When to Stop an Internet Business Even if You’re Determined Not to Give Up

The internet is filled with many businesses, blog owners, and site proprietors that have varying degrees of success and failure: good, bad, and anything in between.

While many people have had success in their respective internet businesses, it is likely they have also tried some things and failed, maybe even woefully.

Many people had dreams to gain more control over their time and become financially independent; they started out but came to an abrupt halt, not because they wanted to quit, but because staying on course would be futile and self-destructive.

Some people created websites for audiobooks and shut down after eventually believing that there wouldn’t be any profitable way to market their product.

Others created a database of educational materials and dumped their online project because they believed it wouldn’t help any of the countless visitors that tour the internet on a daily basis.

And yet others started other types of internet businesses, but quickly stopped after eventually realizing how much effort and time would be required to get it up and running.

Regardless of what happens after you start an internet business, there will always be two options for you: to continue doing it or quit and focus on other things that have a higher potential to help you achieve your goals.

Quitters can win after quitting and starting all over

There is a popular saying that “winners never quit and quitters never win”. In the internet world, this saying doesn’t really convey or depict many possible or real-life scenarios because the truth of the matter is that in many other instances, winners or “quitters” can win by quitting and starting something different when they realize that what they are doing at the moment is not working.

Sometimes quitters—those who quit and start somewhere else—become winners after leaving what was working years ago but isn’t working today, and starting elsewhere or something different. What was working tremendously well some months or years ago, might work slowly today, or it not even work at all.

But this doesn’t’ mean that in all instances we have to give up. We don’t! However, if a technique was making a highly successful business to be very productive 10 years ago, but doesn’t work today, then it may be unnecessary to continue using it—except if you don’t wish to make money from it.

Also, it is unnecessary to start an online business and stay glued to it when nothing about it—according to your taste or desire—is working. You should have had enough when nothing is working; you need to take a bow, stop or quit, and start somewhere or something else.

Winners often quit in order to free up space and start again before they eventually win. By quitting and starting elsewhere, many “quitters” ended up reversing their situations and becoming winners.

Winners do what they need to do. They know when to start all over instead of continuing on a failed path that’s doomed for permanent failure. Winners understand the value of time and won’t continue investing time and effort on things that don’t attract certain types of valuable tangible or intangible values.

Winners know that though they are determined not to give up, whenever it is necessary, they have to stop engaging in activities that don’t make their internet businesses work; they don’t need to continue failing at something over and over when it’s destined not to bring different or successful results.

Understanding the difference between a brief setback and lasting failure—when not to quit and when to quit

It is easy to understand when to quit if one knows the difference between brief setbacks (challenges), and lasting failure which would be better to quit from and face something else that has higher potential to boost our lives.

Brief setbacks bring out the best in us; they can make us become much better and create meaningful and lasting changes. On the other hand, lasting failure can annihilate us if we continue working over the same stuff without seeing any positive or expected changes.

If you’ve tried all you can, but still see hope or shimmers of light at the end of the tunnel, then, don’t quit! It’s advisable to push forward beyond the dip. However, if you cannot see and make success after doing everything possible and necessary, then maybe it’s time to quit and try something different with your available time.

In other words, if you’ve put a lot of effort into your internet business, especially for an extended period of time, but don’t see progress and the potential or possibility for progress, then you may do yourself a lot of good by quitting and trying something different.

Remaining stuck is not the best option. Even though many people know the strengths, weaknesses, and detailed requirements to achieve success in their business, they behave like novices and remain stuck instead of quitting and looking for success elsewhere.  


The decision to quit your internet business is a serious one. Don’t just give up because you don’t want to do the things you need to do to get your engine rolling. Stay on track and continue doing all that is required of you, but quit when you feel you’ve exhausted all important ideas and there is little or no possibility for your internet business to actually work.


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