Sometimes you always have to keep on reminding YOURSELF: treat motivational ideas as songs

When it comes to developing and maintaining positivity and faith, sometimes you just have to keep on reminding yourself about an inspiring idea instead of reading it from a paper/book, or listening to it from someone else’s speech!

Perhaps you took note of a great motivational or inspiring idea that totally convinced you to believe and act on it in order to maintain motivation and achieve success—and so you wrote it down and frequently read it, or visited somewhere in order to hear it and become inspired.

You always looked at it or listened to it, but unfortunately, somewhere along the line, you lost belief in it! This occurs much more easily when people don’t put in enough work to “sufficiently remind” themselves about an idea—and as a consequence, they begin to lose belief in their idea or dream until it becomes forgotten.

The best solution is to remind yourself

In most cases, the inspiration or motivation acquired from an idea that is written or listened to, will not be as effective as the one that can be derived from reminding one’s own self without the aid of paper (reading) or person (listening).

What happens if the paper or book gets missing and out of sight forever? This is a very common experience. What happens if the person whose words you believed so much in, disappoints you because they no longer live up to the expectation of their powerful faith or belief?

Always remind yourself, rewind, and re-listen to your ideas in your mind as many times as you can: treat motivational ideas as if they are songs

Strong faith and belief systems are maintained when people consistently remind themselves about their ideas until their minds become acquainted and soaked with their dreams and aspirations.

Sometimes it is not enough to just read and re-read an inspiring idea, or listen to it; you have to consistently remind yourself without the aid of physical visuals, a paper/book, or someone else’s voice.

Reminding yourself can lead to continuous success

Give it a shot and always remind yourself about your ideas; always believe and let yourself know that you will acquire the faith to materialize your dreams.

Create spiritual and mental containers that can hold the rain of good and positive thoughts always sent out by the universe; you can do this by always reminding yourself!

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