Definition of Engineering Graphics, and Graphical Engineering

Definition of Engineering Graphics

Engineering graphics can be defined as a graphical language that gives precise pictorial expressions of engineering structures and is used to make communication possible between designers and other people who might not necessarily be engineering professionals. Engineering graphics, which usually provides details that cannot be derived from engineering calculations, helps to convey ideas to people, and convert concepts into reality if drafts, illustrations or drawing follow universally accepted codes, criteria, and conventions.

Definition of Graphical Engineering

Graphical engineering can be defined as the branch of engineering that deals with the study of computer-aided design (CAD) and imaging software aimed at creating digital sketches of engineering models, structures, plans, and projections for beneficial purposes. In addition, graphical engineering combines the knowledge of technical drawing with engineering graphics, and computer software and hardware to illustrate and manipulate engineering data/content for practical purposes.

It is quite common for graphical engineering students to study programming languages, 3-D maths, programming interfaces (API) used in building 3-D engines, rendering systems for 2-D and 3-D visuals, machine drawing & design, rapid prototyping, computer-aided drafting, computer-aided design (CAD), AutoCAD, 3-D modeling & parametric design, tooling drawing & design, industrial Management, etc.

6 thoughts on “Definition of Engineering Graphics, and Graphical Engineering

  1. Excellent Blog topic. I wish that such things were available when I was doing Engineering. I used to find Engineering Drawing a very tough subject and did not score good marks in it.
    There were some other topics as well which needed us to get a good understanding, and it was 1999, so no Net and I only had books to use and understand concepts.

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    1. thanks alot for your encouraging and kind words…I really feel for you when I read your engineering drawing experience…I was really good at engineering drawing even though I didn’t study technical drawing prior; and like many other students did…you’re right, in 1999 the internet wasn’t as loaded with sites, blogs and information as much as it has been in the present-day…most people can just go online, and within seconds they will find clear and detailed information about what they’ve been looking for

      my site statistics, especially from Google, has been indirectly informing me that many people might have been finding the subject difficult too; hence their search for understanding and arriving at my site in good numbers… this has inspired me to keep on writing more about the subject of technical & engineering drawing/graphics, and even produce ebooks on the subject…thanks you


    1. so you are an engineer? I have a BSc in Civil Engineering, and MSc in Water Resources & Environmental Engineering… please which site statistics are you talking about? Site statistics about what?


        1. Am confused…earlier you asked me for site statistics…now I don’t understand what you are referring to as “insight portion”, especially as I don’t see them in this post… please explain


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