’t see anything more powerful than the gods or beings from other worlds…intellectually, mentally, they were light-years ahead of mankind…

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      • PS. I feel I should add that it is futile looking for Biological Humanity elsewhere because there aren’t any. And Celestial Spirit Beings’ chakra driven Soul bodies are invisible to our Scientists through their human Earth-suits’ eyes, because we live in the biosphere’s atmosphere until called upon to return to Earth (born again) to help the rest of Humanity find cures for what caused The APOCALYPSE (Ragnarok) in the first place…


        • personally, I feel that biological (not necessarily humanity) beings could be existing out there in the universe… the universe is vast and some other planets, as reported, have/could have Earth-like life-supporting elements


          • The majority of people interested in this subject confuse spirits with Entities


            • it will continue to be difficult for the vast part of humanity to know the reality of the beings out there… I will appreciate a situation whereby people who know it will come a bit low and find a way to make it understandable to humans who are less spiritually evolved… that is why I appreciate the bulk of Edgar Cayce’s work… he expressed so many things other spiritually knowledgeable people don’t go to the depth to do…

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  • The only difference between the discovery and human will be time. Anything can happen. And nothing is and will be constant, but time. Mesmerizing and incredible post!

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