Better be Flexible Instead of Sticking to a Script

One of the most important abilities to acquire in life is the ability to train the mind to adapt to or be flexible about any circumstances, especially the ones that push you to the edge or put you on the cliff.

Even if certain difficult or challenging circumstances take you off your plan or script, the ability to be flexible and adapt—if present—can keep you balanced and grounded until tides turn in your favor. 

But, as the case seems to be for a handful of us, for one reason or another, we don’t want to adapt, we aren’t ready to flex ourselves when the straight roads of life become crooked, even beyond our wildest expectations.

Actually, it would be very helpful if someone informs us about what would happen ahead of time. It would be awesome if someone shows us exactly what we need to do in every type of situation, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

But, as we all know, the world doesn’t work that way for almost everybody: we don’t always have premonition about what will happen to us in the near or far future, neither thus anyone tell us (most of the time) exactly what we need to do correctly in every situation.

We spend an appreciable part of our lives preparing for the future so that we can be equipped and ready before time, but plans often change suddenly and beyond our control. Really, as great boxer Mike Tyson once remarked, “plans last only until you get punched in the face”.

After having plan and expectations in place, if you can’t adapt or exercise some degree of flexibility when the rough and crude adversities of life raise their heads and punch you in the face, then you will become handicapped or fall off the path.

It’s good to have plans but not always good to stick to the scripts for plans. Why? Because, as humans, the number of things and plans we can control are limited or even very limited. Major things or events can change at any moment.

We don’t always have an answer for every question or a plan for every contingency. Our scripts or plans can be changed a bit or completely by forces beyond our control: they can be edited or deleted without our consent.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t adapt or be flexible. It doesn’t mean we have to cave in.

We need to be confident that we’ll adapt, be flexible and change for the better, depending on the circumstances

If you seek for answers to all questions or perfect plans for every contingency, you’ll not always find them. However, you can be able to find the confidence that you’ll be able to adapt.

Some people may need to adapt by looking for more knowledge. Other people may need to adapt or be flexible by cultivating more skills or creativity.

Yet, a different category of people may need to adapt by being more independent and developing the ability to solve problems on their own instead of depending on the crowd.

We all are on different stages of evolution or development. By adapting in whatever way we may be required to, we become more resilient instead of rigid and stand in a better position to weather the storms of life.


Be flexible instead of sticking to a script!


  • The ability to be flexible and depart from a script has become crucial in today’s environment provided, as you have pointed out in other narratives, that one has a set of core values guiding changes in strategy and short or long-term life direction. Perhaps one of my favorite quotes about being willing to abandon a plan after reevaluating and decided to abandon a false premise is from Henry David Thoreau.

    He said in 1851, ” We are in great haste to construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to communicate… Cheers

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    • thanks for sharing that insight from Henry Thoreau’s experience. it teaches us that it’s never late to reevaluate our plans and even opt out of them when necessary. Henry previously fixed his mind on achieving something he had thought was very important; however, he became willing to abandon it after finding out how hollow or shallow it would be

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  • Very true! We can plan, but life happens when we are planning- I say be prepared, but be prepared for anything. . .because anything can happen.

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  • Prepare for the worst, hope for your best, expect nothing. Life is uncertain. All of it requires a degree of risk. The ability to adapt is paramount. Great post. Thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙏

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    • you’re welcome, thanks so much for your read and inspiring words which say a lot, despite their number: “Prepare for the worst, hope for your best, expect nothing. Life is uncertain. All of it requires a degree of risk. The ability to adapt is paramount”.

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