Stop Caring about What People Think

It’s almost always surprising to see how difficult it is for us humans to ward off feelings about what other people think about us. Even though we love and pay more attention to our own selves—individually—than we pay to other people, we end up putting more attention on other people’s opinions and just can’t stop caring what they think!

We are immensely happy with our own lives, but start becoming discontented immediately we find out that someone else or other people have a problem with ourselves and our possessions.

We think a shoe looks good on us at the store, but view it with shame and disgust when peers and people make fun of it later. Why is it easier to quickly disregard our own thoughts and feelings about something and adopt someone else’s thoughts?

Despite the appreciable or high degree of self-love we possess, we seem to give way too much credence to the opinions that our peers and other people have of us.

Such credence, if allowed to get out of control, could make us lose focus on our destiny as individuals, the aim which is to be an individual who doesn’t have to care or depend on what people think.

Why feel good about our talents and achievements only when people validate them?

Most people feel good about their abilities or potentials only when they are validated by third parties whose opinions are usually out of our control. Maybe, most people don’t know that even though each person can control only their individual opinion, they can’t exert complete control over what other people think.

Therefore, it’s dangerous and time-wasting to put our usually heavy hearts at the mercy of other people’s opinions, trying to gain validation from other people based on what they think of us.

Don’t waste all your time thinking about what other people think of you—how they evaluate your looks, actions, plans, activities, etc. Only think and deeply care about what you think.

Instead of thinking about what other people think, think about the positive results you expect, the impact you expect it to make, and all the right things you ought to be doing.

27 thoughts on “Stop Caring about What People Think

  1. Exactly like David Goggins says fuck ppl frankly I don’t need others to look for validity or social acceptance.

    I rise above a true Leader is not measure by perfection but through precision of the execution of Conviction no matter how many Storms you wage never stop trying to help others find their foundational mantle.


    Primal R.e.p.r

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  2. The Emperor Marcus Aurelius said it thusly, “We care more about ourselves than we care about other people but we care more for what others think than we care for our own thoughts.” A good post on a persistent human problem.

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  3. exactly! I started to feel comfortable with myself and can be myself when I started to not care about what others think. I am at the state of keeping it real – if you do not like how I think or what i do, please move on 🙂

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