Obstacles are Opportunities to Become Better, Stronger, and Successful

Figuratively and literally speaking, life is a battlefield. We have been stationed in different posts. Each person’s life is like a military campaign, confronted by obstacles as it progresses on the way.

Obstacles usually cause uncomfortable twists and turns that prompt us to keep watch like soldiers and do what we’re commanded to, even when it’s not always easy to follow orders—from above.

As individuals, we live to fight in one way or another! We fight to pull through and remain alive in a world that consists of people who are mostly indifferent and don’t care enough about their fellow human beings’ welfare and survival.

Every now and then we fight obstacles and challenges that are against our goals, our dreams, and the unique person we are working hard to become.

Although obstacles can impede our actions, it can’t impede our attitudes which have power to adapt and use obstacles as opportunities

We cannot evade all obstacles. If not today, then certainly in the future, one obstacle or another will appear in direct or indirect opposition to our plans. The obstacles may even threaten the foundation of the things we’ve erected or succeeded in putting in place.

Fortunately, we will always have a chance to study obstacles, adapt ourselves to them, and use them to develop higher, become wiser, and even succeed where people have failed.

We will have the chance to take a negative situation, turn it around and use it as an opportunity to develop a skill or unintended virtue, and become better prepared or more resilient when facing other types of pressing challenges in the future.

Use your obstacles (opportunities in disguise) to strengthen your personality

If an obstacle is preventing you from achieving your dreams on time, then your time of waiting might be the best time for you to use to practice or cultivate patience. Patience is important. Having more patience can keep you more grounded in certain areas or aspects of life.

If an employee has made a mistake and created an obstacle that is causing delays, then maybe it’s time for you to use the mistake or obstacle as an opportunity to teach other employees an important lesson from the mistake.

If someone has betrayed you or hurt your feelings, then maybe it’s time to learn how to forgive or be more forgiving—practice forgiveness.

If a situation is too difficult or hard, but we are too soft, then maybe it’s time for us to face the obstacle, squarely, and become stronger. When obstacles arise and we must face them, then we need to have an attitude that believes we will benefit from the obstacles! We need to see the positive side of things!

If we are able to reason along these lines, we will come to realize that in some cases, if not many, we can gain something valuable (a virtue, a skill, a new idea, etc.) by facing those obstacles we need to face.


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