To be Called is not Enough; Become Your Calling!

You and I face a choice every day: to either pursue and become our respective authentic selves, or pursue and become other people’s selves which are a shadow of our individual calling or “the real thing”.

Generally, we either do exactly what parents or society expects us to do, or listen and follow our inner voice of intuition which is deep within us and can direct us to do the most significant thing(s) we can possibly do.

Whatever you do in life, whether it requires you to run for thousands of meters, pick up your hammer and scalpel, sit down in front of your laptop, or climb mountains, etc., insofar as you intend to follow your heart and do meaningful work in the world, then you are becoming your life calling, your calling, or what you are meant to be!

Each person has a purpose and potential, and actually everything they need to become their life calling or their destined complete self. If you have found a reason to fulfill your life calling and be happy or contented with it, then you’ve likely found your purpose and potential which was always within you. 

It’s already in each of us to become our respective life calling and accept our role in a story that is almost always bigger than our respective selves.

What kind of medical doctor, footballer, scientist, writer, or person do you want to become? What would you like to become or achieve in life? Fortunately or unfortunately, instead of only being inspired by other people, many of us want to go the extra mile, actually become exactly like another person or other people, and have what they had—talent, money, fame, etc.

Although freedom is a great thing, having unrestricted freedom could be paralyzing

The good news is that since the beginning of your life—even before you were born in this world—the path to your life’s calling and work was already laid out for you; it was always there with GOD from the very beginning, and it is quite different from the life calling of your siblings, parents, friends, and all the famous people you admire.

However, with the degree of unrestricted freedom each person has in regard to making choices, most times it is easier to be led astray or off the true path to our respective calling, especially when boundaries or borders are not in place to help us focus on what we’re supposed to become.

Even though we are called, we have to take action to find our respective or individual calling; when you are finding your calling, you’re not just seeking to engage in an activity, but you are also seeking an understanding and identity that matches your life’s calling of who you are meant to be, not only physically, but mostly spiritually.

Becoming your life calling could require a lot of time, years, and experiences in many places

Becoming your life’s calling could even require you to wear other people’s shoes, and be unsettled, seriously challenged, shaken, and dissolved. Most of us spend too much time trying to be someone else before we eventually wake up and clearly see our own life calling. It’s unfortunate that most people waste time recreating a life they admire, instead of looking for the one they were born for.

Because most of us are afraid of finding our individual calling and being our true selves, we vainly expend effort and energy on pursuits that are destined to end up being a failure.

Few people deviate from the normal or expected pattern and become who they were meant to be. Actually, “many are called, but few are chosen” because many chose the expected pattern while few chose the unexpected or rare pattern that required them to do what had to be done in order for them to become their life calling.

Why few people “decide to make it happen” and become their life calling

But what is really at stake that makes few people become their life calling? Why do few people achieve the objective of becoming their life calling? As it is with many journeys into the future or unknown, there are dangers, risks, many barriers, and the likelihood of failure.

In order to receive the highest prize which is “becoming their life calling”, instead of going as far as taking risks and being rejected by society and friends, many who are called but end up not being chosen, prefer to play it safe and be accepted by society and friends.

Most people prefer to live a life of relative obscurity and safety and focus on the things that would garner them praise, instead of taking risks and daring to do something great like the few who end up being chosen by the hands of destiny.

The journey of every true hero always included some sacred and risky task and path that helped them find their life calling and eventually gain a deeper understanding of who they were born to be.


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