The Lesson People Usually Don’t Want to Learn: We Learn from Failure

Whenever you fail along the path to your dreams, it’s not all over; instead of giving up, continue from where you failed, or start all over again! If you don’t, then all you’ll be doing is waiting—and you might wait forever and never get anywhere close to fulfilling your dreams.

There is a trend among people, especially the young ones of this generation who think that every desire has to materialize as fast as they wish: they don’t want to come to the realization that it’s the destiny of human beings to learn from failure, collectively and individually.

Yes, we can actually learn from failure, and there’s no limit to the valuable lessons we can learn from failure of any kind. Failure is dangerous territory, especially when it knocks down and hijacks people’s creativity, productivity, or destiny.

Each time you fail, ask yourself: what lesson can I learn from my failure?

As you move through life in the hunt for success, you will eventually find it if you learn from failure each time you fall. In some areas of life, you’ll have to pull yourself together and move through fear; this is one major lesson almost everybody hates to learn.

Never ever forget that the fear of failure is almost always scarier than the success or dream you are chasing. Yes, there may likely be rejection and pain, but the greatest failure will occur when you give up after failing. Therefore, it’s best to look for positives whenever you fail.

What you can learn from failure is that whenever you fail, you don’t really fail; you learn

Whenever you fail, you can draw one or more lessons from it and find new ways to move towards your goal, and tackle future challenges which will likely come your way.

Thomas Edison succeeded in making a great invention after conducting the 1000th experiment; he experienced failure in the preceding 999 experiments.

You can only succeed in the same vein if you learn lessons from your failures—without concentrating on your failures—and use the lessons to your advantage in the future.

If you fall in love with learning lessons from your failures, you will eventually find out that the lessons from your failures will help you achieve the success you are looking for. Failures and the lessons from failures won’t be able to do otherwise!

The value that’s inherent in the lessons from failure propels people to success; if you treat the lessons like adorable friends, you will be able to build a lasting foundation for the future, even after achieving success.


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