Important Questions You Should Consider Before Investing in Real Estate Properties

Real estate investing has a lot of benefits and anybody can succeed in it if they make up their mind, put in appreciable effort, and do their homework which would consists of some necessary tasks.

However, as is applicable to many other endeavors, an interested individual has to ask themself some important questions and provide reasonable or good answers before making a final decision about getting involved in real estate investing.

This article discusses the following important questions you should ask yourself in order to be in the best position to know whether you have what it takes to succeed if you make real estate investments which involve managing properties:

1. Do you have interest in real estate investing?

The best and most successful real estate investors have interest in real estate investing and are always striving to expand or maintain their businesses. If you don’t have interest in real estate—or anything—it will be difficult to succeed at doing it. Real estate investing, like many other ventures, is not for everybody; you have to be interested and feel comfortable with it so that you can be in a good position to make any progress or achievements.

2. Do you/will you have adequate time for real estate investing?

Acquiring real estate is often time-consuming: it usually takes considerable or even a lot of time to establish any type of real estate investing business; it takes time to find ethical and competent real estate practitioners; also, it takes time to investigate neighborhoods, zones, and properties to assess whether there are any issues that have to be resolved before investing.

From the onset, it’s not always possible to foreknow the amount of time that would be required to seal a deal; if you fail to do your homework properly before purchasing real estate properties, you may end up making mistakes and overpaying or purchasing properties that have issues.

Even if you hire a property manager to assist you in evaluating prospective tenants, managing your properties, solving problems in properties, and collecting the rent, you would need to create some amount of time while paying for the property manager’s services.

If you have many other responsibilities and don’t have enough time, it may be more preferable to look into the aspects of real estate investing that are less time-intensive or time-consuming.

3. Do you have what it takes to handle real estate investing issues or problems?

Issues, problems, or challenges are part of everyday life, and problems may inevitably occur in real estate investing, especially when you want to buy or invest in properties. At all times you have to be prepared beforehand for problems which could arise from anywhere during negotiations, purchases, or investigations that are tied to properties.

If you don’t have enough steel or guts, then you won’t be able to manage properties and the type of tenants who don’t take proper care of the properties that are entrusted to them. If issues or problems cause you to be out of sorts and unfocused, then you might not be able to succeed in real estate investing and may need the services of a property manager.

Financial rewards can come after all the headaches, but you really need to ask yourself whether you would feel comfortable owning and managing properties along with tenants and any unforeseen issues that could arise in the future.

4. Can you/will you be able to handle downturns in the real estate market or activities?

Real estate can be fun when prices and rents are rising, but not a whole lot of fun when real estate market downturns occur! Consider what happened when the prices of real estate properties in the market declined in most communities during the late 2000s.

Although many people experienced losses, other people who had cash and courage or guts, saw the decline as an opportunity and cashed in and reaped good benefits much later. Can you/will you be emotionally and financially balanced when the real estate market experiences rough times?

The truth is that real estate investing can face difficult times, especially when there are downturns or declines in real estate business activities and property prices. Do you/will you have the financial wherewithal to handle any possible downturn? Will you be able to handle your real estate investments when their values fall?

You probably don’t have the gift of clairvoyance to predict how prices may rise or fall, or how properties may appreciate or depreciate; so you need to be prepared to handle your property carefully, especially if property values drop, the real estate market goes haywire, or recessions occur and it becomes more difficult to find and keep quality tenants.


  • I enjoyed reading this. I’ve noticed of late that real estate prices have just skyrocketed and so much so that people are becoming homeless, unable to afford even an apartment.
    What reasons do you think there are for such excessive prices for rents? Homes, both older and newly built, have become outrageously priced. Is it the same in your country?
    Are there any real estate markets where homes are affordable? I know affordability is subjective, of course. It’s just that, at least here in the U.S.A., it is getting critical with an uptick in homelessness.
    Thanks for reading and responding to my questions.

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    • Your welcome, and thanks for reading and commenting.

      Regarding your question, I would say that although there could be one or more reasons for excessive prices of rents, but presently, I believe that the excessive prices of rents is likely due to the fact that pandemic restrictions are ending, job opportunities are increasing, and more people are moving back or into cities.

      Around the start and during the pandemic, many people left cities and some even moved in to stay with their family members in 2020, but now that trend is reversing because pandemic restrictions are ending and economies are opening: as you might have been aware, many people—especially in developed nations (USA included)—are moving back to cities because the economies are gradually opening again (or much more) and creating or opening back more job opportunities that were closed or not existing before or during the pandemic. This mass movement of people to cities is increasing demand and causing rents to surge, as people, especially young or younger ones are quickly returning to cities.
      Homelessness will surely increase when people can’t afford to pay to pay for the surging prices in rent and houses.

      As per my country Nigeria, almost every year every item you can think of increases because of corruption and our weak economy which both combine to cripple everything including housing; generally, corruption and our weak economy have been causing prices of everything to increase every year. The pandemic has only added fuel to preexisting fire and made the situation (cost of both rents and other things) a bit worse.

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      • Thank you for answering my questions. In my city, the town council is proposing building affordable housing for the homeless. Of course, homelessness has many factors that contribute to the situation. My city is offering drug counseling, job skills counseling, et cetera, to help these unfortunate people get back on their feet.
        Have a wonderful week.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Have a wonderful week too, and thanks a lot for your time and comment about issues related to the the post. Actually, a number of other significant factors do contribute to homelessness.

          Liked by 1 person

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