The Value of Waiting: Living Through the times Between the Big Moments

We spend most of our time waiting for our efforts and plans to yield results; we always wait to pay money to cashiers each time we are on checkout lines in grocery stores; we wait to become teenagers and adults; we wait for each weekend to come; we wait for vacation. In fact, we spend most of our days or lives waiting—each person spends most of their life waiting.

Contrary to what some of us think, the big or good moments of life aren’t behind us or ahead of us; maybe they are either somewhere in between, or right in the moment of waiting!

The waiting moments—or what some people call the “ordinary”, “mundane”, or “boring” moments—are what most of us really need because their supposed “lack of adventure” presents an opportunity for us to weigh or re-weigh the essence of life and possibly change our expectations, actions, or outlook on life for the better.

Perhaps, the big moments or abundant life we are individually seeking has little to do with big events and more to do with each small event which usually appears in a subtle form that has great value, depending on its beholder.

Although it is the desire of each human being to live a meaningful life full of experiences anyone can be proud of, many people fail to realize that the best moments are the waiting moments, or the moments that look “ordinary”, “mundane”, or “boring”.

Most of us have spent our whole lives longing for the next big thing and hoping that conditions or things would get better; however, holding out in great expectation for what is to come is not always the smartest strategy, especially when we can learn life’s lessons during waiting times, even though the waiting times might feel static and make everything around it appear to be standing still.

In the seeming stillness of waiting times, we can learn to live in the present or moment and acknowledge the lessons that life is trying to teach us; this can make us greater or wiser if we regard waiting time as an adventure, regardless of what happens—whether things turn out or don’t turn out the way we expect.

Generally, waiting times can help you surrender to what GOD or life might have always wanted to teach you

Life is filled with an endless series of things that, sometimes, don’t get done no matter how much we wait. Since life may consist of broken promises and incomplete projects geared towards achieving a better tomorrow, you would be better off valuing your waiting or ordinary time.

Whether you continuously watch the clock rotate again and again, wait in office lobbies as you are constantly put on hold, or you have a schedule that is full of obligations, value your waiting time instead of lingering in past glories or concentrating all your hope on the best type of future.

Your waiting time, which could occur in normal everyday situations, can enhance your patience and give you time to reflect on the life lessons that really matter. Waiting times might not be comfortable, but they are valuable even when they occur in between the big moments of your life.

Waiting times provide an opportunity to reflect on life experiences and let go of vain pursuits; it could help you to look beyond personal ambition and replace it with something better.


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