Achieving Success Despite Facing Obstacles that Hold Many People Back

Almost every now and then, we face obstacles—an unexpected, unfortunate, frustrating, and problematic issue—that prevent us from doing what we want to do.

Unknown to many of us, embedded in the issue or problem are benefits—benefits only for the person to whom the issue or problem is unique.

What do most people do with the issue or problem? They do nothing because it paralyzes them. They wish the issue would be just a mere empty thought, but it is reality.

Despite the reality of any issue, there is something that is highly valuable and equally/more of a reality: the possibility for you to succeed despite facing the obstacles that have held and still hold other people back.

Obstacles are usually general but, in a way, unique to each of us

The obstacles that block us are obvious and real. Every obstacle is somewhat unique to each individual because of the different or slightly different types of responses they elicit from each individual: hope, optimism, helplessness, pessimism, frustration, depression, fear, anger, etc.

Obstacles may include but aren’t limited to: race; height; age; size; poverty; high emotional stress; lack of confidence; inexperience; prejudice; skyrocketing costs of education; laws or regulations; crumbling, disintegrating, or decaying public/government or private institutions; etc.

Although we are dissatisfied with our position in the world, jobs, relationships, etc., and blame the economy, our bosses, and politicians when we can’t achieve our goals, we usually forget to fault our own individual attitudes or approaches to the general obstacles that many other people face but only a few overcome and achieve success.

In many instances, we need to face and work to overcome obstacles, instead of dodging them

When confronted by obstacles, and even failure, most people try to hit the road and run away. Even when they succeed in running away, it usually makes them become reactive, disoriented and torn apart.

However, if we look elsewhere, back into the past, or not too far away from us, we would notice that some individuals have turned the very obstacles we face into launching pads for success.

If you look elsewhere, back into the past, or not too far away from you, you would clearly sense and conclude that anyone can still succeed despite facing obstacles that hold many other people back.

If you read a little bit more history, then you would find out that earlier generations of mankind faced much more difficult problems than present or recent generations and were able to use the obstacles to progress, while most of us are still stuck in similar obstacles of the present-day.

Maybe we need to understand, appreciate, and discover how to use the obstacles that life throws at us

If we look elsewhere, back into the past, or not too far away from us and see the unimaginable obstacles and day-to-day frustrations that great men and women had to overcome before achieving success, we may need to change our individual perspectives about obstacles and learn how to use them for our own good.

If we look elsewhere, back into the past, or not too far away from us, and see the resistance, rivalries, stresses, drama, challenges, breakups, economic calamities, and pressures that some successful people had to experience and endure before achieving success, we would have a stronger mindset and more positive outlook on the obstacles of life.

Great and successful individuals find ways to transform obstacles into opportunities and weaknesses into strengths

It is inspiring to look elsewhere, back into the past, or not too far away from us, and see people progress further in life by using what should have held them backward in failure.

It is inspiring to look elsewhere, back into the past, or not too far away from us, and see great men and women of history use obstacles to fuel their ambition and create fortune from misfortune, instead of allowing discouragement and pessimism to take control.

If you conduct thorough research about people who achieved success and were outstanding, you will discover that successful or outstanding people come through obstacles in different shapes and sizes. They could be:

  • basketballers who weren’t tall
  • athletes who were too small
  • members of a race who didn’t “fit in”
  • musicians who were deaf
  • footballers who were initially subpar
  • bastards and immigrants who were “unrefined”
  • dropouts who were initially ill-mannered
  • disabled or dyslexics
  • etc.

But what happened despite their background or the obstacles they faced? They put in more effort. They hustled to grow in areas where they were lacking. They practiced harder! They paid their full dues! They achieved success even though many—maybe, even far too many—in their shoes gave up.

Although the obstacles might have kicked them around a bit, they still used the obstacles as opportunities and flipped each one to their advantage. We can do the same: regardless of whether we experience difficulty in getting a job, while running on less money, fighting against discrimination, locking horns with a hater, etc., we can use obstacles to our advantage if we take a closer look at them.

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