We Progress by Being Dissatisfied with Our Current Level of Progress

Wouldn’t you like to make more progress? If yes, then you have to always be dissatisfied with your current level of progress in life, no matter how high or low it is. To make the utmost use of dissatisfaction over your current level of progress, never be satisfied with your current achievements, and always assume or that your current level of progress can rise higher than it is.

Coupled with satisfaction, procrastination also impedes or halts progress. A popular adage says, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. This adage is great advice against procrastination. Some people don’t progress because they postpone things which they should be doing at the moment. The urge to postpone any important thing will hardly arise if we are highly dissatisfied with our current level of progress.

We prepare a recipe for disaster by putting things off until tomorrow when they can be easily done today. By making a habit of pushing things into the future, we fail, and may even fail many times over! Hence, we need to discipline ourselves and be more demanding of ourselves in order to be dissatisfied enough to get things done on time.

Dissatisfaction can help avoid procrastination

If you are always satisfied with your current achievements in life, then it would be easy to become complacent and a procrastinator. But if you’re always dissatisfied with your current level of progress, then you will develop a drive that can compel you to consistently look for ways to move forward and seek new things to achieve.

As long as you continue to believe in yourself and remain dissatisfied enough to strive for more accomplishments, then there would be no end in sight for your level of progress, and greater achievements and success would likely become your permanent companion. Only those individuals who are never satisfied with their current level make consistent progress in life.

Never assume that you’ve achieved everything; there’s always room to progress higher

The extent of your possibilities has no limits and can continue to expand in proportion to the new things you are willing to explore. Therefore, don’t rest on your laurels and never assume that you’ve attained perfection or reached the highest level of progress. If you continue working hard to expand your horizons, there would be no limits to your rising level of progress.

On the other hand, if you assume that you’ve achieved everything, idleness will creep in instead of progress, and you may end up robbing yourself of more blessings and higher levels of progress or achievements. Maintain a strong work ethic and continue moving forward in order to release more of your potentials, talents, and abilities from the spiritual world into this physical world.

6 thoughts on “We Progress by Being Dissatisfied with Our Current Level of Progress

  1. I think one has to be careful about harboring an attitude of dissatisfaction as it can lead to discouragement and inertia. While as you point out, unrealistic and blanket satisfaction can cause one to lose motivation to move forward, isn’t the answer a good balance and trying to objectively assess what went right, but also what could be improved the next time?.

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    1. thanks for your read and point of view. the post concentrated more on avoiding procrastination and getting things done, instead of remaining satisfied and putting things off for tomorrow when theyccan be done today. the post didn’t really take into consideration accomplishments in regard to making improvements. however, I appreciate your point of view and agree with you that one has to objectively assess the things that have gone right and how improvements can be made to achieve better or higher quality accomplishments.

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  2. I have been struggling with procrastination a lot in recent times, I’m going to write down the quote “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today” and put it somewhere where i can see it, thank you!

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