How to Focus on Writing in this Age of Excess Distractions & Noise

How can you focus on writing or the writing process, especially in an age that is characterized by more distractions and noise than any other period in recorded history?

Surely, you may allow some distractions and noise, but anything in excess could cause delays, prevent you from focussing on the writing process, and even kill your dreams or career.

Therefore, it’s advisable to cut out excess distractions and noise so that you can be in a good position to focus on writing and creating the best content for your book or blog.

The impact of interruptions from social media

In today’s world, it’s quite difficult to focus on writing because distractions and noise abound and there are uncountable advertising messages that inundate us when we are both online and offline every day.

As a result of the distractions, noise, and messages, most people are usually agitated and their lives are full of interruptions that make them less focused on fulfilling their dreams.

Some sources state that the average person’s attention span is less than nineteen seconds, while others state that it’s not more than 3 minutes; regardless of its duration, the average person’s attention span is likely affected by distractions.

If too much attention has been paid to social media, there would always be a temptation and tendency to listen to music, watch YouTube, check emails, and open and switch between many browser tabs on a regular basis.

Every day, many talented and ambitious people struggle physically and mentally with these distractions which work on them subconsciously; unfortunately, many people aren’t able to consciously control the distractions.

How to Focus on Writing: 2 things you need to do

1. When it’s time to write, focus on writing to the exclusion of everything else

You cannot be everywhere at the same time. It will be difficult to move at a pace that can attract good results if you’re creating new content and reacting to social media at the same time—you can’t do both; therefore, choose wisely.

If you choose wrongly, you would be procrastinating the real work you need to do, which is focussing on what really matters: what really matters is the writing process that can make it possible for you to fulfill your dreams.

2. Consistently cut out excess distractions & noise

Apart from yourself, nobody else can stop you from paying attention to social media distractions and noise, especially when you’re fully aware that you need to create time on a regular basis to write and move in the direction of your dreams and aspirations.

With regard to fulfilling any dream, you need to sacrifice something by paying a price; this price would be paid by cutting out excess distractions and noise so that you can have enough quality time and be able to focus on writing.

You’re fully aware of your limitations as a result of obvious social media distractions and noise. Therefore, it’s up to you to face them squarely, do a little soul-searching, and get to work by focussing on writing; if you don’t, then all you’ll be doing is waiting.


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