Blog for Passion, Not for Accolades—The Secret to Longevity in Blogging

Eventually, it will happen: after a period of doing something you love, you’ll lose interest and even forget why you started doing it in the first place. Whether it’s a calling, a career, or a relationship, you’ll start to lose passion and feel trapped.

Generally speaking, when you are doing anything for passion, at some point, you will likely experience a loss of interest; surprisingly, almost every person does: musicians experience this; sportspeople experience this; entrepreneurs experience this; bloggers and writers do too.

It happens to the most gifted people: along the journey of their calling, they lose steam and start to harbor thoughts of breaking up with their passions. Even if they achieve success, they eventually get to a point where their success no longer matters much.

Why? Because the reason they followed their passions in the first place, was no longer able to continue motivating them. Along the way, many bloggers dreamed of quitting, and actually stopped blogging, checked out, and moved on.

Although you might have started blogging for passion and not accolades, you might have lost motivation along the way because you didn’t get enough accolades or even traffic; regardless of what happened or will happen, if you don’t give in and quit, you can be able to develop enough strength to continue blogging for passion—not for accolades—and end up getting more than you ever dreamed of.

Blogging for passion will determine the course of your blogging or online publishing work and longevity which will help to establish your online legacy—the end product of your passion!

Blogging for passion is what differentiates someone who creates something meaningful and memorable, from someone who just gives up because they weren’t able to get enough or any accolades.

If you continue blogging for passion, you will always find out that there are better blog posts you are yet to create

If you stop blogging for accolades which can lose steam, and continue blogging for passion which can keep or maintain steam, you’ll surprisingly find out that there are better blog posts you are yet to create.

Many bloggers lose motivation because they are blogging for accolades: after they blog or write something, and an audience shows up, they are full of steam, and everything changes because they see followers, customers, or people to impress.

But in the absence of accolades or people to impress, things start to get very tricky. Many bloggers or writers experience this: at a certain point in their blogging journey, they find themselves tending to blog for accolades or the approval of others, instead of blogging for passion or the love they have for blogging.

If you are dissatisfied with your passion, or you can longer depend on it to sustain your blogging journey, then any incoming accolades or royalty checks will disappoint you because you will notice the obvious truth: accolades and royalty checks won’t be able to keep your drive for blogging as much as passion can!

If you continue blogging for passion and not for accolades by trying to please people, you will continuously come across the largest audience possible

If you can be able to maintain or fall back to blogging for passion, it will make all the difference for you! Although it may take courage to maintain or fall back to blogging for passion, it would be worth it if you succeed at doing either task.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine that, as at the time of writing, I would have a site/blog with over 3,989 subscribers/followers and published 236 blog posts that would attract over 381,400 views—but the passion still sustains and drives me.

When you are blogging for affection and not for accolades in order to get readers’, subscribers’, or followers’ affections, then your blogging will affect and attract more people.


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