It’s Never Too Late to Start Living a New Story

Each one of us starts life as a baby, not a grown-up! Moving our bodies bit-by-bit and stretching our thoughts beyond our minds or imagination are the first steps we take in letting go of the baby we were and may have unconsciously thought we may continue to be.

Regardless of the conditions we lived in as babies, we never thought or assumed it was too late to start living a new story. That’s the same mentality we have to apply at any stage or age of life we get to, even if we don’t have full knowledge of the new or final identity that would await us after we start living a new story.

Each one of us becomes who we are by living a new story—here and there—along the way

In the journey of becoming ourselves, we don’t just live a new story once in our lifetime; we continue living a new story a number of times and never complete our overall story. Life is our craft; even at death, none of us actually becomes a master.

We aren’t designed to remain babies and continue living along a path that doesn’t suit our life calling. In many regards, living a new story is better than still living an old story and remaining in an irrelevant or less relevant spot.

Like babies of all animals do, you can and should stretch for the stars: stretch for what is out there where true changes occur, and start living a new story, no matter how scary the path may be.

Although we grow from babies to grown-ups in some areas of life, we still find out that we are babies that have to grow in other areas of life

Life is a process of continuous reinvention that has no end; for it is not fixed! Along the path of life, we are either following our life calling and becoming our true selves, or we are drifting away from our life calling and becoming a fake self.

Life takes us up and down and then up again; however, at different points in time, we usually arrive somewhere with a new set of abilities or skills and, more often than not, we find out that we have to start all over in some other regard or areas of life.

So, in order to continue growing, we must realize that it’s never too late to become who we are, and we must always be willing to start living a new story, especially if we find out that the old story has stopped suiting our life calling.

When living a new story, our priority should be to stretch out like real babies usually do: stretch out and away from what you know, and go in search for things that are new, things that you haven’t yet explored!

In doing so, you will continue to grow, build on who you are, and evolve in your being and outlook about life, without becoming stale in our wealth or fame or whatever you achieve!


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