The Value of Being Ruthless to the Things that Don’t Matter

From childhood to adulthood, it usually takes a considerable time or number of years before some people become aware of the fact that certain things just don’t matter and aren’t worth a minute or second of one’s precious time.

Many people have wasted their destinies because they lost time and pace while following the crowd and engaging in greedy desires, pointless heartbreaks, foolish pleasures, and certain types of empty or unnecessary social amusements.

No wonder, after years of indulgence, it finally hit many people hard: they eventually found out how little or nothing of their own was left to them; at long last, they realized they had been digging up their graves before their time!

One of the most difficult things to do in life is to say “no” to certain things

It’s difficult for most people not to follow the crowd. It’s hard for most people to say “no” to the masses: it’s almost impossible for most people to say “no” to invitations, obligations, requests, and stuff that everyone else is indulging in.

It’s even much more difficult to say “no” to time-consuming emotions such as lust, anger, obsession, distraction, excitement, and many unimportant things that are unimportant because they can’t be changed in the future.

Although time-consuming emotions and impulses don’t look like they can be controlled from the outside, they run amok on the inside and make many people become committed to a point of no return.

If you aren’t careful, the things that don’t matter will consume your life

If we focus on things that don’t matter and become sloppy on the road to our destinies, then the things that don’t matter can become our Achilles’ heel and uncalled-for burdens that have the potential to consume or ruin our lives.

So, how can you get some of your valuable time back and put yourself back on track? How can you become more focused and concentrate on what you can change and ignore what you can’t change?

Start by being ruthless and saying “no” to things that don’t matter. You don’t always have to be a yes-man, especially to things that don’t matter. Learn to disagree and say a blunt and outright “no”—as in “no, thank you”, “no, I won’t gain something valuable by being part of that”, “no, I don’t want to get caught up in that”, etc.

Your “No” may turn people off, hurt some feelings, and ruffle some feathers, but the more you continue to say “no” to things that don’t matter, the more it will be easier for you to say “yes” and concentrate on things that matter. In return, this will help you focus on your destiny and enjoy your life—the type of life you desire!


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