Your Success Depends on Support from Other People

You are happy your business is booming; you are happy your website has a lot of visitors! Inasmuch as you might have delivered your best quality service, the fact still remains that your success is as a result of other people’s interest and support.

One of the silent rules of success that deserves to be mentioned is this: success depends on support from other people. One major obstacle between where people are and where they want to get to in life, is the absence of support from people.

Let’s take a brief look at it this way: an appointed executive of a company depends on people to carry out instructions in order to accomplish goals and achieve success.

Without the support of subordinates and junior colleagues at work, an executive won’t be able to achieve their company’s goals and objectives; in addition, a company’s president could sack an executive if they cannot guide and motivate staff to muster mind and strength, and achieve goals and profitable results.

Without support, even the best leaders would look clueless and unproductive

A salesperson depends on patronage and support from people in order to earn money by buying their product(s); without people, a salesperson won’t achieve their set goals, and succeed.

Likewise, the dean of a college depends on professors and other academic staff to ensure that curricula of various disciplines are taught to the greatest extent possible; so that high quality students will be groomed and graduated into the society.

Politicians win elections by depending on voters to elect them into office; writers depend on people to read what they write, and propagate their literary works.

Even people who have all the admirable leadership qualities that the world loves, still need support in order to be effective as much as possible. The truth is that no leader and nobody can do everything on their own.

When necessary, what must we do to attract people’s support?

So the question now is: “If people’s support is needed to achieve success, what can be done to get people’s support, approval or loyalty”?

Generally speaking, if we think and relate in the right way towards people, they will like and support us. If a person isn’t likeable, then they will not gain much support that could lift them higher in many endeavors of life.

Although not a topic that seems to be under much discussion, it is certain that successful people have certain traits or habits that make people like them.

Probably due to their humility, people who have genuinely reached the top of the ladder don’t seem to voice their opinion about the qualities employed in relating with people who like and support them.

It seems there isn’t a definite, clear and conclusive all-round plan that successful and popular people use to make themselves likeable. Regardless, the following few ideas—if applied—could make a person more likeable; not necessarily by everybody, but by as many people as possible:

  • Learn to remember and recall people by their names. Being inefficient in doing so might ring a bell in people’s hearts, and make them think there isn’t sufficient interest in them.
  • Be a comfortable person who is relaxed about life in a way that won’t scare people and make them feel that the world will come to an end because of your reaction towards life.
  • Don’t be egotistical: don’t give the impression that you know everything.
  • Develop or maintain the quality of being diverse and interesting so that people can perceive the likelihood of getting one or more valuable things each time they associate with you.
  • Make use of each opportunity you have to erase misunderstandings and drain off grievances.
  • Don’t miss opportunities to congratulate people for their achievements, and express sympathy for their disappointments.
  • Whenever possible, give people spiritual enlightenment, even if it means telling them the bitter truth.
  • Accept human limitations and differences as a part of life: don’t expect people to be perfect, and never forget that each person has a right to be different.
  • Don’t blame people whenever something unfortunate happens to you. The way you approach misfortune will determine how well you will handle fortune.

Although it is quite true that some people are much more nearly perfect than others, nobody is absolutely perfect. The one quality about human beings that will not change on Earth is the obvious fact that they will make mistakes. Nobody is completely good, and nobody is completely bad; also, a perfect human being just doesn’t exist.


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