You’re a Blogger—Just Blog!

You are a blogger—just blog; he is a writer—he just writes; she is a musician—she just sings; they are presidents—they just preside over the affairs of their countries and organizations.

You are a tourist and blogger—just tour and blog; he is a basketballer and student—he just plays basketball and studies; she is a doctor and philanthropist—she just treats people and donates to charities; they are preachers and prophets—they just prophesy and preach.

Even if you are passionate about doing more than two things, like a number of people in the world are, then just go ahead and do them. Whatever your destiny is and you have passion for, just go for it, and with time you will become great at doing it because you will actually become it.

Blog for Passion, Not for Accolades—The Secret to Longevity in Blogging

Even after I started blogging, time after time, again and again, my passion for blogging had to always remind me that I am a blogger; so I just have to continue blogging. But, how much, or how often?

Well, I don’t have to ever give up: I have to be consistent over the course of my life, even if I can’t blog every day, week, or month. The word “consistent” would have more than one interpretation when a long period or lifetime of blogging is to be considered.

The main thing I have to always remember is that I just have to continue blogging. If you are passionate about blogging, just blog: if you are passionate about writing and blogging, just write and blog.

I am a blogger: I just have to blog!

I’m sure that all great bloggers had and still have these words constantly reverberating in their minds. Distractions, challenges, fame, money, and accolades weren’t able to deter them from doing the real work of writing and blogging.

Coupled with my passion for blogging is the inspiration I get from the blogs of great bloggers; both the passion and inspiration constantly remind me to “just blog”. So, I just blog, and each time I blog, I see each action gradually taking me higher and higher up the ladder.

Just blog instead of thinking or talking about it

Even though I’ve had breaks during my blogging career, I did my best to get accustomed to “just blogging” whenever I resumed from breaks: I write and blog which are the two hardest challenges most bloggers face around the world, especially if they don’t have sufficient passion.

Although most bloggers are euphoric about blogging, they don’t blog whenever they have a chance to just blog; and so they eventually give up, and their blogs dried out!

Maybe you’ve experienced this, or maybe you will soon experience it if you don’t just blog, especially when you have time and no distractions or serious challenges to stop you.

Ignite the blogging passion again: kill the excuses and continue writing!

It’s time to become a real blogger again by killing the excuses and start writing. Real blogging starts with the hands, not with the head. Take action, move your hands and get to work!

Writing and blogging is predominantly a mind game: you have to use your passion to trick or persuade yourself to act—write and blog—and become a writer or blogger.

If you can succeed in tricking and persuading yourself over a sufficient period of time, you will begin to believe that you can be consistent at writing and just blogging, even when there are challenges, or there isn’t enough time.

Initially, nobody was a writer and blogger: we all started somewhere from ground zero before we gradually became writers and bloggers.

To continue being a blogger, you just have to continue blogging. It might be difficult to do so, but it’s also as simple as that, especially if you are passionate about blogging.


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