The Almighty GOD Sees Your Situation; He Knows what You Don’t Know

No matter how many times you have failed despite the numerous attempts you’ve made to succeed, and no matter where you come from or what your discouraging situation is, you still have a chance to succeed because the Almighty GOD and Heavenly Father holds the key to your future.

So, despite your predicaments, if you really have faith or belief in the Almighty GOD, then you still have quite enough to realize your dreams! Apart from you and Him, nobody else can completely alter your destiny or future, and no one else can thwart the purpose he had designed for you before you were born.

It is by the hand of the Almighty GOD that many people—despite their upbringing and unfortunate circumstance—have had wonderful rags-to-riches stories imprinted upon the memory of mankind and world history; yours could just be another one that would be added in the future if you believe that He has the best plans for you.

Small or pathetic beginnings should not discourage us

It’s possible that because you are parentless, lack resources, come from an unfavorable country, etc., you have utter disbelief about how the Almighty GOD would make your dreams come to pass.

But, note that the Almighty GOD knows what you don’t know: His ways are different from yours and ours; for ages, He has been showing mankind that big achievements come from small or pathetic beginnings.

The Almighty GOD is fond of guiding people from little positions to greater or greater ones—even up to the greatest ones! Therefore, always remember that He is in control of every situation and everything at any point in your life, and if we put our little belief in Him today, He will work wonders with it and in our lives tomorrow.

Don’t despise small beginnings or situations

For everything that exists started from being a small entity; it is after this pattern that the power of the Almighty GOD has been expressing itself mightily and beyond human understanding.

It is through the process of growing from small to big or great, that His power shows itself more clearly, especially in pathetic situations. If anyone is actually living a righteous life in the eyes of the Almighty GOD, then failure wouldn’t depend on negative situations or the absence of some things; it would only depend on disbelief or lack of faith in Him.

For this reason, whenever we face problems, we should believe that the Almighty GOD always has solutions to our problems, and He can provide us with everything we need to tackle our problems and reach our destiny.

It is a huge plus to realize that the Almighty GOD knows what we don’t know. It is also a huge plus to realize that our belief in the Almighty GOD, and the right attitude about our small, unfavorable, or pathetic situations will turn our minus into a big plus. But we need to be in control of our emotions by trusting the Almighty GOD!


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