You Must Start With an Audience of One Follower Before Growing an Audience of Many Followers

A number of things have to come into play—especially, determination, consistency and longevity—before any blogger and site or domain owner can really amass an audience of many followers within a short or long period of time; regardless, each blogger or site owner must start with an audience of one follower before growing an audience of many followers.

Many people who acquire a domain or start blogging, lack patience, and wrongly assume that an audience of many followers can be amassed within a short time period—especially a few days, weeks, or months, etc.

A lot of bloggers and domain owners even lose determination and give up on blogging/their domains when they haven’t yet acquired a large following or popularized their brand name as fast as possible.

It’s important to note that, when it comes to attracting followers to a blog, site, or domain—usually—you can’t just attract an audience of many followers overnight or out of thin air, and achieve overnight success! You must first start with an audience of one follower before gradually growing an audience of many followers!

If we don’t ignore the phenomenon of gauging a blog’s or site’s success based on the number of followers, we may lose focus of content quality and production longevity which are very important

It’s unfortunate how many bloggers and site owners have been losing their blogs and sites because of the discouragement that surges within them, as a result of their small or stagnant audiences which could have grown after a certain period of time, if they hadn’t given up.

When starting a blog or site, most bloggers and site owners focus too much on the number of followers. If you do the same, especially during the early stages of your blog, and concentrate too much on the number of followers, you could lose long-term focus and be taken completely off course—away from growing a blog or site with many followers.

Usually, most bloggers and site owners base their blog’s or site’s level of success or failure on the number of people who feed off of their content: they tend to value their content and sites only in direct proportion to how small or large their audiences are.

Having this type of mindset can pose a great threat to any efforts we make and lasting impression we hope to make on the internet’s boundless landscape where content quality and quantity and lasting content production hold the most weight at the end of the day.


  • Good advice for bloggers. And although my Beerchaser blog is just for a hobby not commercialization, I learned early on to write for my own satisfaction. That said, after ten years, I’m quite pleased with the number of followers and have developed valued on-line friendships with people from all over the world who write blogs on incredibly diversified and interesting topics.

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    • thanks for sharing great advice: “writing for personal satisfaction”… I believe that’s what a strong and lasting foundation for blogging should be built on; also, what matters is the bond a blogger has with whatever number of followers, regardless of how many they are


  • That’s a good one, I love sharing, and blogging is the place where you share a lot and gain a lot, that’s why I start it, but I will not lie, in my starting phase I did the same as you said, but now I am back on my goal that’s the sharing and gaining is the only purpose. Trust me it gives you satisfaction.

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    • thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experience and goal which is advisable for bloggers to also have: sharing knowledge, gaining knowledge from others, and having interactions

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  • Thank you very much for this piece of advice. I started September last year, and left almost immediately. Then this year, around October, I developed an aura to start writing on my site and I enjoy every bit of it. I know it’s not easy but I’m determined to succeed. Once thanks, I really appreciate.

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  • Thank you for sharing enjoyed this post and so true🌼

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  • I needed to read this because I was thinking earlier about the little my follower numbers were. That’s me losing track of why I started blogging in the first place.

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    • thanks for reading and sharing your experience which I regard as a lesson for everyone: “getting bothered about little followers = losing track of why I started blogging in the first place”👍…

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