The Best Product You can Offer the World is Your Gifts, Abilities, or Talents

Regardless of your position in life, you have something valuable to offer the world around you, even much more than you might have ever realized! History has ample evidence to show that many people who were in a similar position to yours and had your gifts, talents, or abilities, offered a lot to the world. They changed many lives and even the whole human race.

So, it’s crucial that we all try our best to offer the utmost we possibly can with our gifts, talents, or abilities, even if we can do so by offering for free without expecting anything in return. If we live by the rule of giving without expecting, we will eventually discover that money and other material blessings will locate us without any need for us to pursue them.

In today’s world, money and finance are usually given in exchange for people’s gifts, talents, or abilities which are invaluable and hence the best products that can be offered or sold to the world. The best way to achieve financial fulfilment is by offering your gifts, talents, or abilities!

Even your accumulated experiences can be of great value to other people

The experiences you’ve accumulated during the course of your life can be of great value to other people, even if you think those experiences are worthless. Maybe, because you grew up in negative circumstances and were lonely and unloved or had to endure difficult hardships, you don’t really value your experiences.

Nevertheless, your past—and probably present difficulties—and the priceless lessons you learned from them can be of great value and provide guidance to other people who have gone through or are going through the same or similar harsh conditions. You have experiences that no one else has or has ever had, and nobody else has lived your exact type of life.

The world has a lot to gain from the priceless experiences of your hardships, mistakes, and successes; it has a lot to gain from the totality of your life experiences, regardless of what they are. Sharing your tragedies, hardships, mistakes, and missteps can provide a lot of invaluable insight and help many other people by making them see things from a completely different and relevant perspective.

Don’t bury the gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences that GOD has deposited in you

By using your gifts, talents, abilities, and experiences to serve the people and world around you, you could eventually become famous and very successful: by going all out to discover people’s problems and help those who are hurting and needy, the universe can give you much more than you’ve ever dreamed of achieving.

But, you must live up to GOD and your life calling’s expectations; if you don’t eventually use your gifts, talents, abilities, or experiences to serve other people and uplift them, you would likely live a shallow life regardless of how successful you become according to the world’s definition or standards of success.


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