Many Opportunities for Success will Always Come into Your Life

Regardless of your circumstance or station in life, opportunities for success will always come during many occasions in your life; and if you are prepared, success will strike a chord between the best version of yourself and the opportunities that life will send your way.

Therefore, never ever give up and consistently working on yourself so you can be at your best. Always work on making yourself better so that there will be a good chance for your opportunities to meet perfectly with your best preparation and give you success.

Whenever our best preparations meet the expectations of our opportunities for success, we will be ready to achieve success. Life and GOD are fair to all people, regardless of their religion, race, sex, tribe, or social status, etc. With our expectations, great preparations, and hard work, we will always get opportunities to utilize, no matter how rough and tough life may be.

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Ecclesiastes 9: 11 of The Christian Bible states: “The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favor to men of skill; But time and chance happen to them all”.

So, always remember that when it comes to sharing opportunities for success, GOD is faithful to His principles of Life: each individual will be given many opportunities for success during their lifetime; as a result, your big break can come at any moment! Therefore, always work on improving yourself or being at your best, and never lose hope.

To use your opportunities for success, you may have to leave or move away from your comfort zone

In many instances, you may have to leave or move away from your comfort zone and get into other terrains where opportunities for success will be waiting for you to exploit them in order to achieve success.

It’s quite unfortunate that people are usually skeptical or afraid of leaving or moving away from their comfort zone to seize an opportunity. Why? Because they don’t know exactly what is waiting for them on the other side.

Later, along the way, they blame Life, GOD, or bad luck when they fail to grasp a great opportunity that only required them to move away from their comfort zone or change their lifestyle in order to achieve success.

For many of us to achieve success, we may not only have to move away from our comfort zone into unfamiliar territory, but we may also have to accept a new way of life or change our attitudes or mentality about certain aspects of life.

If we aren’t careful, our refusal to change could cost us our opportunities for success

One big message that life keeps echoing is this: we have to change something if what we’ve been doing over a considerable or long time hasn’t been working: if we’ve had little or no results to show for our efforts, then it won’t be wise to continue doing what we’ve always been doing and expect great results. 

In order to get new and more positive outcomes, we actually have to try something else or start doing new things. If we can’t change or move away from our comfort zone, then we will likely not be ready to take hold of the opportunities for success that life has in store for us.

Don’t let excess relaxation, apathy, or lack of self-growth cause you to miss opportunities for success

Opportunities for success go hand in hand with destiny. Some individuals have had opportunities to succeed, but because they relaxed too much or decided to stop growing career-wise or in other regards, they ended up losing the opportunities they came across.

Imagine how your destiny would be thwarted if a good opportunity arises and you are invited to another town, but you refuse to go even though your destiny is waiting there for you. The opportunity could be a new business proposition or lead you to a future spouse or anything that is valuable and can change your life for good.

Many successful people wouldn’t have achieved great success if they had refused to change—if they had decided to remain adamant and stay in their comfort zones. New opportunities for success are paths to a whole new world and destiny out there; therefore, we need to be pliable, alert, and serious when we come across new opportunities.

It’s so unfortunate that when opportunities come, many people aren’t prepared; that’s one of the reasons why people end up blaming themselves by saying: “if only I had accepted that suggestion or proposal”, “if only I had agreed to relocate”, “if only I had made contact earlier”, etc.

Don’t let new opportunities for success meet you unprepared! Be prepared before time so that you can seize new opportunities for success when they come your way!


  • GT,

    It’s all about the Lord’s timing for me. I want to retire in a few years but my wife and I need to be on the same page of course. I pray when He says go, we are ready.



    On Mon, Aug 30, 2021 at 4:33 PM Motivation & Environment wrote:

    > Ihagh G. T. posted: ” Regardless of your circumstance or station in life, > opportunities for success will always come during many occasions in your > life; and if you are prepared, success will strike a chord between the best > version of yourself and the opportunities that life ” >

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  • Yes, it is relaxing and easy to do something we are already kind of good at, but trying something new is always challenging and daunting. Learning anything new outside our comfort zone always needs commitment and responsibility yet this is what makes our life worthwhile as we continue to pursue our self-growth. If not, it is a dull life after all.

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    • thanks for such brilliant observations about venturing into new experiences; the fact that self-growth usually involves facing new challenges which require us to be commited and responsible enough, makes life more entertaining for me instead of gradually becoming dull or less interesting


  • I will tell you of story Ihagh someone shared with me mate

    So there was a man would come into local diner order something waiting for a sign from God

    So people would hear he was looking for work they would approach him …Say I hear your looking for work I have opportunity for you

    Man would reply thank you so kindly but I will decline and God will show me a sign

    The moral of story is the man was so blinded by tunnel vision he was not seeing with his eyes open those people that would approach him was the sign from God

    So in the end he never took leap of faith and let opportunities that were knock awaiting his invitation pass him by day after day

    So if your not willing to help yourself what makes you think others will ?



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  • And keep praying…🙏🏻💖

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  • not feeling ready for something can create a window of missed opportunities.. no one is truly ever ready for something you just have to take a leap of faith

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