Your Life is Worth More than the Money & Things You Own

Although money and material possessions are important, each person’s life is worth much more than money. If we don’t use money in ways that would serve GOD’s purposes and our lives, then it can corrupt and debase us. Therefore, we need to have the right motives when it comes to accumulating money, riches, or wealth.

If our trust is only in the money and material things we possess—like cars, houses, swimming pools, industries, inventions, etc.—then the level of our spirituality and trust in GOD is likely pathetic or in vain, and shows that we tend to believe that life depends mainly on money.

Our physical bodies are limited to this world and are subject to time which is a child of eternity. Unlike our physical bodies and earthly possessions, our spirits or spiritual bodies belong to eternity and are thus eternal like our Creator; for this reason, on the eternal scale our lives have much more value than money and material possessions.

Although it’s obvious that we can justify why we need money and many of the things we clamour for in life, our lives are worth more than money. The truth is that your life is worth more than the things you own; money and material possessions are just items that make life easier.

If we assess or evaluate the worth or value of our lives by the things we own, then we have no more hope than people who don’t believe in GOD, eternity, or the continuation of life after death (exit from this world).

No matter how wealthy we are, we should learn to value our lives without wealth

If we can for once search our souls and imagine ourselves without cars, without storey buildings, and without the most fascinating things in the world, would we feel miserable? If we would, then it’s obvious that we have failed the test of GOD and His eternity.

If we allow our life’s value to be consumed by the belief that money is more than life, then it’s evident enough that we are endeared by the love of money which has been the root of many kinds of evil. If your life’s value and composure depends on outward visible things, then instead of being really free, you are enslaved. This is likely one of the reasons why Jesus Christ told (read Matthew 19: 21 of the Christian Bible) the rich young man to sell all his possessions.

The wealthy young man failed the test of GOD and eternity because he loved his wealth or riches dearly and couldn’t imagine that his life would have value without money; he couldn’t imagine life without his wealth or riches which were “great”. It is not surprising why Jesus Christ later told his disciples that “it will be difficult for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of GOD”.

You can’t really pass the test of GOD and eternity until your happiness doesn’t depend on money and material things

Overwhelming dependence on and pursuit of money and material things are very detrimental to our journey towards the Kingdom of GOD and eternity. If our happiness is hinged on how much money we have, or the material things we possess, then we are enslaved by the love of earthly things.

Your being or spirit passes the test of GOD and gets real beauty and freedom when it is detached from complete dependence on money and material things. It has to be noted that it’s not everyone who is wealthy or rich that is enslaved by money; at times, enslavement by money happens the other way round: some poor people who worry about money, are enslaved by it, and could be addicted to it.

We are destined to be masters of money, not servants of money

From Jesus Christ’s interaction with the rich young man, it can be inferred that the main problem that rich people have is that they love, depend on, or trust in their riches more than they trust in GOD; so they feel that life completely depends on money which is just a piece of paper or metal.

Money is just an instrument that we have to use to meet our material needs and accomplish GOD’s purposes on Earth; therefore, GOD designed us to be masters of money. But if we allow ourselves to be slaves of money—or allow money to be our master—then certain fruits will likely grow in our lives: greed, envy, pride, dishonesty, selfishness, etc.

Our spirit and being mustn’t rely on money. I personally believe this is what the founding fathers of America had in mind when they unanimously agreed to put the words “In GOD we trust” on the US dollar: they believed that instead of putting trust in the currency or piece of paper called “dollar”, people should put their trust in GOD.

Unfortunately, over decades or hundreds of years, people have been trusting in dollars and currencies more than in GOD; they have been risking their lives because of currencies, killing people because of currencies, blackmailing people because of currencies, and doing all sorts of evil deeds because of currencies.

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be controlled by money and material things to the point that we lose our true freedom that lies in following the laws of the Kingdom of GOD which depend on spiritual values and qualities that we will have to live by in eternity, after our lives on Earth are over.

17 thoughts on “Your Life is Worth More than the Money & Things You Own

  1. Yes it’s absolutely right our life is worth more than money but very often we forget it and we fight for money and our life is controlled by money. But we need to value our life more than money. Well written!☺️☺️😊🌹

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    1. thanks so much 😃💕, very inspiring remark…you made a point that applies to almost everybody: most times it’s difficult to remember that our lives are worth much more than our possessions and the things we hussle for in order to keep life going… may GOD help us maintain the right perspective, especially the type of perspective he wants us to have

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    1. Thanks for such a very big statement; I completely agree with you that anyone who doesn’t have GOD is “very poor” even if the person presumes that he/she is rich: in summary, a life without the creator of all things is a poor life, regardless of the qualities and quantities of things it has or doesn’t have

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  2. Our ‘success’ is usually defined by our profession and, in particular, salary (with employer benefits/perks).
    But the truly greatest and most progressive achievements throughout history had little or nothing to do with wealth or six/seven-figure salaries; rather, they came from a beautiful heart and/or mind (e.g., Jesus and MLK).

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    1. thanks for sharing such a great insight; I totally agree with you: “the truly greatest and most progressive achievements throughout history had little or nothing to do with wealth or six/seven-figure salaries; rather, they came from a beautiful heart and/or mind”.

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  3. We need a car to get to work, take a trip, and run errands. We need tools to fix and repair things, like the car or a door. We need money to purchase things we need, help others when their chips are down, and to save for a rainy day. We need all of these things, but none of them are ends of themselves. If we just looked at things as they are, not more than they are, but that real principles are lasting. Love and faith.

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