To Start a New Chapter in Life, We Must Let Go of what is Expected of Us

Sometimes in the journey of a life, the narrative or script we’ve been given, or people’s expectation of us, no longer fits with the type of lifestyle we want to live; it no longer rolls in harmony with our dreams and what we wish to become or achieve!

It’s easy to get confused when we reach such a crossroad where the realization dawns on us that certain rules passed to us—rules that we may be expected to follow—were dictated by someone or people who didn’t actually have our best interest at heart.

When hit with this realization, we can and must do something to change the script or narrative for our own good, especially when we gain conviction about what our respective life calling requires from us. To start a new chapter, we must let go of what someone, people, or society expects of us and do what we expect from ourselves.

We have a choice to stop or start becoming who we want to become

We are at liberty to continue going in the direction of what is expected of us or stop and start becoming what we expect from ourselves, especially when we realize that the path we are on isn’t leading us to where our life calling expects of us.

So, at any point during our life journey, we can enter a different world of possibility and change our future or narrative. Nobody was born as a doctor, writer, artist, or any other type of professional. We become professionals or practitioners of one or more professions. We become something!

I can become the person I want to become and you also can become the person you want to become, even if it means leaving an old identity for a new one, or reverting back to a much older identity. Follow your heart or life calling with conviction.

But you must be careful at the crossroad because any decision can keep you either in line or out of line

When the time for decision-making comes—to continue being who you are or change into what you want to become—you must be careful about what you do next and the choices you make, because they could send you to either a perfect, good, average, or bad path.

Along the journey of life, many people came to realize the fact that what they had been dedicating much of their lives to, was not their actual life calling and not what they wanted to continue doing.

If you’ve had a similar experience, it’s never too late to flip the page. The best thing to do is start a new chapter by completely letting go of what someone, people, or society expects from you, and start doing only what you expect from yourself!


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