The Truth about Your Talent—What People May Never Tell You

Many successful people actually put in many hours of hard work before they achieved their dreams; regardless of whether they were sportspeople, scientists, writers, or whatever, they didn’t succeed and make a name for themselves overnight; they consistently put in many hours of hard work.

Successful people have one talent or another—or many talents—and their success makes their achievements look easy. Like every other person, you also have at least one talent or another; and although your talent matters, what matters the most is what you do with your talent—the impact you make with it over a considerable, long, or longer period of time!

The truth about your talent is that your talent alone cannot make a successful career for you; you must apply your talent consistently, over and over; in fact, talent is only a starting point for success; you’ve got to keep working your talent.

The truth about talent is that talent alone is not enough to succeed

Of course, talent is important; but talent alone doesn’t make a blogger, writer, footballer, basketballer, or any type of career. Talent must be applied together with consistent work—maybe even hard work—and possible payment of dues in one form or another!

If you’re going to succeed with your talent, then you have to learn how to work, or work hard or harder, and have a thick skin. To be more than talented enough, you may have to learn how to get dirty and exhibit many characteristics, and be many things.

Applying your talent by working hard usually requires considerable or much effort; your school teacher might have never told you/may never tell you this in college. Most people wouldn’t want to tell you some truths about talent because if you know how difficult it could be to apply it at times, you might never start a career in the first place. You’d actually quit before starting!

Some important truths about talent

1. Your talent matters; you better appreciate it and embrace or love it wholeheartedly.

2. It’s not enough to be talented. You have to be good or great at applying your talent, probably for a considerable, long, or longer period of time.

3. Applying talent could be harder than you think, especially over considerable, long, or even longer periods of time.

4. You don’t have to ever give up on your talent. Always persevere with it, no matter the challenges or obstacles you may face when applying it over a considerable, long, or even longer period of time.

5. Most people don’t care about your talent; they only care about themselves and how well you can apply your talent to help people. In fact, most people won’t care about your talent until you’ve actually used it to help other people.

6. Your talent might not have an opportunity to achieve success and make you popular until it is given a platform or receives help from other people. In fact, each person’s success story is actually the success story of joint effort from various people.

7. Applying your talent isn’t as important as applying your talent in the right way, especially to the right type of people whom it can impact the most.


Now that you’ve known some important truths about your talent, consider this article as a wake-up call to be mindful about how you use your talent; be smart when applying it. Don’t wait to be pushed or given permission to use your talent; consistently apply it, and be creative with it.


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