Valuable Lessons from the Slow Events & Things of Nature

It would be boring to watch a tree grow; you would likely go crazy or become very uncomfortable if you stand there and impatiently wait for it to make every little and unexpected movement. But if you leave and come back, especially after some days, you’ll be astonished to see something entirely new and beautiful. The truth of the matter is that the tree and many other natural processes always do something: they grow and change—but not always as quickly as many people would like or expect.

Most people are terrible at waiting for things to mature slowly, or not as fast as they wish: we are simply awful at appreciating nature’s slowness or absence of haste or hurry in most of its activities. The reality of the matter is that most of the slow events and things of nature—including many slow worldly activities—create great results and lasting achievements and legacies in the world.

We always want to squeeze the most time out of every moment and find something to do so that we can feel that no single second is being wasted. Technology, especially TV and the Internet, have inclined our brain waves and made us to be consistently impatient.

We are/have become naturally restless and our emotions tend to make us rush into doing almost everything; meanwhile, we find it difficult to take delight in nature’s slowness that is part and parcel of nature’s lasting achievements which require time and patience.

Most people are too fast and would even like to be faster than nature which nourishes us and gives us the essence supplied from GOD. By hurrying and making everything urgent, we skip over and miss some important ingredients that create meaningful moments in life.

Growth and success occur slowly or gradually over time

Most times, we can’t see growth and success coming; they come slowly, over time. At times, the processes involved in growth and success feel more like inconveniences than opportunities; but if you are patient and stay in the slowness of the processes, you will wake up one day and be amazed at how far you’ve come.

When it comes to enduring the slow processes required of us, we generally have two choices: we can be impatient and bypass time in order to get immediate gratification, or we can be patient and embrace the time required (days, months, or even years) for slow but necessary growth which leads to success and lasting results.

Necessary nutrition gets lost when we rush; slow times shape us into who we are meant to become

We lose something whenever we place too many demands on the times in which we have to be more patient and move slowly: something valuable is sacrificed whenever we want to rush from the valley to the mountaintop.

By assuming that things should be done in a hurry, and success should always be achieved immediately, we condition ourselves to strive towards getting things done “now” or “immediately”; as a result, we act in ways that aren’t harmonious with nature. Having the “now” type of mindset can rob us of the lessons that patience and slow things (of nature) can teach us; it can cause us to miss out on the slow but important things of life.

The slow things of nature are great lessons of grace

We now live in a world where, instead of appreciating, and learning lessons from the slow things of nature, we usually reserve our appreciation and joy only for fast things or experiences.

Opportunities for great lessons in slow experiences or events are everywhere in nature, waiting for us to see them; but first, we must open our eyes in order to recognize them and the lasting value they hold.

It will be easier to appreciate lessons from the slow things of nature if we recall the times we were forced to do things slowly and patiently, while the discomfort of doing so caused us to grow and produce great finished products.

The slow things of nature are signs for those who have eyes to see; it reminds us that there is still valuable work that’s yet to be done, not just materially around us, but also spiritually in the inner parts of us. We are always in continuous progress: we are masterpieces always yet to be completed.

We all want to see the final completed growth, but we usually want to avoid the often slow process of growth—the aspect of life that makes growth take place. It’s difficult to watch and experience slow things or events, even though it opens people’s eyes to see each valuable step in each journey a destination.

It’s up to each person to learn from or discard the lessons in the slow things of nature. Each person has a daily opportunity; it’s up to us to take it or leave it. The slow things of nature are meant to show us a deeper truth: life is a gradual process, and the everyday rush is not always what we need; it’s not always what would get us lasting results. Learn to relish in the reality of the slow things of nature, embrace the opportunity they hold, and grasp the depths of abundance they can show you.


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