The Easiest Way to Miss Your Life Calling is to Ignore It

Many people ignore their life calling and sadly die with their song still vibrating within themselves: they missed their life calling in the first place because they simply ignored it—the easiest way to miss your life calling is to ignore it directly or indirectly.

If you aren’t careful, some thoughts would make you ignore your life calling: you might feel you are too old or silly to chase your life calling or dream, especially when it seems out of reach; or you might even feel it is too risky to go after your life calling. We should do all we can to stop entertaining and even going as far as accepting such thoughts.

On a more serious note, we should stop the habit of putting off stuff for “some other day” which usually never comes. Any stuff that is worth starting should start at the moment—today—not tomorrow or later.

It is quite common for us to be complacent and provide excuses for our lack of action or inability to act; we often ask or think: “why should I take such a risk when my siblings, family, and friends aren’t?”, “why should I take that path when it would make me look weird or completely different and even alienate me from most of the people who love me?”.

Instead of doing what siblings, parents, and society expect you to do, listen and follow your life calling or inner voice of intuition so that you can be directed to do the most genuine and significant thing(s) you can possibly do.

Depending on how you regard your life calling, you may or may not live up to your potential

Ignoring your life calling could be done in a number of ways, either directly or indirectly. Some people blatantly reject their life calling, while some other people who accept it, end up missing it along the way when they treat it as a single event instead of a lifestyle. 

You could indirectly ignore your life calling and miss the target or mark if you regard it as an isolated event in your life, instead of the whole body of work that permeates through your relationships, your job, and the legacy or essence you would leave behind after your entire life.

Never forget that your life calling or vocation is like a great work of art or literature, instead of just a single masterpiece: a life calling is an entire body of work, not a single piece of work; and you may end up spending a significant or greater part of your life following your life calling.

If you directly ignore your life calling or stop following it after finding out what it is, you could give up at some point in time and completely miss it, even though you might have initially heard or answered the call.

Don’t settle for something good or less when you were called to achieve greatness—create a legacy that can call other people to their respective life calling

Many people who were called for greatness settled for something less at some point in time along the way, maybe because they were satisfied, or they became complacent or discouraged, etc.

If you have lost focus along the way, it’s never too late to summon the remaining energy you have and continue on the path instead of retiring and settling for less when you were destined for more and greatness—don’t settle for something good or less when you were called to achieve greatness!

Achieving success in one event isn’t the only goal; achieving success in many events should be the goal which will stamp your legacy. We are called to call others; in fact, we are given gifts so that we can give them away to other people.

Never allow complacency to step in even when you find yourself at the pinnacle of greatness; whenever you get up there, keep your head down and assume that you are just be getting started!

7 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Miss Your Life Calling is to Ignore It

    1. you’re welcome, and thanks for reading and commenting. actually, the fear of failing has been one of the main barriers that keep people from putting a hold on their life calling… I hope you have been able to overcome it

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