They Didn’t Allow Their Past Determine Their Future—Neither Should You

Your purpose or calling in life is associated with your natural gift(s) or what you are passionate about. Regardless of the challenges or lack of success you might have had or still have, stay grounded and continue to believe that your inner unlimited potentials will eventually outshine all challenges.

If you can keep on having faith, it will only be a matter of time before your faith will create an urge in your spirit and move you in a certain direction that will guarantee success in the future.

We were not created without a grand purpose. Destiny has a dream for each person to succeed at a certain time in the future; destiny has a throne for each person to occupy, but we have to be careful about what we listen to, whom we listen to, and whom we share our dreams and aspirations with.

There will always be people and doubters out there to discourage and convince you to lose heart or become indifferent to your dreams, aspirations, and your hopes to succeed in the future.

Some shallow-minded people just don’t like the fact that other people have big aspirations; in fact, what other people want to achieve is not something that shallow-minded people would like to hear, entertain, or discuss!

Even if negative thoughts and doubters give reasons why you should forget about your dreams as a result of the negative circumstances that seem to be obstructing you from materializing them, don’t allow panic and doubt to upstage your faith and take hold of the dreams in your heart.

Destiny still has success in store for you. As long as you continue believing in a positive future, and don’t pull a plug on your dream(s), no level of adversity or challenge will be able to halt your dream(s) from bearing fruit and materializing in the future.

Despite their past experiences, these individuals became successful in their future

  • The biblical Joseph’s brothers hated him because he had dreams of becoming a great leader. They said to themselves: ‘’Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits…then we will see what becomes of his dreams”. He was thrown in a pit to die but was later sold as a slave and taken to Egypt where he eventually became a great leader and saw his dreams come to pass.
  • A young Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was “too stupid to learn anything”. When he started working, he was fired from his first two jobs because he was regarded as a “non-productive” individual. Eventually, he became arguably the greatest inventor to have come to this world.
  • Abraham Lincoln failed as a businessman and also failed in politics after going to the polls on numerous occasions; however, he eventually became President of the USA and is regarded as one of the greatest presidents to have occupied office.
  • Albert Einstein—who wasn’t able to speak until he was four years, and wasn’t able to read until he was seven—was considered as “sub-normal” by his parents; one of his teachers described him as “mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in foolish dreams”. Later in life, he was able to speak and read; eventually, he became arguably the greatest scientist ever.
  • During the 1920s and 1930s, Robert Goddard, who has been regarded as the founder of modern design & operation, was severely criticized by people who believed that rockets would never travel in space; in fact, they disdainfully called his pursuit “Goddard’s Folly”. Eventually, rockets started traveling in space, and have been doing so time after time, again and again.
  • From the result of medical prognosis, English writer and composer Anthony Burgess was informed that in a year’s time, he would die from brain tumor; good enough, the information wasn’t able to deter him from writing and believing in having a fulfilled future. Faced with death, he was writing energetically like someone who wouldn’t die in a year’s time. Before a year was over, he ended up writing five and a half novels. Eventually, the amount of work produced by Anthony Burgess during a comparably shorter period became nearly equal to the lifetime work of E. M. Forster, and almost twice the amount of work produced by J. D. Salinger.

Instead of believing that you can’t, always believe that you can!

Although you don’t have the mind of Joseph, Edison, Lincoln, Einstein, Goddard, or Burgess, you have the faith and ability to achieve incredible success in the future. Success is the result of always having belief and taking action; each person will always have an opportunity to do what it would take to succeed in the future.

Whenever your mindset tries to flip the switch in your head and convince you that you can’t or won’t be able to achieve success, always tell yourself that it will only be a matter of time before you achieve success, especially if you are aware of the actions you need to take to achieve success in the future.

It might not always be easy, but if you consistently practice positivity, you will become accustomed to having at least an appreciably high or higher positive mindset, if not the highest one. Always remember that practice makes perfect—the same applies when building positivity to such an extent that negativity won’t be able to weigh you down and drag you away from success in the future.

You become who or what you associate yourself with

Although you shouldn’t abandon all your friends, it’s advisable to spend time mostly or only with people who can make you a better person in the most important areas of your life. Generally speaking, be mindful of the people you associate and spend most of your time with, and how they influence your worldview.

In addition, be careful about the type of materials you expose your mind to. Read books, watch videos, or listen to programs that can make you a more positive person and give your mind an edge or added advantage over the negativity that usually influences and takes over most people’s minds.

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