You Don’t Have to Assume an Identity Given to You by Other People

We live in a world where it is easier to conform to what people expect of us; we dwell in a sphere of the universe where it is more difficult to do what our heart or life calling expects from us.

We grow up in societies where it is easier to assume an identity given to us by other people; we work in environments where it is more difficult to stick out and stand out from the crowd when necessary.

However, it is important to note that uniqueness and greatness aren’t usually attained by assuming an identity given by other people; a life calling isn’t usually followed in the right way by being a copycat of a lifestyle that belongs to a crowd.

Acquire a self-constructed identity, instead of assuming an identity given by other people

From birth to later years in life, each person acquires an identity, either a self-constructed one or an assumed one: we start from harboring thoughts and believing in an identity until we end up radiating it!

A self-constructed identity is the realest thing we should aim for, even though we may have to pick up one or more things and get ideas from other people before we eventually settle for it—a self-constructed identity.

To truly fit into your life calling, you have to avoid assuming an identity given to you by other people; make up your mind and strive towards eventually becoming a self-constructed identity—the type of identity that can truly befit your life calling’s unique make-up, even if you have to make some changes, when necessary, before becoming that self-constructed identity.


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