Do What You Love Doing & Give the World What it Needs—Your Life’s Calling

How can you discover and move in the direction of your life’s calling? Find out what you love doing, what the world needs, and what you are capable of offering the world, and consistently combine all of them.

In the distant past, whenever I saw someone whom I assumed was pursuing their life’s calling, I often believed that the person had everything in place and knew from the very beginning of their lives what they were born to do—I believed that they had a plan from the onset.

You Might not Know Your Life’s Calling From the Onset: A Calling Doesn’t Usually Have Everything in Place From the Very Beginning; Someone Else Might Have to Show You Your Life’s Calling 

In many instances, it’s wrong to assume that from the very beginning, people just know exactly what their life’s calling is, and what they are supposed to do with their lives. Although many people don’t know what their life’s calling is from the very beginning, along the path of life, and at the right time, they could know or find out. 

One’s calling can be clear from the onset, or can become clear later on along the road of their life. The world is an uncertain place that’s full of mysteries and opportunities and needs each person’s gifts to solve problems. Many people go through life without knowing their life’s calling from the onset. They focus their attention on getting comfort and enhancing their social stature and finally get to a point where their soul awakens and grows restless until they hear the voice of their life’s calling.

In order to illustrate that one’s calling might not always be clear or sensed from the onset, let’s take a look at the biblical story of the young boy Samuel who later became a powerful prophet: it was by trial and error he discovered the voice of GOD which led him (Samuel) to his calling.

When the young boy Samuel was called by GOD, three times he got the call wrong before he ended up getting it right. He initially misunderstood the call and thought it was from his master Eli. After Samuel heard the third call, Eli understood what was going on, and made Samuel understand that the call was actually from GOD; it wasn’t from his master Eli. The point is this: initially, Samuel failed to understand the right call, and he had to take one step at a time in order to get it right: for the young boy Samuel to become a prophet, he went through a process of trial and error.

It has to be noted that young boy Samuel’s case is not a general case of how one’s calling can be discovered or found. The voice of a calling can sound different to different ears, and it can be tightly linked with your passion and the best you are capable of offering the world—especially solutions to problems.

One Great Formula for Moving in the Direction of Your Calling: Find/Discover What you Love Doing, and What the World Needs, and Combine The Two of Them

The best type of occupation or vocation is the one in which your highest level of happiness moves together or hand in hand with your ability to give the world the best you are capable of offering. We cannot control when, where, or how to receive life’s calling, but we can control ourselves in those moments.

The young boy Samuel who had a passion for the things of GOD and priesthood from an early age didn’t know from the onset that GOD was the One calling him; his master Eli had to help him understand that it was GOD. Based on the story, it can be concluded that although young boy Samuel was hearing from GOD, he thought he was hearing from a man; in fact, the young boy Samuel needed help to understand that his calling was from GOD. Often, life speaks to us in mysterious and extraordinary ways, but we can make a decision to find out our calling by discovering and balancing our passion with knowing and offering the best that we can possibly offer the world. 

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10 thoughts on “Do What You Love Doing & Give the World What it Needs—Your Life’s Calling

  1. This post relates to my recent thoughts a lot. I think I am finding my calling recently and this was after trials and errors too, although I always walked around my calling (but never got into it fully).

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    1. thanks for sharing your experience. I’m inspired to read about how your firmly gaining ground on your life’s calling, especially after trials and errors… it can be hard, and even difficult, but with zeal and persistence, you will take hold of it

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  2. Indeed a refreshing read, need of the hour and a great formula :
    Love Doing + World Needs = Life’s Calling
    And its success is Life’s Fulfillment.

    Thank You 🙏

    It is the gap, that one has to figure out how-to-do. The realization makes the light brighter ; the destination is visible but the path is still waiting to be found. Even when Hope is overlooked, Common Sense is baffled, and Self-Doubt is extreme, the journey continues with its full vigour because the Light drives the journey like a spell cast by Life’s Calling. Such huge is the motivation !

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    1. Thank you so much,especially for your remark and summary: Love Doing + World Needs = Life’s Calling; this is straight to the point and can be easily memorized….I completely agree with you: each person has homework to do in order to fill in the gaps for “Love Doing” and “World Needs”, and find that path of Life’s Calling…


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