How to deal with incompetence: choose faith, cheerfulness & optimism, instead of doubt & fear

Once in a while, each of us has been deluded by thoughts of incompetence; probably because we lack faith, cheerfulness and optimism, or we are preoccupied with doubt and fear.

On the other hand, it could be that we have been told we are not competent enough, and will never be able to do certain things; unfortunately, we bottled that up most times and believed it!

One thing we should always remember is that competence (which leads to success) and incompetence (which leads to failure) are just different states of mind—either a combination of faith, cheerfulness and optimism, or a combination of doubt and fear.

If you have faith that you can do anything, you will do it—but first and foremost, you must see yourself doing it, inwardly.

You have the power to deal with incompetence

It’s very true that “knowledge is power”: there is a big difference between having adequate understanding about one’s own abilities, and making an effort or determination to bring the best out of one’s abilities.

It is absolutely necessary for every conscious man and woman to have faith in themself so that they can be empowered enough to stand any chance of making the most out of their abilities.

Contrary to what anybody thinks, each and every conscious person has something material or immaterial to offer or sell; it could be goods, abilities or services.

We need to have faith and optimism in ourselves before we can convince anybody to make use of our abilities, or believe in us—faith and optimism radiate in cheerfulness and productivity.

We have to do all we can to live every moment with faith, cheerfulness and optimism, instead of doubt and fear. We must wake up every morning with an appreciable amount of determination if you we want to walk through the day and sleep at night with satisfaction.

On a daily basis, we must look for sources of faith, cheer and optimism that have the ability to nurture our minds and help us utilize its greatest potentials so that we can function at the highest level possible.

Hardly has anyone achieved something great by using a negative frame of mind that is filled with doubt and fear.

The best works are always done by people who are happy and optimistic—faith and optimism can really give us much more cheerful thoughts.

We will never be able to cultivate faith, optimism and bravery if we continue to think cowardly thoughts of doubt and fear. You cannot sow corn and reap thistles.

You can’t make you’re your dreams come true by choking them with doubts and fears.

You have to lay your foundation for success with self-understanding, faith and optimism if you want to stand any chance of making success out of any endeavor that requires self-belief.

Don’t allow your environment discourage you

Many people who love a job or profession are discouraged by their surroundings or environment; they feel that success would be a lot easier if they are in a different environment.

In a few cases this is true because of personal interest; on the other hand, it is not true in most cases because the only environment that actually determines success is right within you—the main factors that determine success or failure are within your inner world.

Each person is the builder of their inner world. The outer world is constructed according to the designs and dictates of the inner world.


Use any available sources that can always help you to nurture faith, be cheerful and optimistic; this will help you to dispel doubt and fear which only paralyzes any available motivation or belief.

If you’ve never chosen positive, optimistic and cheerful thoughts in the past, you can start doing so from now onwards—the richness of the universe is within you.

When it comes to the business of the inner life, nobody will ever fail if they are ready to start all over from the beginning.

Success is waiting for you to seize her boldly because she knows she rightfully belongs to you; she is yours. But if you approach her with timidity, doubt and fear, she will ignore you and pass you by. She likes boldness, and admires optimism and confidence.


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