Concentrating on the Things Within Your Power, Enhances Your Power

Could you make a list of things that are not within our power as humans? A list of things that don’t depend on us, our feelings, or whatever we think? They may be uncountable, but at least the list would have enough room to include: the weather, the economy, natural disasters, regional or world trends, etc.

Fortunately enough, on the other hand are actually many things that are within our power—things we can control. But most people consciously or unconsciously focus and waste energy on the things that aren’t within their control, and are thus outside their league.

Every ounce of energy used on the things we can’t influence is self-indulgent, a waste, and can lead to self-destruction if one is not careful. A lot of power is frittered away by focusing and wasting time on things that we can’t control or regulate.

Even more harmful is the mental energy many people waste while chasing the winds: chasing those things we think we can change, when all heaven and earth knows that we can’t because their foundations are outside our human league.

That an employer decided not to employ you, is not within your control. It’s not under your power to decide for employers, so get over it and focus on becoming better and ready for a bigger opportunity in the future.

But it’s within your control to become better in your field or profession. It’s within people’s control to fight against their personal drug usage and addiction problems. Many things are up to you, within your power, and depend on how determined you are.

The things under our control are like playing fields in the game of life, while those that aren’t are like rules and regulations of the game of life—rules and regulations that we cannot bend.

No matter how inflexible they are, and how helpless we are against uncontrollable circumstances, you won’t stand much to gain by focussing on them.

But you can gain more momentum and power by using the same amount of time to focus entirely on those things that are within your power or control.

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