How to Identify Your Life Calling

If we observe the lives of many people, especially those who have made a great impact in the world, it will be easy to agree and conclude that each person has a life calling that has been designed to meet GOD’s or Mother Nature’s expectations in significant ways.

But, how can you know or identify your life calling? What steps can you take to discover your life calling, especially if you have a predominantly negative mindset or you’re surrounded by circumstances that could make it difficult or impossible for you to know or identify your life calling or GOD’s plan for your life?

The first step is to examine your talents and abilities

The first step to identify or find your calling is to look at your heart and carefully examine all the talents and abilities you have at your disposal. Your gift(s) and calling are linked to your abilities and talents which lie within you. Take a close look within your heart because your calling actually lies right there, not outside.

Everything that GOD created has a seed within itself; each creature bears fruit or seed according to its life calling, according to its own kind. You have talents and abilities within you; they can help you produce fruit in accordance with your life calling, and make you great.

The second step is to take note of activities you’re attracted to

The second step to identify your life calling is to take note of the activities you are attracted to; evaluate the things that bring out the best in you, while giving you fulfilment or satisfaction at the same time! When noticing the activities you’re attracted to, you may be surprised to discover that your present job or occupation is not actually your life calling.

More often than not, many people’s hobbies are actually their life calling because hobbies are tightly linked to interests, gifts, or talents which are capable of bringing out the best and utmost happiness and fulfilment, if properly utilized.

Each person has abilities that can be used to carry out the most meaningful activities and achieve greatness or become famous and even rich. In fact, certain talents and activities can bring an individual before leaders, presidents, kings, and the world’s most important and influential people.

Remark: your life calling was designed to meet people’s needs

Regardless of your occupation, you can serve people by using your life calling in some capacity. By noting your gifts and identifying your life calling, you can easily establish your purpose in life and use your gifts to help people handle their challenges and meet their needs, and make the world a much better place. And while providing one form of service or another, Mother Nature can compensate you with money, wealth, and different types of material blessings.


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