To Follow Your Life Calling, You May Have to Break Certain Rules

Following your life calling may be easier said than done, and in many instances, if you want to follow your life calling, you certainly have to break rules—“the rules”—or the status quo. Usually, it is in this manner that many creative people best unfold their creativity.

To follow your life calling religiously, you don’t always have to remain in familiar territory and just continue doing what is expected of you. At a certain point in time, you have to break rules or deviate from tradition and forge a different or completely new path for yourself.

Many creative people find it difficult to cope in places or systems that require them to follow rules

History has shown that a lot of creative kids and grown-ups are quite impatient with rules which they usually tend to bend or break in order to unleash their creativity as much and as freely as they possibly can. Many creative people don’t see the purpose of following rules that pose a threat to their life calling and make it difficult for them to climb the ladder of success.

Following rules doesn’t always produce brilliant or awesome creative work, and genuinely creative people aren’t always willing to comply with rules that make it more difficult for them to be as truly creative as they wish; so, most times it pays creative people more when they bend or break rules to uplift or make the most out of their creativity.

To unleash your creativity’s full power, you may have to create a different or new path for yourself

Quite often, some people are caught between two or different worlds and aren’t able to reconcile them: they feel they are never quite thorough enough to follow one path and also never quite thorough enough to follow another or other paths.

But, one thing they are certainly sure of is that they need to concentrate thoroughly or completely on one or more paths, instead of remaining in an irreconcilable position and experiencing tension—or even risk.

If you want to leave one path for another or fully concentrate on one path more than another or others—in accordance with your life calling—you need to weigh your options and may certainly have to break some rules.

You may have to break established rules of society or rules of other people—or even rules you’ve imposed yourself—which may state that “you have to always keep doing what you’ve been doing”; “you can’t change your direction during midcareer”; “you can’t just walk away from something”; “you can’t just do this or that”; etc.

No matter what the rules state, you just have to bend or break them. In exchange for following a system of rules or the status quo, you have to create your own path—your life calling—and let go of another path or other paths. You have to forge your own path and wear a new identity.

This means you have to walk away from what people expect of you and what they say you should do; do something better, which is following your life calling in the best way you believe it should be followed.

Following your life calling may inevitably mean that you have to break certain rules: rules of society or rules you’ve imposed on yourself. Regardless of the source of the rules, you will observe that they are always in disharmony with your inner voice, life calling, and creativity; therefore, you have to bend or break them to reach your true destiny.


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