Each Person’s Success Story is Actually the Success Story of Joint Effort from Various People

In most instances during the life of anyone who has achieved extraordinary success, the person encountered a helper, mentor, or guide who invested in their abilities and helped them achieve the extraordinary success they achieved. In some cases, a single person was encountered; in other cases, many people were encountered.

Regardless of the number of people encountered, each encounter was ultimately instructive and helpful. The truth is that, no matter how much we believe that successful people make it on their own, their success couldn’t be realized without the aid and assistance of others: every person’s success story is actually the success story of joint effort!

Every Success Story is, In Fact, a Success Story of a Joint Effort

It is rare to see someone succeed only by themselves, and without any major or minor help from one or more other people. Some people will willingly help you or contribute to your education, etc., while others might accidentally help you or contribute to your education, etc. No matter how you receive help, if you are wise, you will use it to succeed; always remember that it’s not possible to walk all by yourself towards success. No man is an island—this is a reality we have to accept.

As we march towards our individual destinies, each one of us is influencing another person/other people’s destinies in one way or another. Although your journey is unique, it is full of fellow sojourners, helpers and mentors who will help or strengthen you along the path; you might not always be able to find them, but you can be able to recognize them when they appear along your path, and you can gain from the opportunity of meeting such teachers, mentors, or helpers.

Your Helper or Mentor Might not Look Like What You Had Ever Imagined or Dreamed of

In many instances, we don’t need a helper or mentor who is as soft as we would like or expect; what we probably need is someone who doesn’t meet our expectations: we need someone who can challenge us, someone who can influence or even force us to think and act differently, but in a progressive and successful way—that’s exactly the type of person most of us need; after all, that’s the main job of a helper or mentor.

When Looking for Success, Be Ready to Meet or Look for Helpers or Mentors in Unexpected Places

Each person who helps or mentors us, serves a purpose in our lives. Helpers or mentors could arrive at an unexpected time, or just at the right time to help us or cheer us in regard to the important thing(s) we need the most. Even friends, old relationships that have dwindled down, and long-lost relatives may become the sources of motivation that we need to succeed. Each person who helps, mentors, educates or inspires you, eventually contributes to your success.

How Do People Find Helpers or Mentors?

How do helpers or mentors come across people’s paths? Sometimes it’s hard to see or tell where they come from, or how they appear, because they could appear seemingly out of nowhere; however, they could appear just around/at the right time. Meeting helpers or mentors might often look like an accident or a mystery but, it might likely be far from an accident or mystery.

Whenever we want something, especially if it would bring about greater good or benefits, GOD will set His universe in a way that will help you achieve it. If a person is determined to do what matters in order to succeed, the world will make room for such an ambition to be materialized. Although you might not be able to predict how your success will materialize, you can be prepared for the ingredients required to make it materialize.

When pursuing success, you will find a community of helpers and mentors who can motivate, educate and even champion you along the way. It won’t always be your job to locate or find where these people come from, but it would be your job to keep your eyes or awareness open. Helpers and mentors are all around you, and if you listen to your life as it speaks, you’ll be able to recognize them and be more prepared to accept the value(s) they have to offer.


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