There is Magic in Positive Thinking—Always Think Positively!

It is widely believed that the unseen hands of fate influence the outcomes of many activities in our lives. On the other hand, positive thinking influences many outcomes too—it often goes to the greatest extent imaginable.

We have been informed by positive thinking books—and even the most popular religious book—that people’s outcomes are products of their thoughts—“as you think, so you are”.

This saying has been proven by fact that two or more people with the same opportunities produce different results. In certain instances, one or few people produce multiple times what other people produce.

It won’t be difficult to see a connection between many results in real life, and the statements related to thinking, as contained in a number of books.

Generally speaking, history has proven that the size of one’s happiness and general fulfillment depends a lot on the size of one’s positive thinking—there is magic in positive thinking.

If positive thinking is effective, why can’t everybody do it?

Much of our thinking is either little, or big; negative, or positive; or a mixture of two or more types of thinking.

And results could be either extremely positive, extremely negative, or anything in between.

We are surrounded by environments that always attempt to pull us down—and if possible, tear us to pieces.

Here and there, we are reminded that opportunities do not exist; and so we should be contented with staying in any available little position—this is a statement that is far away from the truth!

We are told that “whatever will be, will be”; that our destiny is out of our control: we are told that fate is in complete control.

So we feed on all this, and gradually begin to forget about our most cherished dreams; finally, we choose to open our arms, lie down and wait for our day of exit from this world.

Society tells us there is too much competition at the top positions of life, and so we dare not waste any effort to attain them.

Is there evidence that positive thinking is effective?

Is there any proof that positive thinking is effective?

Proof comes from real-life experiences of people around us, who, despite experiencing various degrees of ups and downs in life, achieved great success because they maintained a consistent positive attitude.

The theories about positive thinking have been tried, tested, and found to work wonders in many life situations.

Don’t get it wrong: positive thinking could still encounter challenges and problems—but it will still lead anyone to experience the reality behind the popular statement that “all things work together for good”.


It is a great quality to have the desire to be successful.

In order to build a successful life, we need the tool called “positive thinking”. Many of us read or come across positive statements and literature every day; but seconds after reading them, we lose the feeling of their real latent power.

In order to maintain and develop the power of positive thoughts and words, we need to be consistent in our positive thinking, which will be very effective if we drive it with consistency.

Remember the saying: “As a man thinks”. Not: “as a man thought” or “as a man used to think”; but rather: “as a man thinks”—consistency!

If you wish to benefit from positive thinking, be consistent in your positive thinking, and you will be happy regardless of your station in life.

Develop an ever-increasing desire for positive thinking, and you will greatly enhance your chances for success—you will actually end up achieving success!

The biblical David said: “as one thinketh in his heart, so is he”.

“Great men are those who see that thoughts rule the world”— Emerson.

“The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven”— Milton.

“Life is too short to be little”— Disraeli.

76 thoughts on “There is Magic in Positive Thinking—Always Think Positively!

    1. you are very right; I deeply appreciate your comment that there is indeed magic in positive thinking that one won’t understand until they try it —so true… such a great comment… those who haven’t tried positive thinking, might not see any value in it…

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  1. This was an excellent post. “The society tells us there is too much competition at the top positions of life; and so we dare not waste any effort to attain to them.”
    I’ve lived that LOL, take care !

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    1. 👍… very funny; so you were really surrounded by all that stuff… in all honesty, society makes many of discouraging statements…thanks alot for your positive remark about the post…


    1. Thanks alot for your comment… although karma does some work through challenges and problems—but not in all cases, as in the case of the biblical Job—we are still motivated by the everlasting words of GOD: “as you think, so are”…if one does good and positive thinking, then they don’t have to bother about karma; but evil people should…on the other hand, for an evil person who starts living good and thinking positively, their positive thinking will overpower karma on the long run, and reverse its trend over time…also, it will be more helpful if one doesn’t live their life thinking that their past evil deeds will hunt them, and also make it difficult for them to think positively…the genuine will to think positively is stronger than any such feelings… the best thing to do is to consistently think good and positive thoughts, and act so; then with time, everything will be much better, and even fine…

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      1. Karma does come into and not necessarily evil deeds which cause blocks we have to work through all our issues and release them to go forward. If we just wipe the slate clean how do people learn. It is the best to consistently think positive thoughts but even the best at mindfulness has bad days with negative thoughts so people have to be prepared to face it and accept it so they can move on.

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        1. in this post, as in many others since the inception of this site, we have always motivated people to face challenges positively, without fear of the past or future, and regardless of whether karma brings them or not, as in the case of Job…we dont preach that life will be easy, and that all beds are roses…but we preach positivity and that people should not be drawn back or limited by anything…

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          1. It is good to keep going always picking yourself up as things go wrong. We cannot stop limitations put in place in today’s world some are out of our control and we can navigate them in a positive way or we can sink with the negativity still they have to be faced. Laws of Attraction the people behind this gave the impression all is rosy when it is not. Being realistic is. People become disheartened when things go slow or their are obstacles. It is how we manage the obstacles is what counts. You have a choice to get angry or stay calm and find a different route using positive guidance. We are judge on our behaviour during the difficult times.

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            1. thanks for your comment… but I have to observe that of all the quality material I have read on the laws of attraction, many writers don’t preach that all is rosy… unfortunately, maybe you have come across those type of writers…most people in the world of today know fully well that life is not a bed of roses….in my opinion, if there are people who write only about a rosy life, then they are not doing great service “if their intentions are selfish”… however if they write about a rosy life in order to inspire people not to concentrate on negativity—by omitting it from their books—then I don’t see anything wrong with that…if someone writes or blogs about mental illness—which is not a bad thing to do—if they expect me to follow or read their blog, when topics on mental illness really affect me and make me think negatively, then I won’t be attracted to that type of stuff, although mental illness is not a bad topic to consistently write about…on the hand, people who write about mental illness, still make one or few positive posts to inspire those who could be affected by it…

              the thing is that people’s opinions about what other people write about should be judged on motives (which we might not always have full knowledge of) rather than strictly by what has been written about….it’s not possible for people to write about everything, and in such a way that other people would expect… also, some writers who write only about specific topics could have good intentions…but only GOD knows them…

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  2. Positive thinking leaves little room for negative thinking. The choice is ours to make the world a better place for ourselves and others. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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    1. Eugenia, thanks for making such a unique contribution: great comment: consistent positive thinking leaves no room for negative thinking… Roy T. Bennett was spot-on with that great comment—love it…

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  3. And one way to promote positive thinking (and also to mitigate worry and anxiety) is to select a Bible verse and when negative thinking seems to be dominant, “force” those thoughts out by repeating the verse. My favorite is Psalm 34:4 – “I sought the Lord and he heard me and he delivered me from all of my fears.”

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    1. This is such a great comment; probably among the greatest I have ever read or heard: select powerful Bible verses and repeat them consistently whenever negative thoughts tend to spring up…the good thing is that our memories will store them and build on them… thanks for sharing such a educative and enlightening idea…

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    1. 👍… thanks for your thoughtful comment, Kathy…really, positive thinking is habit-forming just like other habits people cultivate; and it is truly the best way to approach life…

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  4. Thanks for this marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and may come back in the foreseeable future. I want to encourage you to continue your great writing, have a nice afternoon!

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  5. This is a very engaging topic to write about, thank you for sharing it! I believe in the power of positive thinking, and I think recently, the fields of positive psychology and health psychology are providing strong evidence for this notion, even more so than in the past. With an increased understanding of this evidence, I think that people can begin their paths toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Feel free to check out my content and leave any contributions that you would like to the content. Great post, it was very interesting to read. Keep up the great work!

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    1. thanks alot for your positive remark, inspiring comment, and belief that with increasing understanding of workings of positive thinking, people can live more meaningful and fulfilling lives…

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  6. Wise, encouraging and informative article. I find it quite difficult to think positively sometimes but it’s very important to remember that our actions and choices are governed by our thoughts and attitude. Thank you 😊

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    1. you’re welcome and thanks for reading and commenting. honestly, it is sometimes not easy to think positively, especially when certain situations down on us… but bits or chunks of positive thinking can consciously and subconsciously help to improve we think and act, particularly in regard to negative situations


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