Your Life is Speaking—Listen; Don’t Blindly Follow the Whims of the World

Just because you have the opportunity to become a medical doctor or astronaut, doesn’t mean you should! Just because you can become anything, doesn’t mean you should become anything—just for the sake of it! Destiny has placed a responsibility on each person, to not only do whatever they are capable of doing, but most importantly, to do what they are meant to do.

Most of us start the day by doing what every other person is doing or doing the things that our eyes first get in contact with, but we haven’t always been able to decide or do what we are actually meant to do. Your calling or destiny goes beyond just doing anything, or just following the whims of the world; it calls into question your inner potential which may be active or latent; so, don’t just tell your life what you want to do—listen to what it actually wants to do with you!

A lot of people, especially those who are well-to-do, wander through life without knowing their purpose, or what they are meant to do; they blindly follow the whims of the world—wherever the winds of other people’s whims take them. Some of them believe that those who reach their potential have extraordinary talents or gifts. But the lives of many people have proven that pursuing one’s calling or destiny isn’t reserved only for certain people.

Pursue Your Calling or Destiny by Listening to Your Own Life

What is the best way to start pursuing your calling or destiny? The best way to start is by listening to your own life. This is good advice that was given by Frederick Buechner, an author who was a schoolteacher in one part of his life, and a minister in another. He observed that finding one’s call or destiny has more to do with one’s awareness and less to do with following the whims of the world, or just doing anything for doing sake!

When one’s level of awareness is high, it becomes easier to listen to their life speak; it becomes easier for one’s calling or destiny to come through. If anyone lives with an awareness that is highly alert, then boredom, pain, excitement, happiness, and any experience can end up being a key moment—and thus proving that all things work together for good!

Awareness has to be cultivated, or else, it will likely not be experienced. If anyone gains awareness by paying attention to their lives and the lessons it teaches them, then that person will find their calling or destiny, and won’t feel lost. Each experience (inconvenience, success, challenge, setback, frustration, etc.) will have more meaning—and as one listens this way, their life will speak!

With high awareness, your calling, destiny or life may call you late in the night or early in the morning, and tell you what you are supposed to do with your talents, gifts, abilities, and passions. Your calling or destiny can help you understand what has happened to you, and why; also, it can give you guidance. In addition, it can open up a whole new world for you, a world you have never considered before. All you need to do is listen and have awareness.


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