Expect to Change Your Opinions

It may take a short or long time for you to change some of your opinions about different things. It may even take longer! On the other hand, you may not change your opinions altogether, especially if you’re not in accord with obvious reasons why you should change them.

Maybe because most of us are too lazy to get to work and query our opinions, we tend to take the easier path of not wanting to consider some opinions further—talk less of changing them when necessary—so that they don’t become liabilities which they are.

For in many regards, if not all regards, wrong or faulty opinions are liabilities! Quite often, we start a project thinking we know how everything will go, and we meet people every day and assume we know who they are, but we end up finding out that some assumptions prove to be completely and utterly incorrect, and many opinions (initial opinions) are shallow or wrong in the first place.

We have to fight our wrong or shallow opinions the right way

To change our opinion from wrong to right or better, we must fight our preconceptions and biases by considering some angles around our opinions, especially angles that we haven’t explored or considered before.

To get a good or high-quality opinion, we may need to ask ourselves or other people questions: who, why, what, where, when? “Who broke into their office?”, “Why haven’t I thought about this?”, “What makes do it that way?”, “Where did I get it all wrong?”, etc.   

If you cannot get answers for all the questions tied to any opinion, be contented with any answers you get and use them to strengthen or change your opinion about aspects of the opinion that the answers are relevant to.   

We are not as wise or knowledgeable as we think we are

One lesson that life continues to teach is that no one is too young or old to learn something and increase the whole knowledge they have. We learn every day. Even if we don’t, there is always something available to learn every day.

The more we learn, the more we come to understand that we could possibly continue learning for all eternity; therefore, we should never believe that we are actually as wise or loaded as we assume we are. Asking questions and probing will change many or most of our opinions, if not all.

To become wise or wiser, we have to ask and probe when necessary and while in different situations. Asking and probing—without basing opinions on arrogance, mistrust, and any certainty that is not backed by substance—can help to change one’s opinions for the better, especially if they are applied in the right way.


  • I teach English at a college and part of our curriculum is to teach students to look for evidence to support their opinions and to challenge their assumptions. Even with evidence, we have to ask who exactly is presenting the evidence and what is the motivation for presenting that evidence in such a way to influence. I have noticed that critical thinking skills are not as sharp as it should be in the students now as it was in the past. I think the internet has dulled these students critical thinking skills; they read it on the internet and think it is fact when it might not be. Do you think the internet has had a negative impact on how people today form their opinions? Thanks.

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    • you’re welcome and thanks so much for reading and sharing your rich experience and insights, especially this: “I teach English at a college and part of our curriculum is to teach students to look for evidence to support their opinions and to challenge their assumptions” —this advisable and can help students have healthier or good opinions.

      I used to teach students too and one major complaint from fellow teachers/lecturers who attended university during especially late 1900s and early 2000s (between 2000 and 2005 or 2010) was/is that, like you similarly noted, “the critical thinking skills of the newer generation of students are not as sharp as it should be in the students now as it was in the past”—especially when they have more of the internet, and from personal experience, I would say that I have been learning faster and I am sharper than I was when much of the internet was absent or not available to us, as much, back in the day.

      yes, I believe the aspect of the internet that throws out unverified stuff, has had a negative impact on how people form their opinions. and the situation gets bad when people don’t do their homework to verify or confirm stuff before laying an inward foundation for their opinions

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    • Completely you look how percival and acceptably others are easy influence by media which is most dangerous and radical form of ideology weaponized however those that are not taught to use their ” gut instinct ” reaped onto every word propaganda exploit through deception.

      For me Jenny I rather get it straight than have someone use acts of deception to sugarcoat the facts for emotional responses

      Fact and logic in my view never should be trumped by emotional feelings Complex



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      • I definitely understand what you are saying. A “gut check” lets us know when something isn’t quite right. If it doesn’t initially feel right, there is certainly a reason for that hesitation because deep down in our souls we know right from wrong. Of course, it all has balance. Like you’ve said it’s all very complex. We humans are complex. Logic, emotion, etc. . . .Finding balance is key. Thanks for commenting to me. Have a wonderful week.


        • Same to you as well Jenny

          Sometimes you need to acknowledge doing right thing is wrong thing, wrong thing is right thing

          Case X when I was on assignment there was many times I chose the will to act and elect preservation of life over protocol… and would do it again and again in heart beat

          I am the Crocodile at the water hole that will always hold others to Accountability ”

          Primal R.e.p.r

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