Your Writing is a Gift; the Time that People Give to Read it is a Blessing

I’ve learned one great lesson about audiences, subscribers, or followers of sites or blogs: most of them tend to believe in the writing abilities of writers or publishers of articles or blog posts: they believe we are good writers even though most of us might be wrestling with disbelief in our own writing abilities.

It has taken some of us a lot of time, probably several years of writing, blogging, failing, and growing, before we finally developed great faith in our writing abilities and believed that we are good writers.

We have an opportunity: a platform on which we can write words that matter to other people: a platform on which we can provide information in a language and change people’s mindset or mentality, and lives.

We write as much as we can, and we are privileged to have a platform where people come to read our writing through various search engines and from different parts of the world.

Our writing is a gift; the fact that people give up their valuable time to read our writing, is a blessing we can’t repay

Like other professionals who usually indulge in what they love doing, writers should spend their time doing what they love: writing. Writers need to write, maybe often or regularly. Writing regularly is the key to creating your best writing works.

Many writers have been writing, and building sites or blogs that give them an opportunity to deliver their message and be heard; they concentrate on their passion, and people, subscribers, or followers pay attention. This attention is a blessing that can’t be repaid!

Every day, writers add themselves to the online world—the internet

Every day, from different countries, writers add themselves to the internet and begin to establish themselves; those who are able to excel, stamp their authority and draw the attention of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people, subscribers, or followers. This attention is certainly a blessing that can’t be repaid!

Writers come online with a destiny: to make a difference by sharing their words and messages which could be powerful enough to inspire strangers and create drastic changes in the world around us—but only if writers share their words and messages.

Writing is a choice which belongs to each individual writer: we can choose to write or not to write every single day. Therefore, it is entirely up to us to write and make an impact by leaving the world with words or messages to read.

Some writers fail to live up to their calling; as a result, the world will forever miss their words because they are just not writing

The world is full of many people who desire to become writers and make a difference in the world by sharing their words; however, the only problem they have is that they are just not writing!

In order to become the writer you admire, start writing and continue writing as much as you possibly can, always remembering deep within your heart that the world needs to hear your message.

Until you believe in yourself and acknowledge that the world needs to hear your message, you might not write; as a result, you could deprive the world of a gift that has the potential to change it for the better and make your writing leave a legacy that can stand the test of time.


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