Endless Possibilities: Anything, Something, or Nothing is Possible; What do You Believe in?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is that there are endless or infinite possibilities. If you really believe that something is possible and focus on being positive, and act in any constructive means necessary in order to turn the possibility into reality, then you can materialize it or make it become reality.

I’ve also learned from my Christian Bible and the actions of great people that, if you don’t believe that something is possible, you will blindfold yourself to the directions and ways in which it could possibly be materialized. Anybody who has disbelief is imposing blindness on themself.

Do you think it’s possible to materialize endless or infinite possibilities? Do you really think it is possible to become truly great like the great men and women who came to this world, turned it around, and moved on to the other side of existence? Your answer would boil down to the nature of your belief or disbelief.

If your desire is to turn endless or infinite possibilities into reality, then you have reached a defining moment in your life: learn to think from outside the box, believe that one person’s impossibility is another person’s possibility, and always look for ways to win your personal debates against negativity.

It’s obvious that there are three types of possibility people stick to or believe in: (i) “anything is possible”, (ii) “something is possible”, and (iii) “nothing is possible”. It is quite unfortunate that a number of people believe that “nothing is possible” because they don’t view life in terms of possibilities; therefore, they don’t take action and as a result, nothing happens—just like they had believed.

Many or most people believe that “something is possible” because they view life in terms of possibilities and believe in thinking positively and acting with a purpose. While it might not be enough to just believe, not having any belief could be enough to completely sabotage one’s physical and mental efforts before they even attempt to do anything or make any effort.

If you think something will happen, it probably will, even if you don’t take necessary or important action(s). However, you might only end up with something happening, and it would stop there because necessary action was lacking; as a result, “something” is all you might get, and nothing more!

Very few people make big things happen because they believe that anything is possible if they want it to such an extent that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get it. The “anything-is-possible” minded person believes in endless and infinite possibilities and that “when there is a will, there will always be a way to materialize every possibility”.

The “anything-is-possible” minded person believes that if they want something badly enough, and if they have a big enough reason why it is necessary to achieve it, then they will be able to figure out a way to achieve it. It is not without reason that this statement is widely accepted: “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Anything is possible if you concentrate your mind on it and take necessary and important action to realize it, even when challenges and barriers face you from out of nowhere. When you encounter challenges or barriers, do you first think of how you can still succeed, or how you would fail—maybe once again? This is where the test lies!

To reach the highest level you possibly can, you will most likely always be faced with challenges and have to answer the question “If you want to achieve a possibility or great goal, what must you do”? Believe that with your efforts and actions, even if they are by trial and error, you can be able to realize your goals.

If you think that anything is possible and combine this mentality with appropriate action, you will strengthen your inner energies to push yourself into the realm of endless or infinite possibilities which will require you to take action.

If you take action, even as a newcomer or novice, you will most likely make some errors or mistakes and not achieve the type of progress you had initially hoped for. Always remember that setbacks could occur along the way, but the good news is that setbacks are not total failure and shouldn’t be allowed to discourage or stop you, unless you allow them.

Many people who made endless or infinite possibilities become reality, reached their potential simply because they never viewed any of their failed attempts as failure and allowed it to halt their progress and motivation to keep trying! Anyone who doesn’t stop trying hasn’t actually failed, and should never consider themself a failure at any point in time.


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