Thank GOD You Lack Something: Lack Makes Us Dig Deeper & Become Greater

If you believe in GOD and abide by His laws, then it would be appropriate to thank Him in every situation. Sometimes, GOD allows us to lack some important things and have challenges in order to teach us lasting material and spiritual lessons, and explore new territories and fulfil certain purposes in our lives.

Therefore, thank GOD for your discontentment and lack of visible talents because He can help you accomplish your calling and purpose in life by using the aforementioned issues to unleash the latent talents that are lying idle within you.

Thank GOD you lack that thing you desire so much because He can use the situation as a powerful tool to make you discover new ideas and uncover the hidden unlimited potentials and abilities you never thought you had.

Problems and the lack of many things have pushed and motivated mankind to find many solutions. For instance, the stress of travelling over long distances pushed and motivated people to design cars, trains, and planes which can travel across land and over rivers and oceans. And the absence of light, especially in dark places or at night, pushed and motivated Thomas Edison to invent the electric bulb.

GOD can use your lack of something to strengthen your relationship with Him or make you become greater

It might be true that you lack important things in your life; however, these issues are the conditions that GOD will use to carry out His wise plans for you and take you to an unexpected but promising end. Thank GOD you lack something because that’s what will push you to trust Him more and enhance your faith in the unseen or invisible realities he has in store for you.

A weightlifter—who lacks a certain amount of strength and level of endurance—lifts weights in order to increase their endurance limit and strengthen their muscles. The same applies to your spiritual growth and path to acquiring higher abilities and talents.

Therefore, thank GOD because your lack of something can make you slow down and build your relationship with GOD and establish yourself more solidly in Him; also, your lack of something can increase your faith and make you materialize those real things that are not yet physically visible.

9 thoughts on “Thank GOD You Lack Something: Lack Makes Us Dig Deeper & Become Greater

    1. thanks for your read 😃 and sharing insight on our fragility, and what it would be best to do when we are weak or breaking down: depend on GOD’s strength to carry us through the challenge of life and bring out the best in us


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