The Importance of Modelling Around Successful Life Activities Related to Your Interests

Sir Isaac Newton famously said: “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants”. By implication—not only based on Sir Isaac Newton’s statement—although anyone can achieve a lot by using their invaluable GOD-given talent, the road to accomplishments is smoother if one is modelling around or about the successful life activities that are related to their profession, calling, business, or area of specialization.

Modelling is the process of discovering and applying what people have done or used to produce results—especially exceptional results! Modelling about life activities is eye-opening and can save a ton of time and effort in many areas of life. Would you like to be great at acting, playing football, treating patients, or any other thing?

Whatever it is that you want to be great at, even if you have the talent, you can make it much easier to achieve if you model about the life activities of people who have been there before and achieved success.

Yes, you could actually use your talent without modelling about the life activities of achievers, but there always comes a time when you would be faced with new and unexpected challenges, or need to hit new heights; this is when you might need quick and direct insight instead of laboring for ages to get past certain barriers or difficulties: this is when you need to slow down and start modelling about the successful life activities of people who were able to break through many hurdles in the past and achieve success.

Models that have been discovered and implemented have helped people make breakthroughs in science, arts, sports, and many professions or fields of study.

The movers and shakers of this world are good at modelling about the successful life activities relevant to their interests

Even very talented individuals have mastered the art of modelling about related life activities and learning everything possible by following peoples’ experiences instead of grinding their brains and energy out, especially when faced with difficult challenges that might require hard work and ages to overcome.

Building from past successes of achievers is one of the key aspects of most learning endeavors. To successfully model about related and successful life activities, you have to be good at investigating, questioning, and detecting, and be able to track down all the hints and tips that produce successful results.

Use your creative thinking while modelling about related and successful life activities

If you’re modelling about successful life activities or foundational models for success, it doesn’t mean you should discard your talent or creative ability—far from it; in fact, you should use your creative ability or thinking much more after achieving success by using foundational models.

You can get the most out of your creative ability or creativity after modelling about related life activities which serve as proven foundational models for success. After achieving success with your initial models, you can then start applying, innovating, or tweaking your creativity until you accomplish other things initial models might not have been able to accomplish.

When modelling about related life activities, don’t try to use talent or creativity as a short-cut

If you make an attempt to employ creative thinking or creativity on most models before implementing them (the models), you might render the models completely ineffective; scientific research and many activities have proven this.

Generally, if you try to use creativity as a shortcut or way to cover up for your lack of thoroughly understanding and implementing a model, you might not have a great chance to achieve the highest possible results and greater accomplishments which could even lie outside the borders of what the model has been able to achieve.


Throughout history, it has been exhausting to always use raw talent to reinvent the wheel, especially when it comes to making breakthroughs or innovations. Most times, using raw talent without modelling about related and successful life activities leads to wear out and even complete breakdowns and burnouts. On the other hand, discovering and implementing successful models has been very effective and empowering; in fact, it makes activities easier to engage in, and challenges easier to surmount.

Whenever very difficult situations are encountered, it may be better to search for and apply models that have worked, and use their successes as a launching pad. After thoroughly understanding and implementing any model, you can innovate around it and try to improve on its effectiveness or results. Generally, implement a model before you innovate, or tweak your creativity!

If you start any endeavor by applying a model, you may be surprised to find out that you can push the ceilings higher and eventually break many unforeseen or unexpected barriers. Even if a model has limitations, you can use your creativity to get a breakthrough and eventually hit new heights of success.

Each life improvement usually has its own limitations, and, sooner or later, would require a breakthrough to ensure there is progress beyond the limitations. With the right amount of creativity or innovation, anyone who implements a model will be able to achieve another breakthrough and accomplishment and move forward. That’s how the cycle has always been, especially in the academic world.

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