Your Calling Won’t Always Lead You to the Most Comfortable Lifestyle

Depending on your calling, you could be in a situation where you have the opportunity to make only one decision: although this decision could be in complete agreement and harmony with your conscience and create a crucial turning point in your life or lifestyle, it may lead you into the most uncomfortable situation.

Generally speaking, sometimes a calling won’t lead you to the most comfortable situation, life, or lifestyle. It is quite unfortunate that at certain points in life, we have to pivot through discomfort and difficulties before we achieve personal success.

But here is the truth: your calling will always lead you to a life or lifestyle that you are in harmony with—especially a life that you can be proud of

Although, how we achieve the goals of our individual calling would depend mainly on us, the path we take to achieve our goals might not always depend completely on us. Sometimes the path or road can be very challenging, costly, uncomfortable, and even deadly; but what usually lies at the end of the path is a prize that money can’t buy—what usually lies at the end of the road is a legacy that the world won’t forget.

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Ask and you would find out that the best thing to ever happen to some people was an uncomfortable situation: receiving a sack letter, or getting sacked by friends; being ordered to take long and arduous routes instead of short routes; getting dumped by people whom they completely depended on; losing almost everything they ever had; being given responsibilities that were too much to bear; etc.

In many cases, uncomfortable situations and challenges have forced successful people to look deep within themselves, develop, become better people, and receive prizes that are priceless. Although deadly paths may force you to take journeys that will be filled with unexpected twists and turns, they will ultimately lead you to realize your life’s calling. At times the journeys may be difficult, and even painful, but the pain will be worth the reward at the end of the journeys.

In the long run or short run, pain is gain: there are hidden inspiring messages in failure and the challenging situations that occur while you’re following your calling

How many times have you lost something, only to find out a little bit later, or much later, that what had you lost made you gain much more than you could ever imagine? How many times have you been betrayed or neglected, but found at the end of the day that the experiences made you better and stronger? How many times were you sacked by friends and close confidants, only to find out that, in the long or short run, it was necessary for you to be sacked in order for you to become greater and rich, or even richer?


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